Advantages and disadvantages of using internet for students

Top 5 disadvantages of using internet for students

Here are some of the Disadvantages of internet for education are following below:

1) Destruction:

The Internet offers a great deal of educational material, but it also has many websites where students can waste their time. Hundreds of websites allow users to access time-consuming and distracting games and social networking sites. Such as MySpace and Facebook, which can also be very distracting.

Students may again be using the Internet for legitimate means, such as research, to end up on a more exciting website to observe that has nothing to do with their work.

Often, however, schools can set filters to prevent students from accessing some prevalent online distractions.

2) Adult Material:

It is relatively easy to block adult material online, such as websites displaying pornography, profanity, and violence, but there is usually an opportunity for students to stumble upon something that the Internet filter could not prevent.

And while the Internet can be an excellent place for children to meet new people in chat rooms, these places are sometimes seen by child predators.

Such people hide in chat rooms, sometimes posing as a child, to lure them in with a false sense of security. Children can then be invited to reveal information about themselves or even meet with the predator. Many chat rooms can be locked, but bad websites and people sometimes find ways to slip through the cracks.

3) Loss of Merits:

The Internet is displacing the old classical materials like Duden or newspapers. Hardly any student now takes the trouble to eliminate or clarify spelling errors or questions about orthography using the well-known Duden.

The media of newspapers and books are also increasingly being pushed into the background by the World Wide Web. The texts required for presentations or term papers can be easily obtained on the Internet.

Since students and pupils often create their private homepages and publish their term papers and presentations there. It is straightforward for many pupils to quickly fish finished school assignments from the net and hand them in at school. The associated consequence is that learning almost no longer takes place in a private setting, and school performance can deteriorate significantly. As a result, one’s thinking is lost.

4) Internet study:

Where there is a lot of light, there is also shadow. Not all students know how to deal with the freedoms of an Internet degree. In contrast to traditional face-to-face universities, whose courses are often heavily schooled, distance universities do not specify any time structures.

It leads some students not to take their duties seriously. In this case, failure is almost inevitable. Probably the biggest disadvantage of studying online is the lack of a sense of community.

The exchange with fellow students is often limited to encounters on the digital campus of the respective university. Occasionally, block seminars, which are regularly on the program at some universities, provide variety.

5) Distract from the book:

The Internet helped reduce the role of teachers, so they became students, instead of asking the teacher about information, which has become easy for him to obtain through the Internet. Many students misuse the Internet.

Instead of spending their time getting information, they spend long hours in front of social networking sites, playing many games on the Internet, watching movies, and watching series. Students often get inaccurate information from various non-specialized websites, and this is to their detriment.

Main Advantages of using the internet for students

The Internet is an instrument whose creation has allowed many innovations and changes in our way. It even seems to have affected our way of perceiving things.

Its creation, expansion, and popularity are because using it is a series of advantages that make our lives easier. Among its many benefits, we can find the following elements.

• Access to information:

The number one pros of the Internet’s presence in our lives is that thanks to it, we can access a large amount of data from a vast number of sources in a simple and practically immediate way.

• Breaks down barriers:

The existence of the network of networks is an opportunity to learn and to be able to observe different ways and perspectives of understanding, thinking, and living life about practically any possible subject.

It allows us to make our cultural barriers more flexible and learn to accept different visions beyond our own or that of people with a similar context. In other words, it allows closer positions.

• Reduce the need for presence:

The existence of the Internet has meant that now it is no longer necessary to carry out procedures in person that previously would have involved a considerable investment of time and the need to move and stay in that place. It allows us to optimize our time and use it to do other things.

• Freedom of expression:

Even though depending on the country and the policies that exist in this regard, there will be more or fewer difficulties, the Internet is often a space in which very different people can make see and express their position on a specific issue, at a practical level anonymous if you are know-how.

• Allows collaboration between people:

The Internet not only provides access to information or communication but also offers a framework in which different people can collaborate to achieve a specific goal. For example, at the level of studies, it allows group work in which all those involved follow the project’s status at the moment.

Final verdict

However, it is much more evident in school-age boys and girls subjected to public derision by classmates or close friends. It is a practice that can have very serious consequences for those who suffer from it, as it can lead to emotional, psychological, and even physical disorders. We should know the disadvantages of internet for students as a teacher or parents.


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