How to Make the Volleyball Team with No Experience: Secret Tips!

With good command and strategies, anyone can make a volleyball team with no experience. Never miss showing up with the right decisions every time for your team. Once you are done with making up a compatible team, winning is not too far.

Perceiving & working on the player’s dedication, effort, teamwork, and most importantly willingness to win can make your team unbeatable. Make sure that your sportsmanship inspires the team always. 

It seems like you have not experienced it before. Still, there are chances to win when there is a fighting spirit inside you. To make a volleyball team with no experience, you must prepare the team both mentally and physically. Good nutrition, exercise, practice, and following the coach’s teaching can make your team balanced and end up with a victory.

Can You Make the Volleyball Team With no experience?

Yes, you can. There is nothing much to do instead of following plenty of strategies. Experience is valuable but as we know that everything has a beginning. Here, you need to start the process but not randomly. Have a cup of tea and hire a coach. Learn something about the sports, get to know the rules of the game and how to win.

See some of the matches to grab the professional’s technique. It doesn’t mean to make yourself professional but watching their moves will boost your confidence indeed. You can pass the learnings to your new team indeed. Call for a team meeting before the match and cheer up the players. Consider the game as a fun factor but make the team win this fun factor.

How to Make the Volleyball Team with No Experience?

To make a team, it is important to know the players’ mindset first. If they are serious about the game, you need to start the training immediately. Both physical and mental fitness plays a big role in volleyball. These practices will help you make a volleyball team with no experience. Never miss any of them apply to the players. 


Without fitness, a player cannot even run for a few minutes. How can you allow a player on your team without fitness? Before the match, make all the players push themselves to their full potential to gain the highest level of fitness that they can.

Daily running

Morning is the best time to run and give your body an extreme level of energy. Running on a regular basis will boost the player’s stamina. Volleyball requires quick running and body balancing. 


Stretching helps a sportsperson improve flexibility. It makes the body react exactly on time or when it is necessary. Without proper stretching, there is a high chance to fall for injury. It is not expected to fall for injury at the very beginning. Therefore, let your team stretch properly to avoid injuries.  

How do You Try Out for a Volleyball Team?

Before try-outs

  •       Get familiar with volleyball
  •       Regular team exercise & stretching
  •       Team practicing & cheering up the players
  •       Learn to serve
  •       Spend some time on the ground to feel the game
  •       Regular team meeting for updates 

 After try-outs 

  •       Ensure that the players show up before the match on the field
  •       Let the team dress up like a volleyball player
  •       Have a confident and decent attitude on the ground
  •       Cheer up your team players
  •       Thank the coach and shake hands with everyone after the match.

Smile that you have spent a great time of your life.

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What to Do if You are A Beginner at Volleyball?

So, you are a beginner at volleyball and looking for some tips. First of all, make yourself out of fear and feel confident and encouraged because volleyball is a fun sport played on the beachside. It’s a great sport to play, watch, and enjoy.

All you need to do as a beginner is to prepare yourself mentally and physically. Well, that is not too difficult as it sounds. Go through the steps and you will see yourself as a successful volleyball player.

Get familiar with the sport

It is necessary to get familiar with the thing you are about to involve especially when it is a sport. Get to know the ball and how professionals play.

Be open about your and the players’ skills

Nothing is more foolish than manipulating yourself on the matter of skills. If you have never moved a volleyball, that’s okay. But do not pretend that you know everything and actually you know nothing. The same thing is applicable to all the players on your team.

Stretch on a regular basis

Make yourself uncomfortable because that’s where human learns to grow. Do stretching on a regular basis to make yourself adjustable and flexible as well.

If you are not fit enough, your team will be demotivated possibly. Arm swing is one of the core factors in volleyball and you must explain it to the players through stretching and proper exercise.  

Do not take anything for granted

Always believe in strategies and scientific calculations. There is no place for overconfidence in sports. Keep faith in your team and make the game equal for everyone. Follow the coach’s teaching and talk with the coach before you select the player’s position for the match or any confusion in your mind.

You are not champion

Keep it in mind that you are not a champion and you are not here to win a world cup either. Have fun and make the game exciting. Win or lose is a part of every game.


Of course, you can try all the things mentioned upward and still lose the game. But at least you can say to yourself that “I have done everything I was supposed to do.” Giving the best never disappoints in sports. Enjoy the game and make it memorable in your diary.

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