How to Get Motivated to Study When Depressed: 17 Effective Ways!

You might be wondering this question “how to motivate myself to study when I feel sad or depressed.’’ Trust us, all of us have gone through this phase once in life. Depression is never easy. For studying under these circumstances, you need to constantly push and encourage yourself. 

To make your journey a little easier, we have made a guide on how to get motivated to study when depressed. Hopefully, it will help you!

What Causes Lack of Motivation?

You can practically become petrified from acting if you lack motivation. The main causes of your lack of motivating drive to successfully complete your goals have been highlighted.

  1. Not having clear goals
  2. Self-doubting
  3. Not creating a proper plan
  4. Low self-esteem
  5. Mental health issues
  6. Unsupportive environment
  7. Not knowing your strengths
  8. Fear of taking challenges
  9. Giving up easily
  10. Inadequate sleep

Does Depression Make It Hard to Study?

Depression makes it hard to study because you can’t concentrate on anything. Finding the urge to study can be quite difficult when you’re depressed. Although there are various causes for the absence of motivation, it’s also possible that these symptoms are an indication of depression.

When you’re feeling down, it’s harder to think clearly, analyze things critically, and recall what you studied and learned. You can miss lessons and have trouble finding the time to effectively study if your sleep pattern has changed.

17 Ways to Get Motivated to Study When Depressed

To get motivated, you have to help yourself. You have to constantly convince and push yourself to study. Here are a few ways which might be helpful for you!

  • Set up goals

Create a goal or choose a career for yourself. Figure out how you will ascend there. When you set up goals, you will automatically know that you have to study.

  • Recall your goal

You have certainly fixed a goal for yourself. You want to reach there no matter what happens and studying is the way to achieve it. Remember your destination and study.

  • Stick to your routine

Make a routine. Follow it strictly. After following it for a few hours, you will feel much more productive. It will bring back your zeal to study.

  • Think about your battles

Think how hard battles you have fought. Think how much effort you had put to reach where you are. And Think about how strong you were and motivate yourself to fight again.

  • Listen to podcasts

Try listening to motivational podcasts. Podcasts tell you about different life stories and give birth to a new perspective.

  • Watch motivational videos

Thousands of motivational speakers are available whose videos will encourage you. It will help you to develop the confidence to study.

  • Meditate

Meditation helps you understand the root of your despair and gives you a fresh perspective on your depressive traits. Finding a long-term solution is important to concentrate on your studies.

  • Physical Exercise

You can squeeze in some time for exercise in between study sessions. Exercise breaks of up to ten minutes are sufficient to boost your motivation to study even more.

  • Walking

Walking makes you feel refreshed and helps your thinking become more organized. Simply go for a stroll if you feel like you are becoming depressed while studying or before studying.

  • Take a shower

To relax your body and lessen the strain on your brain and muscles, you can take a shower. The brain functions better when exposed to a little cold, hence taking a cold shower is typically preferred.

  • Talk to your loved ones

Talk to someone whom you trust with the deepest core of your heart. Tell them how miserable you feel and ask them how to overcome this. They will surely find ways for you to study.

  • Try out a different place

Take a break from your regular study table. Try sitting in a different arrangement such as a balcony, library, rooftop, etc. Different environments will keep you distracted.

  • Cook or order your favorite food

Before sitting for studying, cook or order your favorite food from your favorite restaurant. Munch and study. This will lighten up your mood.

  • Spending time alone

Spend time with yourself. Figure out the reason behind your depression and question if it’s really worth it to be sad about it. Think about steps to get away from it and the importance of studying.

  • Take a nap

Fix a time for studying. Take a nap before it. A nap will keep you away from unwanted stress. You will wake up with a new spirit that will want to win the world!

  • Do something you love

Sometimes taking time to do something you love can increase your productivity. When you do things you love, you feel validated and confident. This sparks motivation. 

  • Listen to music 

Your old playlist will remind you of your old confident version. Listen to music that makes you happy. This will level up your enthusiasm before studying.

What Improves Motivation?

There are a few quick actions you can take right now to boost your motivation both now and in the future. We’ve gathered a variety of tips on how to boost motivation for your convenience.

  1. Avoid being distracted.
  2. Limit your multitasking.
  3. Exercise meditation and awareness.
  4. Take more naps.
  5. Decide to concentrate on the now.

How Do You Study Major Depression?

We know that the question “why do I get depressed when I study” is real. When you’re dealing with major depression, waking up is difficult let alone studying. However, you need to study to create a better future for yourself. Try this study hack!

  1. Select one chapter to work on.
  2. Start a 25-minute countdown.
  3. Give the task your energy and attention for 25 minutes.
  4. Take a 15-minute pause once the timer rings.
  5. Set a second 25-minute alarm for after the first 15 minutes are up.
  6. Continue until the desired amount has been reached in the assignment.

How Do Students Overcome Depression?

Overcoming depression is not easy for anyone. Students generally suffer a lot due to depression. Here are a few ways through which students overcome depression.

  • Regular physical exercise
  • Sleeping timely
  • Practicing mindfulness 
  • Talking with friends and family
  • Eating good food
  • Avoiding drugs or other intoxicating items
  • Seeking help from a professional


Use the bits of advice above to relieve depression, and you’ll find it easier to stay motivated to study. It might seem difficult at first, but if you stick with it, you’ll notice that your feeling of motivation is gradually increasing.

When you go over that time, you naturally develop a strong mastery of how to get motivated to study when depressed. Good luck!

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