Hobby vs Career: What Are The Main Similarities And Differences

There are so many similarities and dissimilarities between hobbies and careers. A hobby is a source of enjoyment in a person’s life. On the other hand, career refers to the occupation or profession that you do to earn money.

It is a matter of wonder that if you can make your career into your hobby, you will never be bored in your job.!

By the way, let’s dig a deep comparison so that you can have a deep comparison.

What are the 3 types of careers?

There are three types of careers by the job. These are –

Labor-based jobs

In labor-based work, you have to follow the order of your boss or supervisor. All details about the work will be given to you. For these types of jobs, companies pay very low salaries and there is a very tiny chance of promotion.

Decision-making jobs

These are mainly administrative and managerial jobs. A company’s both success and failure depend on its decision. Generally, they are very skillful and experienced people. Companies treat them as great assets.

Science-based and technical job

As an employee in this field, you have to provide accurate data to the company. They will decide to rely on your result. For this, if you do well, you will receive a promotion and if your result becomes incorrect, there is a great chance to lose your job.

What are the differences between a Hobby and a Career?

The main differences between a hobby and a career are –

  • Generally, we choose hobbies in our childhood. On the other hand, we fix our career after finishing high school education
  • We choose hobbies on the basis of enjoyment. But we fix a career where we have the possibility to get more promotions and more salary
  • We do hobbies and work in leisure. On the contrary, we focus on our career in working time

The main difference between a hobby and a career is that career is related to money and success but a hobby is related with only to enjoyment and relaxation.

What are the similarities between a hobby and a career?

The major similarities between a hobby and a career are mentioned below.

Overcoming Tendency

From the perspective of a hobby and a career, people always try to overcome the situation and want to go to the next stage.

Suppose, a book lover tries to finish his book as soon as he can and then starts another book to finish.
Similarly, a job holder tries to do his job as accurately as he can so that he can get a promotion early to go to the next stage.

Subject-related Learning

Learning is a common matter in both hobbies and careers. Suppose, you want to make a garden as a hobby. In the making process, you will learn a lot of new things about gardening.

On the other hand, as an assistant manager, you will face several new ideas and issues that are related to managing.

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What is better: hobby or career?

There is no accurate answer to this question. In general, we work to manage the expenses that are connected with our careers. In this sense, a career is better than a hobby because if we focus on our career, we will be able to manage our expenses properly.

On the other hand, we spend a standard amount of money to fulfill our hobbies and it indicates that hobbies are better than careers.

Hobby vs job: what are the differences and similarities

There are a huge number of similarities and dissimilarities between hobbies and jobs. Some of them are given below.

Differences between hobbies and jobs

As hobbies and jobs are not the same, there are several differences between them. Some core difference is –

  • Hobby refers to doing something that we like to do. Job indicates doing something as the duty for which you will get money
  • In hobbies, there is no boss, no promotion, and no possibility of being sacked. In jobs, there is a boss, promotion, and the possibility of being sacked
  • People try to manage their time to engage with their hobbies. But a person’s daily routine is developed on the basis of a job schedule

Similarities between hobbies and jobs

There are a few similarities between hobbies and jobs but these are not perfectly similar. Mentionable are –

  • Hobbies are developed in childhood. As a result, people try to find jobs related to their hobbies so that they can enjoy the work
  • As a person spends a large amount of time on a job, a few people make the job a new hobby. It is very difficult to do


Do hobbies go on a resume?

Well, normally we put our core skills in our resume because our hobby is the point of our interest. If you can develop any skill in your hobby, you can add these to your resume.

How to add hobbies to a resume?

Hobbies are pleasurable work for a person. If you give more time to your hobbies like reading, you can add in your resume that you have read 150 books.


Career is a term where you will have the chance to get a promotion and the possibility to reach the pick point. On the other hand, hobbies are a constant matter that normally doesn’t change.

Hobbies are the enjoyment that a person does in leisure. Actually, everyone is very interested in their hobbies and in this case, they are never bored. And of this, a huge number of people establish their careers in their hobbies.

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