what are the disadvantages of late marriage

You know what? Your life matters and trust me, it took a toll from me to stand on my feet after my first marriage.

Almost 39% of people are getting divorced in the USA, according to SMU Daily Campus. Unfortunately, I am a part of that percentage. How painful it is to break a marriage, you might have no idea as you did not marry yet or planning anytime soon.

Keeping my story apart, today I will tell you how late marriage can change a life. Plenty of thoughts are roaming around my head. I am picking the important ones.

Psychological effect of late marriage

People love to get care, love, and, most importantly, they want to feel important always. But is it possible if you are leading a single life? NO.

You might laugh at me but trust me, I can explain. People often feel depressed as they do not have someone to talk about their pain and desires — especially women working outside to earn pennies for a family.

Gradually, women start to feel that they are worthless. On the other hand, when you have a partner, you can certainly share your thoughts. Despite being sad, you will get a lot of courage to work the next day.

For men, it is the same. After returning from the office, you must need a comfort zone where you can chill out. With an understanding partner, things turn out too good for them.

Biologically, guys are more prone to vulnerability than women. And they rush to the spot where they get love, respect and better advice for life. In these cases, marrying before 30 is a bliss.

Some couples do not want to marry at all and move in to avoid tax bills. They also take marriage counseling from their advocates. To keep their lives smooth, people might want to go into a relationship but cannot afford marriage.

Now, let’s take a look at the other side of the coin. Late marriage is a blessing for some people.

Elders yell at us to settle down but buddy! Everyone’s settlement is not marriage, as some of us want to have financial stability in life. For men, marrying is taking another person’s responsibility.

You have to protect her, get some gifts, take her out on weekends and treat her like a queen- are the mandatory things to do. So, if you marry at an early age, no savings will be there to finance your partner.

And the moment you cannot afford to make things easier for her, she becomes upset. Lots of marriages end in vain for the financial status of the spouse.

Psychological effect of late marriage
Psychological effect of late marriage

In this condition, marrying early can be a curse for you.

For women, early marriage often brings baggage in their lives. They do not get time for themselves. Since they have higher fertility, they get pregnant within a few months in most cases. Then, caring for the kid and family is the sole duty of a woman with zero careers.

Not every woman wants that.

For career-oriented women folk, early marriage is a great hindrance to their education and career. So, marrying early is not for them. As they want to settle down with a handsome salary per month, they choose late marriage.

Maturity & Understanding between partners

It is another vital factor to consider. Whether it is early or late marriage, the partners need to respect each other. Unfortunately, it is hard to find mutual respect if the age is not balanced. Did you not get my point?

Well, think of a situation where the bride is 22 and the groom is 35. The bride needs nurture, care and some bubbly activities to romanticize her life. But the groom has a large business where he is bound to invest his days and nights. And whenever the situation gets worse, the groom yells at his wife.

Since there is a gap in age and they do not understand each other’s requirements. But these misunderstandings are not much seen in early marriage cases. They try to spend time in the honeymoon period. By the course of time, they start having kids, houses, cars, and eventually stay happy.

Fertility & Kids

It is an alarming question for mass people that fertility decreases by the course of time. So conception becomes tougher for women nowadays for late marriage. Honestly, different journals have different opinions about it. But after 30 women’s fertility does not respond as much as a teenager.

You can have kids when you are ready for it. There is nothing related to late or early marriage. Late marriage does not mean you cannot give birth to any child, and early marriage does not ensure a healthy and abundant environment for a child’s growth. It depends on different factors.

Hundreds of families are there somehow without giving proper care for their kids but they got married without planning. When you cannot afford a happy and prosperous environment for the kids, they suffer from numerous traumas and these kids take a lot of time to make themselves normal. I will ask you to give it a thought.

Another point to mention is that before taking a baby, you must check whether the body has any deficiency or in need of extra nutrient supplements. Take good care of your body and then try to conceive a baby.

Nineteenth Century’s Effect on Marriage

After enormous tortures on women, they have stood up for getting their rights. In the nineteenth century, girls were not accepted as a person. According to Spartacus Educational, women could not sleep alone at night. They needed to have a male person get permission without caring what the stranger can bring.

To be precise, late marriage and early marriage offer two different types of living strategies. I have no clue about your life and I have only mentioned the essential points that people face in these two types of marriage.

Last but not least, be compassionate towards your partner. It might be early or late marriage, no marriage is perfect. We have to reshape us in every stage of life. Have a happy married life.

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