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How To Improve Problem Solving Skills In Programming: A Complete Guide

Problem-solving skills are highly rated in the field of programming. It is said that the more you can solve problems, the more you can shine as a programmer. As a programmer, problem-solving skills mean analyzing, tracking, deciding, and coding the program. And lastly, debugging the code so that it can run without any issues.

American computer scientist Paul Graham once said.” In programming the hard part isn’t solving problems, but deciding what problems to solve”. So, before solving a problem the most important thing is to find the problem that needs to be solved first.

Here are some facts that need to understand as a programmer to improve problem-solving skills. Let’s dive right in!

Things that a programmer must know to solve the problem

Problem-solving is a skill that is developed day by day. This skill needs experience and a lot of practice. To solve a problem, a programmer should go through some processes or steps. These steps define how a program will run. If the steps are correct and precise, the program will run without any issues.

The procedure of solving a problem in programming can be divided into four different parts. They are-

1. Identifying and analyzing the problem.
2. Developing the algorithm
3. Coding phase
4. Debugging and finding errors

Let’s get to know each of the points to have better knowledge.

Identifying the problem

A question can be answered in different ways. But the more precise a programmer can answer the question, the more suitable it is. When a problem is at your table, try to understand the question first. If you understand the question, the better you can answer it.

After understanding the question, try to find out the problems it may create. Analyze those problems and then find the input and output of that particular problem. By following this process, many problems will eventually get sorted on the way.

Developing the algorithm

Computer program runs on Algorithms set by the programmer. Before trying all the trial and error solutions, a programmer decides to go on to the final coding.

But the algorithm set based on trial and error should be compact and easy to understand. Sometimes, a programmer complexifies an algorithm that can result in an error.

Coding phase

Coding is the face when finally a programmer writes down the code in simple algorithms. The coding phase becomes relaxing when you have done the analyzing and algorithm part rightly.

There are many programming languages to convert your algorithms into code. People usually use C, C++, or Python to code. You can use the language to code at which you feel more comfortable.

Debugging and finding errors

Now comes the testing part. A code has to go through many tests to see whether it is showing necessary outputs. Many tests are run throughout to find whether there’s any bug in the program. A programmer should be also cautious about the time a program is taking to launch and run.

Time is a very valuable aspect of programming. Industries and factories don’t like time-consuming programs.

How to learn problem-solving skills in programming?

Problem-solving skill is a matter of practice. It depends on your dedication and the time you are giving to it. With proper practice, you can do well in problem-solving. Just keep patience and have a proper mindset.

Having a positive mindset always helps as a programmer. It enables you to see things differently and have different approaches to reaching your goal.

Asking questions also helps in problem-solving. Many questions may arise in your mind while problem-solving. Take suggestions from the seniors. This will help you greatly.

How to improve problem-solving skills in programming?

Here are some tips to improve problem-solving skills in programming:

Positive mindset

Keeping a positive mindset is very important before approaching a problem. You need to be positive and energetic while doing problem-solving as a programmer.

Take feedbacks

Feedback helps the learning curve of a programmer. The more you are open to criticism, the more you grow.

Find new ideas

New ideas help to solve problems differently. The more you try to brainstorm, the more you find creative ideas to approach a problem.

Choosing right path

A problem can have different approaches to solving it. But choosing the path that is more simple and time-saving is the challenge for a good programmer. So, take your decisions wisely.

Be confident

In programming, confidence is the key. A programmer should always be motivated and confident. Sometimes negativity has the upper hand on you and it results in hampering your productivity. Try to avoid negativity and distraction in your programmer journey.

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Problem-solving is like a marathon. The more you pass the time, the more you get comfortable with the journey. A programmer solves a lot of problems during his journey as a programmer. What you need the most is passion and dedication to do well in this field.

Try to be calm, collected and enjoy the fun of solving new problems. Enjoy the essence of finding the answer to every question. The life of problem-solving can be hectic, but enjoy what you love to do the most. PROGRAMMING!

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