Should I Go To Culinary School? Positive And Negative Sides

A culinary school is an institute where people learn how to be a chef. So, most of the focus remains on cooking. Cooking is the master skill taught in these institutes. Other than this, some major lessons that are taught are about cleanliness and hygiene, uses of spice, following a recipe, creation of a new recipe, equipment of a professional kitchen, etc.

Lessons from Culinary school can be very effective for anyone who wants to be a professional chef. And that’s why you should go to a Culinary school.

A detailed discussion about the curriculum in Culinary school is discussed beneath.

Why Should You Go To Culinary School?

The culinary school provides a training opportunity about cooking and all other kitchen stuff. Going to culinary school can develop your skills. You will get a chance to learn from the top culinary professionals. Great mentoring is found in the culinary school curriculum.

Not only these training sessions, but culinary school is also a fun center. As it provides you the opportunity to experiment with new dishes and cooking methods.

You can explore new recipes of your own. Development of experience is seen. There is a facility to practice under professional chefs and gather experience. These are experiences are often very helpful to pave the way toward a high-paying salary.

Thus to build a career in cooking, culinary schools play a great role. It develops your skill, makes you experienced, nurtures your creativity, and makes you a better chef.

To be successful as a chef and end up being the topmost chef, there is no alternative to Culinary school. People who are passionate about cooking and want to embrace cooking professionally should go to culinary school, just after completing high school.

Admission Requirements For Culinary School

As with every other institute, there are some basic requirements and qualifications, you need to be admitted to culinary schools. For example, without a high school diploma, you cannot get admitted to a culinary school. Though, the requirements might be different based on the institutions.

The most common checklist of requirements is as follows:

  • Diploma from high school.
  • Working experience of 1.5 to 2 years in any professional kitchen.
  • IELTS or TOEFL scores.
  • SOP (Statement of Purpose)
  • Resume
  • Testimonial from teachers and mentors.

These are the basic requirements to get admitted to a culinary school. Some of the culinary institutes take admission tests. In that case, an applicant must qualify for that admission test to be admitted.

Should You Go To Culinary School Immediately After High?

You can go to culinary school anytime you want. You just need a school diploma. So, there is no limitation to joining these institutes.

Those who have a mindset to be a chef should join culinary school just after high school. It will save a lot of time and within a few more years, you will get a diploma in culinary arts.

Thus, you can join professional kitchens earlier on and get an early age boost. Also, starting at an early age will let you gather tons of experience in the cooking field.

So, going to culinary school just after high school is a beneficiary decision. But, there is nothing mandatory to do so. Some people join these schools very late. Also, some people already working as chef start their diplomas in culinary schools, to acquire topmost positions as chefs.

Culinary School Pros and Cons

There are some advantages and disadvantages of culinary school. Firstly, the pros are:


  • Improved cooking skills.
  • Introduction to a professional kitchen.
  • Proper and fast usage of kitchen equipment.
  • Finesse cooking.
  • Earning facilities as an intern.
  • Connections with multinational cuisines.
  • Experimental and practical facilities can be enjoyed.

Keeping aside all these advantages, there are some drawbacks to culinary school. These are:


  • Culinary education might be expensive.
  • Only knowledge about professional kitchens is taught.
  • Lessons might not be effective for household kitchens.
  • Particular cuisine is taught based on the course.
  • Not every type of cooking is taught.
  • Courses might be difficult.

Overall, the Pros and Cons are mentioned above. Though there are some disadvantages, still advantages are more according to me.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Culinary School Still Worth It?

Time and financial investment are undoubtedly required for culinary school. Yet it is often fruitful in terms of greater employment possibilities, professional abilities, and connections to the sector. Attending culinary school might help you advance to the next level in the cooking profession.

Can You Go To Culinary School for Fun?

Anyone at any age can go to Culinary school. And the practicals and study materials of culinary art are very fun. But, a certain amount of money is required.


People who are passionate and determined of being a chef should start their culinary schooling just after high school. Professionalism and the necessary skills to be a good chef are taught in culinary schools. Though there is no need for these to be a chef. No professional certificate or degree is necessary for this profession.

But knowledge about cooking, utensils, safety, hygiene, etc is required to be a good chef. Also, most of the high-payment chef jobs are given based on experience and skill. Both can be learned in Culinary school. Thus, the importance of culinary schooling is immense.

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