7 Best Responsibilities of a husband and father

The family is the building block that forms the foundation of a society. It is made up of individuals who build lasting relationships with one another.

Therefore you have to behave accordingly if you want to maintain these relationships. The family relationship should, therefore, be held in the best way so that one can strive for and achieve great goals in the family.

Family relationships are primarily based on the relationship between the spouses. Secondly, the relationship between parents and children and thirdly on the relationship between the children. So the responsibilities of a husband are very important for a family. From this post, we are going to know about it in details. So let’s get started.

Getting know about: The responsibilities of a husband and father

Although men and women are equal in their relationship, scriptures give us specific roles with each spouse. All the husbands and father have to take the leading role at their house.

They can’t think about to skip this rules. This leadership role should not be dictatorial, condescending, or patronizing of the wife, but should be modelled on Christ leading his church. In this post, we are discussing about the following categories:

• 7 responsibilities of a Christian husband and father
• Duties and responsibilities of a husband and father
• Final verdict

What are the 7 responsibilities of a Christian husband and father

01. Attitude Maintaining:

Nobody is perfect! That is why the husband will undoubtedly see things in his wife that do not correspond to his actual attitude and preferences. The husband should not try to change the wife’s character as long as the displeasing traits do not contradict Islamic principles, or she behaves unruly and does not uphold the rights of the man.

So, every husbands and father need to keep patience. Without patience, nothing is stable. This thing should be remembered for everyone.

02. Control physical habit:

Don’t let the special day be a hurdle that prevents you from showing affection to your wife – if you can restrain yourself sexually – because sexual intercourse is forbidden during the day in On a particular day, but not the exchange of tenderness.

You can get closer to your wife sexually at night, while during the day – while you are fasting – you can only give her affection by kissing and hugging.

03. Give value to your wife:

Don’t neglect to reprimand your wife for un-Christian behaviour, whether at home or outside. Only un-Christian behaviour should annoy you.

The preceding does not mean that you should leave other matters alone until the consequences arise. So, if you find that an issue is being neglected, carefully weigh the possible consequences without being too harsh and rude.

04. Don’t interfere about housekeeping:

Try not to interfere in your wife’s housekeeping that does not fall within your duties and responsibilities, such as food or order, because women like it when the house has a personal “touch” (it is finally their kingdom).

Do not abuse or reprimand your wife in the presence of others, not even in front of your children! This would be an act of behaviour contrary to the law and which arouses anger in people’s hearts.

05. Spread love not punishment:

If you are forced to punish your wife after you warn her, but she didn’t respond, punish her by staying away from her at bedtime. Only avoid them inside the house and do not use bad words, insults, blows, and phoney names. Enter the house: Don’t surprise your family by suddenly coming home.

Instead, you should only enter when she knows about it. Greet your family with the salâm! Inquire about her condition! Don’t forget to remember Allah Almighty and Exalted when you enter the house.

06. Don’t feel compare with others:

Maintaining healthy jealousy and maintaining the purity of your wife are praiseworthy qualities that demonstrate your love for her. The condition, however, is that you don’t do any violence because of your jealousy.

Then this characteristic would become a behaviour that is no longer commendable.

07. Punctuality:

Too much recreation in your family can lead to a lack of fear of disobedience towards you and a lack of respect for you in others. Be punctual in fulfilling the conditions you promised your wife before marriage. When teaching, reprimanding, or simply speaking to your wife, use the mildest, kindest words and expressions you can use.

It is not appropriate for you to hire your wife to look for work outside the home or to ask her to give you some of her property.

Main duties and responsibilities of a husband and father

01. A man should show honour to his wife:

The man should “honour” his wife, which means explicitly to show her the dignity and integrity associated with her office and status. She needs his protection, and he has to give it to her.

Therefore, the man must become aware of the preciousness of his wife, because only then can he appreciate her, like a precious and fragile vase that needs superior protection and sensitivity. Likewise, a man should honour his wife.

02. A man should satisfy a woman’s sexual needs:

Sex life plays an important role in marriage. The image of being “one flesh” used in Genesis 2:24 indicates the sexual realm. It is the same in 1 Cor. 7.3 about the man’s task in the field of sexuality when it says: “The man gives the woman the affection that he owes her “.

Other translations even speak of “conjugal duty” at this point. So it is a man’s duty to fully satisfy his wife’s sexual needs. Just as she does not dispose of her body, he does not dispose of his body either. This uncompromising giving is an important foundation of Christian marriage.

03. He should be a woman’s husband:

What exactly does that mean? This stipulation that every eldest husband should only be to one woman refers to the character traits of loyalty, reliability and commitment, ie the personal integrity of a man. So it’s about a man’s loyalty, his reliability and credibility in dealing with other people, tasks and goods.

Faithfulness begins in dealing with one’s wife and then extends to life in society and in a Christian community. If someone cannot be faithful to his wife, he will not be faithful in the other areas either.

Final verdict

A husband has obligations not only to his wife but also to his children and parents. The Bible says that the man is the head of the woman. What does that mean?

The main one is the one who presides. It means that the man should lead his family like a “chairman” and at the same time be a role model in fulfilling his duty.

He should hold the family together and take care of them, love them and take care of them. I hope you will get a clear conception of the responsibility of a husband and father. So, if you have any ques about this topic, know us via email.

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