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Time Management For Remote Workers: 10 Helpful Tips!

For remote workers managing time is more challenging since they may have to face inconsistent routines. That’s why remote workers should apply innovative techniques for proper time management.

Time is the most precious thing these days. So wasting a bit of it by doing unnecessary stuff means nothing but the downfall of life.

Nowadays, people have so much to do. That includes managing the workplace, family, social life, and even some “Me time”. So, managing time wisely is necessary to live a happy and healthy life. And here I’ll explain the most advanced and smart techniques to manage time in daily life.

Why is time management important at home?

At home, figuring out high-priority tasks and accomplishing them accordingly may seem a bit confusing. Because there are no hard and fast rules like corporate jobs, right?

Then, why do you still need to manage time properly at home then? Here’s why.

Improve mental health:

Since, like the offices, there’s mostly no ” Boss” to stretch you out and most works have flexible deadlines, you may have been a victim of procrastination. Which eventually affects your mental health and you’ll feel frustrated. That’s why it’s urgent to manage time for a sound life.

More free time- more energy:

When you divide your time and prioritize your work accordingly, completing them becomes too easy. Then you’ll get more leisure to spend with your loved ones or do something you love.

Improve focus:

The moment you set a specific time for a particular task, you can focus better on that. No thoughts about other pending works will distract you. Just assign another time for those tasks too and organize them all.

Stress-free life:

When everything seems to be under your control, you’ll be able to lead a more stress-free life and enjoy your leisure effectively.

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Why is time management important when managing remote teams?

Managing a remote team means you must keep track of every other member’s progress on a particular task. Since they’re out of sight, it’s more difficult than “In-office” time management. Here’s why you should maintain it.

Provide motivation:

When employees complete a particular task within time, he or she feels motivated. It feels like a reward to accomplish a task and provides enthusiasm to start the next one.

Improve collaboration:

When everyone in the team is updated about the deadlines and the amount of work to do, they can develop better strategies for finishing tasks. By keeping track of the time, planning and executing becomes easier.

Eliminate distraction:

If you manage and assign proper deadlines to remote workers, they can plan according to their flexibility. Which gives them more space to focus and maintain a work-life balance.

10 Time Management Tips for Remote Workers

Proper planning and instant action are the keys to managing time effectively. Here below are some advanced tips for time management especially for remote workers.

  1. At the beginning of the day make a daily task list while drinking a cup of coffee. Make sure you allow enough time for each task to do. Don’t forget to include time for breaks in the routine also.

2. Organize all the tasks according to your priority list. Do the first in the very first place and then keep going one by one.

3. Take a break after every 60-90 minutes of continuous work. These breaks can be called “microbreaks” as they shouldn’t be more than 5-10 minutes.

4. Divide all of your work into 4 categories named “Urgent, Not Urgent, Important, and Not important”. First, get done with those works which are both urgent and important.

5. Those which are neither urgent nor important, ignore them completely.

6. Works that are not urgent but seem important, should be scheduled for weekends or leisure time.

7. Urgent but not important work should be handled by transferring it to someone else. This will save you a lot of your time.

8. Set a timer in front of you when starting a task and keep track of time. Take rest frequently of course without hampering work.

9. Works that will need time to process like running a huge code or simulation or any software updates should be automated. Keep them running while taking coffee or launching.

10. Keep notes when any thoughts or ideas about another task flash in your mind. Don’t jump over it right now. Rather, note it for another time.

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Time management is a must to do things for a remote worker. Since most houses do not offer office-like environments, it’s challenging to keep track of time.

That’s why proper planning about each task and assigning time for them is mandatory. Organizing work according to priority can help to make better schedules. However, taking a proper break is something that should never be ignored.

So, for a healthy work-life balance, making the best out of the time, there’s no option than managing time in a smart way.

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