Health Benefits and Disadvantages of Eating Fish

Fish is a low fat protein which is a huge source of omega 3 fatty acid. There are several benefits of eating fish every day. Having fish regularly helps us to keep away from many diseases like cardiovascular disease,

dementia and cancer and so on. This protein is very helpful for protecting our eyesight and brain as well.
As we all know eating anything too much is not right for our health. But eating the right amount will not cause any harm to our body. So, what are the disadvantages of eating fish daily?

In this article, we will discuss both the risks and benefits of eating fish in our regular life and thus you can prepare your healthy diet easily without any confusion.

Advantages of eating fish

Lowers the tendency of heart diseases

Fish is a blessing for people having cardiovascular diseases. This wonderful protein reduces the tendency of stroke and heart attack. In fact, it lowers the cholesterol level and widens the arteries and veins that aids in blood clotting.

This food-filled with omega 3 fatty acids contributes to reducing inflammation and offers us a healthy heart. Besides, fish oil contains a high amount of vitamin D that maintains the hormonal balance of our body.

Improves our eyesight

Based on AHRQ’s research, fish helps to improve our eyesight and vision. Fish containing omega-3 fatty acid, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and many others have a positive effect on our brain and eye.

Moreover, magnesium present in the fish leads to an effective and proper circulation of fluid throughout our whole body. A piece of the fish fillet can amazingly control our blood pressure and lowers the tendency of having macular degeneration.

Good for skin & hair

The benefits of eating fish for skin and hair are no less. A nutritious and healthy diet leads to youthful and glowing skin. Due to several vitamins and proteins present in the fish, it promotes our skin elasticity and tightens our skin.

If you have a severe acne problem then don’t avoid this food. Trust me it will elevate your skin by reducing your acne problem.

Besides, by consuming omega-3 fatty acids present in this protein helps to prevent hair loss gradually. In addition, it improves your dry scalp and protects it from being damaged.

Reduces iron deficiency

Doctors and medical experts always suggest taking fish on a regular basis to remove the iron deficiency from our bodies. Salmon and tuna fish are really recommendable for promoting blood regulation throughout our bodies.

Treats liver disease

From several studies and experiments, it is found that omega-3 fatty acid helps to break fatty acids in the liver. Hence, another important advantage of omega-3 fatty acids is that it helps to lower the risk of liver diseases.

Low fat and boosts energy

Fish contain a little amount of fat and so it is an ideal and balanced food for people who are suffering from obesity. Fish and fish oil is well known for lowering the LDL level and strengthens the immune system.

Now, the amazing part of having fish regularly is it works as an instant energy booster as it is enriched with a high amount of vitamin B and protein. Salmon assists to fight fatigue and has many positive impacts on our health.

Reduces depression and insomnia

The benefits of eating fish head and the eye is much in our mental health. Seafood helps to elevate our mood and reduces our depression and stress. According to some studies and researches it is found that fish items can be an awesome remedy for better and peaceful sleep.

Disadvantages of eating fish

There are be some disadvantages to eating fish and can have a negative impact on our body. So, before eating too much fish daily you must acknowledge the disadvantages of eating fish daily.

High amount of mercury

Many fish contain a high level of mercury which can be dangerous for our body if we keep eating a lot of fish every day on our meal. It might slowly damage or affect the development of the nervous system of the fetus.

Some contamination in some fish might be unhealthy for our body to function and can affect our reproductive system. Therefore, it’s important to have special precautions before having certain fish fillets.


Taking too much fish oil might affect the digestive system leading to severe diarrhea. Excess omega-3 and other supplements can increase the bowel movement problem, flatulence, nausea and discomfort.


Many people among us have severe allergic reactions to many fishes and seafood. Allergy can have dangerous reactions to our bodies. So, avoid those fish and fish items which you are allergic to.

Again, taking a high amount of omega-3 or vitamin A might get toxic to your body. So, it’s best to take the right amount of fish that does not harm your body.


Due to the heavy dose of fish oil one might have the tendency of nosebleeds. Furthermore, it may lead to bleeding in the stomach and cause ulcer if one is taking fish oil too much.

So, it’s very important to consult with a doctor or take medical advice before taking fish oil and other supplements on a regular basis.


The health benefits of eating fish are enormous as it contains several vitamins and beneficial fats. One should keep various kinds of fish in one’s diet to maintain a healthy and good life.

But wild salmon, bluefish, shark, etc. have a high amount of mercury and PCB and so it’s very important to remain conscious before you eat. Hence, before buying any kind of fish, always check whether it comes from a safe source or not.

However, taking the right amount will not only keep you healthy but will prevent you from many diseases and disorders.

Eat the right amount and live a healthier lifestyle.

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