Advantages and Disadvantages of coconut water: Know details

In recent years coconut water has become a very refreshing and tasty fluid in the tropical region. It contains some rich elements like potassium, calcium, and magnesium which is used as a source of preventing many health diseases.

Some common questions that arise in our mind are whether is it good to drink coconut water every day or how much coconut water should I drink?

Well, the health benefits of drinking coconut water daily are enormous. But before consuming it regularly one must consider some aspects as this liquid has got some particular disadvantages too.

Here we are making a discussion of the pros and cons of coconut water so that you can get a clear idea of the side effects and benefits of drinking coconut water.

Advantages of coconut water

Strengthens immune system

A strong immune system kills the antibodies in our body and keeps us away from several diseases and infections. So, it is very important to improve our immune system to keep our fit and well.

Coconut water is a great source of enhancing our immune system due to its antioxidant properties. Coconut water is highly recommended for those having a kidney problem.

This beverage allows to break the stones in the kidney and flushes the stones from the body. Besides, there is an interesting benefit of coconut water for the skin. Dabbing coconut water in the skin helps to heal the sunburn easily and gives an amazing soothing and glowing effect on your skin.

Keeps the body hydrated

Coconut water is a sweet, fresh, and isotonic solution that comes directly from the coconut. People who work hard all day can have coconut water as it keeps the body active and hydrated.

This juice or drink contains a large amount of electrolytes which helps to keep the body hydrated and boosts energy. This special drinking water is rich in potassium and calcium helps to balance the pH level and strengthens your muscles and connective tissues as well. Coconut and coconut water also keeps the heart healthy and disease-free.

Enhances digestion system

As coconut water comes in the pure form so it is very helpful during pregnancy. Though there are some disadvantages of coconut water in pregnancy, taking it at a certain amount can reduce the digestion problem very easily.

An unhealthy stomach can cause severe problems and it is the cause of various diseases. So, it’s very important to strengthen our digestive system which leads us to a healthy life.

Fiber nutrients including many minerals and vitamins help to improve our digestive system a lot. Moreover, from many medical researches it is found that coconut and coconut water is very helpful for the people having thyroid problems.

Reduces cholesterol & blood pressure

The most amazing fact of coconut water is that it’s almost the same as blood plasma and can be used as a substitute of saline if necessary. In World War II it was considered as a universal donor.

From research, it is found that coconut water helps to increase the HDL level and enhance the sensitivity of insulin level. Furthermore, it helps to balance the sugar level and reduces the plaque development.

Though we found many benefits of drinking coconut water for our body, some side effects are always there if you are taking it on a regular basis.

Disadvantages of coconut water

Increases blood sugar level

Though coconut water is not considered as a sweet drink but still contains a lot of carbohydrate and calories. So, it is advisable for the people with high sugar levels to avoid it or not to take it regularly.

In most of the time taking too much coconut water can be very harmful especially to diabetic patients as a cup of coconut water holds 6.26g of sugar. Now you might realize the side effect of having excess coconut water.

Not good for people with allergy and frigid body

Coconut water might be allergic to many of us. In that case it can cause a reaction to our body which may create a discomfort or pain to us. So, it’s better to avoid this beverage if you are allergic to it.

Coconut water has the tendency to cool one’s body. So, those who are prone to cold and cough or chilly in nature should take it in a limited amount. Because this may cause them to suffer from cough and cold or other problems due to its side effects.

Performs as a laxative

Coconut water acts as a natural laxative that might have a severe effect in the digestive system. So, drinking too much coconut water can be very harmful. People having irritable bowel problems should avoid this as it might lead to aches and pain.

Besides, due to the diuretic property of coconut water, a huge pressure can be created in the kidney to flush out the excess water.

Electrolyte imbalance

People taking too much coconut water on a daily basis has the tendency to cause hyperkalemia. As a result, it might lead to loss of consciousness, dizziness, and weakness, and so on.

Hyperkalemia can cause weakness and headedness within a minute which may get into a critical situation. Moreover, coconut water contains a large amount of sodium and so people with heart disease and diabetes should limit the intake of this beverage.


Coconut water is very tasty and refreshing natural water and there are many health benefits of drinking coconut water daily. But along with its benefits, one should always remain concerned about the disadvantages of coconut water.

Always try to consume fresh and pure coconut water immediately. All the nutrients might get lost if you are keeping it open for a long time. However, you can also consult with a health expert before having it.

Hopefully, you received enough information related to the pros and cons of consuming coconut water. Drink and eat healthy and it will keep you fit and active.

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