How to Avoid Pregnancy; Know Details

Family planning is an essential part of life but unexpected pregnancy does bring much happiness. To avoid such situations, couples need to be careful and take advice from gynecologists.

Sexually active people have to be aware of the consequences of unprotected sex and take proper measurements. You will get different types of contraception available in our content but the most effective way is to use condoms. And another most effective way to retain yourself from having sex.

Remember, some of the methods have advantages and disadvantages. Whenever you see severe side-effects due to accepting any of the contraception, you must consult with a doctor.

Let’s start with some of the common methods people accept to avoid pregnancy.

Male Condom

It is a common method to avoid pregnancy and this method helps to prevent pregnancy by retaining sperm to reach the egg. However, it helps to prevent sexually transmitted diseases(STD).

More than 80% of chances get reduced from being pregnant. You need to choose the right size and hold the condom’s base when you take it out after intimation. As you know, no prescription is required to buy condoms.

Men with a latex allergy must avoid these condoms and buy latex-free condoms from online or shops.

Female Condom

Not in every store, you will find this item but you can try to purchase it online. In online stores, they have variations and might include female condoms. If you want to use female condoms, your male partner will not have to.

It is another effective way that reduces the chances of getting pregnant. Another thing is that your partner will not be bored anymore for using protection always.

Spermicide is another way to prevent pregnancy and it is a chemical. The female partner needs to apply it on the cervix wall before 10 minutes of getting into the intimate scene. But there is a problem that it does not guarantee to be active after 60 minutes.

Like condoms, this chemical does not require a doctor’s prescription to buy it. Before using it, you can consult with a doctor about how effective this method is and how to apply it to get the best result.

Well, these are the methods people try often but some of the hormonal methods are more effective than these to prevent pregnancy for years. Do you want to know about them? Then read the full article.

Hormones to Prevent Pregnancy

If you want to accept any of these methods, you have to get a prescription from doctors. Note that you are not getting any protection from STDs when you use hormonal methods to prevent pregnancy.


Pills are the most common method to prevent pregnancy and women accept this method as it reduces the risk of up to 99%. In this case, you need to follow the instructions given in the packet. You will get two types of pills in the market-

● Mini-pills
● Combined pills

Mini Pills

Mini-pills include progestin hormone and having this pill does not allow a regular period. If you want to take this pill, you must not worry about the time of the period. This irregularity occurs due to having progestin. You need to take the pill at a scheduled time daily.

Combined Pills

The name implies itself and it is a combination of progestin and estrogen hormone. Follow the instruction that comes with the packet. And some of the pills are free of hormones to induce regular periods.


Birth control injections are in the market for a long time and doctors give it to the patients. It stays active for 12 weeks and the chance of pregnancy reduces to 90%. If you want to become fertile again, it will take more than 8 months after stopping the shots.


If you use the patches properly, 99% of the chances of getting pregnant will be reduced. In case it is not placed correctly, it decreases the opportunity of up to 90%. The user can set it up on the buttock, chest, arm or stomach areas.

On the other hand, it has a downside. Can you guess? Well, it might cause skin irritation to the user.

How to Avoid Pregnancy Naturally

Though natural ways are not 100% effective, people love to explore. If you are one of the explorers, you must know what you should endure to avoid pregnancy naturally.

Maintain Ovulation Dates

When your ovulation dates are coming up, try to avoid intercourse. It will prevent the sperms from entering your ovaries and after that, you are safe to have romantic moments again.

Cervical Discharge

Women start to have cervical discharges more than usual in the dates of ovulation. You can track this time down for sure and abstaining from intimated moments will help you.

Safe Landing

Try to practice the stop and start method. Ejaculation should happen outside of the vagina. It will retain the ovaries to get the sperm directly but it is not an accurate method.

You might not want to accept any of these methods and want to take a baby. Congratulations to you! But you have to avoid some food and beverages during pregnancy.

What to Avoid During Pregnancy

It is a precious time for parents and you must be careful whatever you eat, do, speak or wear. Most importantly, you have to maintain a fantastic diet and exclude some foods for the fetus or baby’s safety.

● Avoid papaya because it can lead you to miscarriage.

● Do not intake mercury fishes like shark, tuna fish, and marlin. Mercury is a toxic element found in polluted areas and can cause severe problems to the nervous system.

● Do not eat uncooked or raw fishes. Pregnant women are prone to have listeria infection and it can pass to the fetus. When it reaches the fetus, it causes troubles like miscarriage, premature baby, and many more unexpected things. So, no sushi during pregnancy!

● Uncooked or raw eggs, meats are not suitable for health during pregnancy. They have different bacteria or viruses that might destroy the development of the fetus.

I hope this content has helped you much. You know what? You have to be careful whether you want to have a baby or not. Safe sex and a safe baby- both are equally important.

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