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How to Develop Problem Solving Skills in Students: A Complete Guideline

Problem-solving skill is one of the most dominant skills which an individual needs to sustain in life. It is very important to develop this skill in students from an early age.

Parents, teachers, and elderly people should try their best to impart this to students. And of course, students should get involved with various engaging activities to learn the importance of problem-solving skills.

Keep reading to know how to develop problem-solving skills in students!

What activities can improve problem-solving skills in students?

There is a wide range of activities that can improve problem-solving skills in students. If the activities are fun, they will enjoy and learn. Try out these activities!

Moral Dilemma

Prepare a few moral dilemmas for the students. For example- “an old man is facing difficulties crossing the road and you are getting late. What should you do?” Write it on a piece of paper and fold it. Students will read loudly the ones they pick. They have to come up with instant solutions.

Problem-Solving box

Make a box and label it as a “problem-solving box”. Students will put various problems related to their personal and academic lives. Pick problems twice a week and let that know to the whole class. The whole class will give their insight regarding the problem and solution.


There are a lot of puzzles that require intense brainstorming. Give students the puzzles and set a time limit. Students have to complete the puzzle within that time.

Board Games

Board games require logic, critical thinking, and planning. Give students board games like ludo, monopoly, chess, snakes and ladder, etc. This will help them to solve problems.

Scavenger hunt

Create a list of things for the students to collect. Prepare a hint to get to the enlisted thing. When students will get the hint, they will think critically. Thus they will find all the necessary items.

How to develop problem-solving skills in students?

To develop problem-solving skills in students, you need to be very patient and empathic. This will create a good environment for the students to learn. Try out these methods!

1. Encourage decision-making and critical thinking

When students ask a question, instead of answering it, ask them about their opinion. Encourage them to think from multiple perspectives and come to a decision.

2. Allow them to make mistakes

If they make mistakes, they will learn. Give them the opportunity to come up with solutions to their own problems. If they make mistakes in the process, help them to rectify them.

3. Encourage Creativity

Students often come up with diversified ideas. Encourage this ability. Help them to understand what the best solution would be.

4. Process Over Result

It’s not important what the result is. Give them tasks and let them finish those with patience. The process will evoke the skill.

5. Motivate them to do alone before seeking help

When students put effort single-handedly into any task, the results will be better. Encourage them to do it alone. If they fail repeatedly, ask them to take assistance from others.

6. Ask Advice

Tell the students about any problem of yours. Ask for their advice and opinions. This will give them validation.

7. It’s okay to fail

When they are doing a task and fail, make them understand that it’s okay to fail. Ask them to not get disheartened and try again.

8. Open-ended questions

Always try to ask them questions that are open-ended. These questions do not have any right answer. Students won’t be able to reply with yes or no. They have to critically think before speaking.

9. SODA method

Before coming to a conclusion, encourage them to analyze situations, options, disadvantages, and advantages. This will provide a greater outlook.

10. Break down

Before solving any problem, tell them to break the problem into a few steps. Solve one at a time. This will help them to focus on one thing and yield the best results.


Imparting problem-solving skills in students is very vital. When it is absent in an individual, he/ she will stumble in every aspect of life. Try out the above-mentioned ways. These will surely help.

Hopefully, this guide on how to develop problem-solving skills in students has helped you!

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