Can You Study Computer Science Without Prior Knowledge: Is There Any Barrier?

It is really possible to study computer science without any prior knowledge. However, you need to have some basic knowledge of math and English.

Also, if you are looking forward to studying this field of study, I will suggest that you gain some preceding understanding of programming and mathematics. It is because this subject is very technical, so you need to have a firm base in these two fields.

However, in this article, I will help you to understand more about this topic.

Can You Get Into Computer Science With No Experience?

Yes, you can get into computer science with no experience. You know there is a very frequently asked question, “can I major in computer science with no experience?”

Well, the answer is a big ‘YES’. By the way, it is more important to have an interest in this topic rather than have the experience to get into this field of study.

Besides, it is very crucial to be passionate and have the inclination to learn. With these qualities, you can aim for a degree in computer science.

How To Get Into Computer Science Without A Degree

Many students do not prefer to get a degree, as it requires four long years to obtain one along with payments of high tuition fees. But the question is how to get into computer science without a degree.

Well, there are several alternatives to a degree. For instance, a diploma course can help you get into this field. Also, there are many training programs available regarding computing which can also help you gain relevant skills.

What Do You Need To Know Before Studying Computer Science

Before studying this topic, you need to realize some important factors.

Do not anticipate mastering everything during classes

Although you will learn a lot during classes, I will advise you to also learn outside classes. It is because classes might not be sufficient for you to have expertise in this field.

Studying before the deadline will not be satisfactory

It is very important to know that studying at the last minute will not work here. If you run out of practice, you will not be capable of remembering everything at the last minute.

You need to gain practical skills

Even though it includes some conceptual courses, the involvement of practical learning overtakes that. It is very vital to attain practical skills in order to learn this subject.

You should be ready to learn new things

As technology is developing day by day, you need to be prepared to learn new things every now and then. So it is very crucial to have a mindset of continuous learning.

How Can A Beginner Start Computer Science

To start this field of study, a beginner must make sure he or she is good at math. This is because this subject contains a huge amount of math.

There are several ways you can start learning to compute. Formal learning is one of the most commonly practiced methods of starting computer science.

These days, there are several courses available regarding the fundamentals of this subject. A beginner can learn computing at University, or at any boot camp.

Nevertheless, I would advise beginners to attain enough knowledge in coding and programming to start this field of study. There are various options available online that teach such things.

Also, if a learner is not confident about his or her math skills, I would suggest taking extra math courses. In addition, as this field of study is very huge and vast, it is better to select a specialization and become adept in that particular area.

What Basic Skills Are Needed For Computer Science

Below I have mentioned some basic skills that are needed for computing.

Mathematical and practical skills

This field of study deals with abundant mathematics to finish various projects. For instance, it includes linear algebra, statistics, calculus, and discrete mathematics. Moreover, it requires practical skills in hardware engineering, evolving software, and computer programming. So it is very important to have those skills.

Practical writing skills

Computer scientists need to apply their practical writing skills while working. This is because they need to target different audiences by writing scientific reports that are understandable to non-experts as well.

Analytical skills

Analytical skills are needed in this field for collecting, testing, assessing, and documenting applicable data.

Problem-resolving skills

It is very important to have this skill for this field of study. A computer scientist will be required to solve complex projects very often.

Great thinking skills

Computing requires dealing with complex projects, so such scientists should have good thinking skills in order to evaluate and synthesize data to get their desired result or to solve an issue.

Which Is Better: IT Or Computer Science?

Although both fields open routes for excellent job opportunities, computer science offers slightly greater job opportunities than information technology. In many cases, a computer science student can also get hired for IT jobs. This is because computing builds a student for a broader range of careers.

However, to decide which one is better, you need to realize what you want to be in the future or what you are passionate about. For example, if you want to be a web developer or software developer, information technology is surely better for you. On the other hand, if you want to be a hardware engineer, you should definitely consider studying computer science.


How long is the computer science course?

Answer: Different countries and universities offer different duration of time for computer science courses. However, it usually takes three to four years to complete a computer science course.

Is computer science full of math?

Answer: Although computer science contains a great deal of math, it is not full of math. There are other topics like programming languages, operating systems, and so on.

What is the best age to learn computer science?

Answer: It is best to learn computer science at a young age. It is even possible to start learning the basics of this subject from the age of 6-7.

Can I join computer science without math?

Answer: No, it is not possible to join computer science without math. Math is very important for computer science.

Can you study computer science without coding?

Answer: It is okay if you do not have any previous knowledge on coding, as the computer science course will itself include teaching coding. But without coding, you can not complete learning computer science.


Although it is possible to study computer science without any prior knowledge, some basic related knowledge is necessary. Moreover, you should be dedicated to learning and have a mindset to work hard. And in this article, you have explored everything you need to do thoroughly.

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