How to Become a Soccer Coach with No Experience? Opportunity Explained!

It’s rewarding to pursue a profession in soccer coaching. A career as a soccer coach may be ideal for you if you love the game and enjoy inspiring others to succeed. If you are thinking about the experience, don’t worry! You don’t necessarily need the experience to become a soccer coach!

Keep reading if you want to know how to become a soccer coach with no experience.

Can you coach soccer if you never played?

You cannot coach soccer if you have never played. You need to know the tricks and the rules of this game. And You may have theoretical knowledge. It will help you to answer theory-based quizzes.

In reality, you cannot coach soccer if you have never played. Without playing in real life and practicing it, you can’t understand the gist and fun of the game. That’s why you can’t coach.

How can you start coaching soccer with no experience?

It’s alright if you don’t have experience as a coach. You can still be the best! Follow these if you want to start coaching soccer with no experience! Surely you will succeed!

1. Participating in soccer

Playing can help you better grasp the game. Understanding the rules of the game enables you to teach your players the techniques you have honed on the field.

2. Take into account the level you want to coach at

Professional soccer instructors frequently instruct young athletes, college students, or, at the top tier, regional and national teams. To determine the qualifications, you must fulfill, choose either you want a role with young athletes, college athletes, or another group.

3. Offer your services as an amateur coach

You can develop the abilities necessary to succeed as a coach by playing with a recreational squad. Having experience prior to applying for a job is attractive to hiring managers as well.

4. Go to coaching training

Soccer coaching workshops are specialized courses where you can learn various coaching strategies and tactics. Also, there are classes and seminars available online.

5. Certificates

To learn various methods and exercises, attend national workshops and classes. You can use the implementation with your teams and on the certification exam. Don’t forget to pick up your certificate.

6. Get a license

For being a coach, you need to get a license from the state after you have done a diploma. They will teach you and take your exams. If you’re qualified, you will be provided with a license.

7. Begin as a coach’s assistant

You might start out as an assistant coach prior to rising to the position of head coach in your soccer coaching career. Being an assistant coach enables you to develop your skills while working under the direction of a more seasoned coach.

8. Fill out advanced job applications

After you have more experience, you might think about applying for positions that are more sophisticated and might let you manage a team by yourself. Check to see whether any nearby schools or organizations are hiring for the post of head coach.

What to study to become a soccer coach?

Sports medicine, physical education, nutrition, and exercise science are among the bachelor’s degrees that some coaches obtain. Employers can see how deep your expertise is by how much more you know, and it will also make mentoring more effective.

Also, if you want to coach in a public school, you might think about earning a bachelor’s degree and a teaching credential. Even though not all public schools need their coaches to hold a bachelor’s degree and a teaching certificate, many do, so obtaining these credentials can increase your chances for coaching.

How do you coach soccer for beginners?

It’s totally fine if you feel hesitant to coach soccer as a beginner. You will get over this if you follow these simple techniques. However, while implementing these, make sure that you are confident!

Make them love practice

The best player is the one who loves playing soccer the most with utmost zeal. Make your team fall in love with the practice. You will raise the best players with proper encouragement and motivation.

Plan it

Plan your sessions. Decide beforehand what strategies, skills, and positions you are going to teach them. This will make your sessions productive.

Set a standard

Tell them how you would like to see them playing. You can give examples of other great players. Set a gaming standard from them.

Ask for reviews 

After your session ends, ask for feedback. Ask them what they expect and how they want to plan the further process. This will help them to interact.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the average age of a soccer coach?

The average age of a soccer coach is typically 35 years. However, a person can play longer if he is physically fit. It depends on his willpower.

What age do soccer coaches retire?

Generally, soccer coaches start retiring at the age of 35 years old. It’s up to you when you want to retire. However, in a few organizations, there are certain rules related to retirement.


Do not worry if you are considering experience while becoming a soccer coach. To coach soccer, you don’t always need previous experience. If you love the game and enjoy motivating others to succeed, a job as a soccer coach will be suitable for you. The decision to seek a career as a soccer coach pays off when you will raise enthusiastic players!

Hopefully, this guide on how to become a soccer coach with no experience has helped you!

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