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Problem Solving Vs Decision Making: An In-depth Comparison

Problem-solving and decision making are two of the most essential aspect of any work or job. In a corporate field, you often have to face problems. Hence, you have to be smart enough to analyze data, find adequate problems, and do something about the situation.

Also, decision-making is part and parcel of our life. It can be personal or professional. But taking essential decisions based on logic and thoughts can be challenging.

However, there are really some differences between problem-solving and decision making. And knowing these differences will let you differentiate them in an easy way.

So, let’s start exploring this side-by-side comparison of Problem-solving and decision making.

What is a problem-solving skill?

Problem-solving means identifying a problem, examining it, taking valuable inputs, and trying to reach a solution based on data and logic. A problem solver brainstorms the problem and then tries to reach a solution. There are some steps of problem-solving.

Acknowledging the problem

The first step is to acknowledge the problem and collect valuable data related to the problem.


The most important part of problem-solving is to analyze the problem based on the data and find questions on that problem.

Finding multiple solutions

Any problem can be solved in different ways. But to get to the best result, you have to choose the most effective one.

Evaluation and decision making

After evaluating all the solutions, you can choose the best solution for you. Again the solution should be based on facts and logic so that the chances of getting it right will be high.

What is decision-making skill?

Decision-making is the last step of problem-solving. Decision-making is more of a process. It is the process to choose a solution based on your knowledge, analyzing the data, gathering facts, developing logic, and finally with a touch of wisdom.

The decision-making process may vary from Organization to Organization. A decision can be taken in different methods. Some of them are discussed below:

Discussion based decision

In this method, a group or team discusses possible solutions and then agrees on one particular decision. This type of decision-making can take time and can result in disputes of opinions.

Voting based decision

This method also considers multiple decisions, but it is different from discussion-based decisions. In a voting-based decision, there won’t be any discussion. Instead, the solution with more votes is taken as a final decision.
Individual decision without any argument

In this method, the decision taker takes decisions only based on his knowledge and wisdom. It is the fastest way to take a decision. Though, it won’t always be preferable as it doesn’t consider others’ opinions.

Difference between problem-solving and decision making

There are some differences between problem-solving and decision-making. Decision-making is the process that leads to the best possible outcome. On the other hand, problem-solving finds a problem, and searches for the reasons behind it. After searching for the reasons, you as a problem solver find the way out of it.

Sometimes, you’ll get confused whether these two are different or the same. But, they’re not. Problem-solving is a lengthy process with different segments like analyzing data, evaluating the problems, looking for alternate solutions, etc. But, in decision making, you have to take a call on the alternative solutions and find the best result.

Experience, knowledge, and wisdom are important in making a decision. Decision-taking doesn’t always have to be about problem-solving, instead, it is the process to make a call among different options.

problem-solving and decision-making: which one is the better skill?

In plain sight, decision-making is an easy call. But so many things are dependent on decision-making. Choosing an option between alternative options can be tricky at times.

On the other hand, problem-solving is a more slow and steady process. To solve a problem, you should identify the problem first. Then consider the contexts. After analyzing the data, you can expect to find some solutions.
The skill of problem-solving asks a lot from an individual. So, from the perspective of hard work and dedication, problem-solving is the better skill.

Are problem-solving and decision-making the same thing?

No, it’s not the same. Decision-taking is a process to choose the better outcome from some possible alternatives. But, in problem solving, a lot of research work has to be done. Without making enough effort, problem-solving is not possible.

Decision-making determines the journey of a project or work. So, the importance of wise decision-making is very much.

Problem-solving and decision taking may not be the same. They both are important in shaping a person’s skill set. You need to have both to excel in life. Problem-solving needs decision making and decision-making needs problem-solving.


Problem-solving and decision making is a skill that is developed day by day. You need to practice regularly to develop it as a skill. However, problem-solving and decision making is very important in corporate life.
Problem-solving is a process to fix something that isn’t working correctly. To find a proper solution and to identify whether the solution is sustainable is problem-solving.

Decision-making is the process to determine the best outcome from a thing. It is very important to have the capability and wisdom to take a decision confidently. Decision-taking ability will always help you in every aspect of your life.

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