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Top 12 Problem Solving Activities For Students In 2023

Problem-solving activities for students are necessary and it is a great way to prepare them for their life. By recognizing their own strengths and individual needs, they can tackle any difficulties.

The more they practice problem-solving activities, the more self-confidence they can achieve in their careers. The students analyze those problems and find better solutions that educate them about problem-solving skills.

What is the importance of problem-solving activities for students?

Problem-solving activities for students have lots of importance and benefits for their future life. These activities help them to build the capability to solve different challenges and teach them new solutions to any problems.
By learning these activities, students can sharpen their critical and creative thinking. Being able to look out of the box or consider different solutions helps them to tackle difficulties.

Specifically, students can improve their ability to collect information and explore new concepts through these activities. As a teacher, you should encourage your students to be involved in these activities for their joyful future.

7 Team Problem Solving Activities for Students

As a team, problem-solving activities can help the students to develop their communication skills. 7 team problem-solving activities for students are given below –

1. Shrinking Vessel

Divide your students into small groups and give them ropes so that they can place the ropes on the floor in a shape they like and stand inside it. After that you begin to shrink the rope and team members will try to balance them all inside the shrinking shape. The person who steps outside the circle will be eliminated. This activity helps to sharpen adaptability and quick thinking.

2. Collaborative Math

Make some questions about math and give them to different groups to solve them. Students will try to answer the collaborative math problems and this activity teaches them how to solve multiple math as a team.

3. Tower Building

Give some uncooked spaghetti, marshmallow, string, and tape to your students and tell them to build a tower with those. The winner will be the team that makes the highest tower within the time limit. This activity helps to boost collaboration.

4. Jigsaw Puzzle

First, give some jigsaw puzzles to small groups of students and tell them to solve those. Then, whichever team solves it first is the winner. Each team follows a different strategy to solve the puzzle and take a chance to challenge their mind.

5. Escape

Make some clues and hide them in different places and also hide the key. Take all the team members into that room and lock the door and ask them to find the clues. Those clues can lead them toward the key. Whichever team can unlock the door within the minimum time is the winner.

6. Crosswords

You can collect some crosswords cut out from newspapers or print them out from the web. Give those crosswords to your students and ask them to solve them. These crosswords are very useful for them as they can learn new words.

7. Survival Scenario

Create a scenario where each team is stranded on the island and they have to survive with a limited amount of food. They also have to build a shelter and make some signals to attract rescuers. They can win this activity if they communicate well and work hard as a team.

5 Problem Solving Activities for College Students

College students require some problem-solving activities to develop their critical thinking skills. 5 problem-solving activities for college students are given below –

1. Sudoku

Sudoku is a puzzle game and it has various difficulty levels. You can make some sudoku puzzles and give those to your students. First, students can try to solve the easy level then they advance their level.

2. Murder Mysteries

Make a story and ask your students to find the killer with the help of different clues. Some play the roles of suspects and some play the roles of detectives. Suspects read some lines from the script and give some clues to the detective about the killer.

3. Story Challenge

Give your students some limited words and ask them to write a story using those words. This problem-solving activity develops their writing skills and enhances their creative imagination.

4. Science Fair

You can encourage your students to make their own science projects and the science fair can be an opportunity to show their work. Through this fair, they can challenge themselves and also check out other students’ projects.

5. Debate Club

Meaningful debate requires a lot of skills that can benefit the future of the students as independent thinkers. They can learn self-analysis, critical thinking, listening to others, and how to structure their arguments.


For students, problem-solving activities should be fun and enjoyable so that they can engage their focus on those. The more you practice these activities, the more you improve your ability to solve problems. Problem-solving activities can be an important part of a student’s life. These exercises develop creative ideas, critical thinking, and valuable skills.

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