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How To Improve Critical Thinking And Problem Solving Skills: A Complete Guideline

When you watch a movie or serial, you see that the hero can solve all kinds of problems and have great critical thinking ability. As an impact, sometimes, you wish that you could solve all kinds of problems or have great critical thinking ability like the hero.

Don’t worry, in this writing, you will know how to improve your critical thinking and problem-solving skills in detail so that you can live like a hero in real life.

Knowing how to improve my problem-solving skills is a wise step to developing your enthusiasm. Such kind of capability puts one ahead to deal with life problems and settle down a peaceful and successful life.

So now let’s dig into how to improve critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

What is critical thinking skill?

Critical thinking skill is the capability to analyze information effectively and give a judgment. In critical thinking, you have to be cautious regarding your priority, prediction, and application of standard consistency during the time of source evaluation.

There are several benefits of critical thinking, such as:

  • You can identify reliable sources.
  • You can argue, evaluate and respond.
  • It helps find out a substitute for your point of view.

Critical thinking lets you evaluate your sense of judgment rationally and make attachments liberally and critically with public media.

12 steps to improve critical thinking skills

Critical thinking skills are valuable skills for human beings. These skills help you to develop communication with others, and solve problems in the best possible ways.

For such benefits, you have to improve critical thinking skills. Now you will know 12 steps to improve critical thinking skills.

Don’t make a rush in decision-making, take the proper time

The first step of developing critical thinking is to set a time or proper schedule to evaluate decisions and options. Think step by step, like what is the motivation for such a decision? Will it be effective to achieve the goal? Is there any plan b? Is there any opponent? Finding out the answers to these questions seek time. So take time.

Be flexible and avoid egocentrism

You have to be welcoming to others’ points of view and opinions. Don’t hold such a self-image that you are always correct. So to make rational decisions and develop critical thinking skills, leave such kind of egocentric attributes.

Listen to everything carefully

Some people tend to focus on their own opinions and responses. Don’t ever do it. Listen to everyone and compare all the points of view to come up with a great decision.

Gather and analyze data

Gathering data is the most fundamental step in becoming a critical thinker. Collect data related to your subject as much as you can and then analyze all the data elaborately to think more effectively.

Do research

Accept the matter that you know the least and research to know more information regarding your subject matter. Justify all the facts of your base by cross-checking all of the research arguments.

Be curious

If you want to improve your critical thinking skills, then broaden your curiosity level. Do questions and learn more. When someone answers your question, don’t stick to their answers. Rather, ask more and explore more issues.

Show compassion to approach the argument

Don’t just pour over your point on others. Try to understand the opponent’s point, apply your logic and make a strong defense. Be compassionate, examine the motivations of the prospective arguments, and show the proper reason why your point is more appropriate.

Cross-check your decisions in several contexts

When you find it tough to make any decision, apply your thinking to a different context. This will help you develop more polished thinking and explore more points you might have not considered earlier.

Push yourself to solve a problem

Practice is very important for improving critical thinking. You can start this by involving yourself in problem-solving. It is a kind of self-volunteering to monitor own capacity to handle things.

Deal with more diverse people

You may study a lot to develop your critical thinking, but that almost means to stick into own bubble. To be more practical and effective, you have to deal with more people who are different from your background, opinions, ideology, and experience. It will help a lot to justify your decisions.

Have interference

Interference is a potential skill to draw a conclusion regarding collected data and demand your possession of technical knowledge and experience. Inference enables you to solve problems with a limited source of data and information.

Solve problems

After identifying a problem, the final step is to come up with a solution. To develop critical thinking, you have to have the capability to solve any problem in the best possible ways.

What is a problem-solving skill?

Problem-solving skill is the ability to understand the source or the origin of a problem and find an effective solution to that prospective problem. This skill is a separate skill base, the capacity of problem-solving varies from person to person.

There are some other skills that can contribute to the problem-solving skills, such as:

  • Active listening skills
  • Analysis skills
  • Research and creativity skills
  • Communication skills
  • Decision-making skills

How to improve on problem-solving skills: 10 tips

Do you want to become a great problem solver? Don’t worry, you are not so late as there is no age limitation to improve problem-solving skills. Here, you go with 10 tips on problem-solving skills, such as:

  • Be clear about the problem and try to find out what is the main problem here.
  • Understand the elements or actions to solve the problem.
  • Question freely to dig into the problem so deeply so that you can come up with a perfect solution. Ask wh question instead of a yes or no question.
  • While solving the problem, check out the situation and circumstances to avoid unwanted situations. It will help you to react according to the context.
  • Plan and Think in advance. If you smell fishy in advance in any situation, then think ahead, make plans, and be prepared to fight against the problems.
  • Be open-minded to feedback and ideas. While going ahead to solve any problem, you have to be welcoming to any kind of feedback and reactions. Sometimes you may get new ideas from others, don’t get offended by that.
  • Get access to leaders who are great at solving problems. This can be a great idea to improve problem-solving skills and the opportunity to gain practical knowledge.
  • Make well execution of your plan. Don’t just keep idle making only plans, work for them, and find out every possible way to execute the plans.
  • Be a humble and courageous leader. Focus on everyone’s opinion and make good utilization of plan and thought. Keep unity in solving problems.
  • Focus on your future and train yourself well to solve upcoming problems. Be strategic with every single step.


Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are interrelated to each other. If you own skills in one sector then you will automatically be able to master in another sector.

Here, you have learned about how to improve critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills. Now focus on yourself and keep practicing these skills. But remember don’t try so hard, be flexible and stay focused.

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