Top 11 Reasons: Why Is Computer Science So Hard?

With our fast-growing technology, the demand for computer science has dramatically increased over the past years. But unfortunately, many students find studying computer science quite hard.

Now, the question is, why is computer science so hard? Well, in this article, I will briefly discuss this question.

11 Reasons Computer Science is So Hard

Below I have mentioned a few important factors that make computer science so hard.

1. Doing a Huge Amount Of Math

The involvement of huge amounts of math in computer science is one of the vital factors that make it so hard. Students are required to do the math regarding algebra, calculus, statistics, and discrete mathematics. Many students hate doing math as they find it much more difficult to do.

2. Correction Of Mistakes

The obstinacy of errors makes computer science quite difficult. Detecting and removing small errors from a specific task can create a great hassle for students. Generally, students find correcting mistakes very annoying and disturbing.

3. Requires A Lot Of Patience

Gaining knowledge about coding, computer programming and everything related to computer science requires a lot of patience. In addition, learners need to keep their mind calm while solving difficult problems.

From my personal experience, I have seen many of my friends suffering due to a lack of their patience while solving problems. Usually, students who lack patience find computer science quite hard.

4. Investing A Lot Of Time

For studying computer science, students need to invest a lot of time in learning, solving errors, and so on. In general, students love to travel, and play games and need enough leisure time. But as computer science requires investing a great amount of time, they find it quite tiring and become impatient very easily.

5. Requires Extreme Attention

While studying computer science students need to pay utmost attention to everything they do or learn. If they do not stay attentive for a single minute, they might become confused about an entire topic. The minds of young people get diverted very easily, so it is actually very difficult to pay the utmost attention to every detail.

6. Requires Sufficient Practice

Students need to practice a lot to succeed in a computer science degree. If they get out of practice, they are most likely to forget about any particular concept. Nowadays, students do not want to spend their extra time practicing, as a result, they forget and struggle with computer science.

7. Learning Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, which is commonly known as AI, is one of the toughest parts of computer science. This topic teaches students about programming intelligent computers. Students find this topic very hard as it requires large-scale programming in order to solve perplexing problems.

8. Studying Theory Of Computation

In this topic, students learn how to solve problems using algorithms and also learn to examine how effectively this particular algorithm will solve problems. Majorities of the students tend to find this topic quite difficult to learn.

9. Studying Microprocessors

In computer science, one of the large topics refers to microprocessors. All the tasks of the central processing unit are controlled by the microprocessor. It also performs all the functions regarding math and logic. Many students face difficulties in understanding how all of these work.

10. Learning Computer Programming

Programming is one of the vital parts of computer science. Computer programming is mainly about learning particular languages. Some commonly used programming languages are JavaScript, Perl, Postscript, and Python.

We all know how hard it is to learn new languages, so from that, we can understand how hard it might get for students to learn computer programming.

11. Studying Advanced Database Systems

Advanced database systems are considered to be a hard topic in computer science. Though basic databases are said to be easier, advanced database systems are quite complicated. Many students struggle while studying this topic.

What is the Hardest Part of Computer Science?

I personally think the hardest part of computer science is the constant mandatory learning. It includes learning algorithms, programming, math, and many more.

Now, a question arises about which topic is the hardest. Well, the answer is quite simple. It depends from person to person. Many students find programming the hardest, whereas many others find doing discrete math the hardest. But whatever it is, students are required to learn all the mandatory topics in order to complete the degree.

Therefore, it is not possible to choose one specific topic as the hardest part of computer science. Rather, constant mandatory learning can be considered to be the hardest part of computer science.

Which Topic is Tough to Learn in Computer Science?

Almost every topic in computer science is said to be very tough. However, Artificial Intelligence tops the list for most students. This topic is quite difficult to learn as in this topic they learn extensive programming and solving problems. Generally, students complain the most about Artificial Intelligence as being tough to learn.

Why is computer science so popular?

Computer science is considered to be one of the most popular subjects in the world. With our fast-growing technology, almost every work is done using computers. Thus, the demand for computer science students has risen greatly.

These days, a great number of students like to study computer science as this subject offers outstanding job certainty, a higher salary, and various job prospects. It also has many other benefits, like working from anywhere in the world. It also develops their skills in many fields.

All these opportunities help students to build their careers. And it is the most vital reason that makes computer science so popular.

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Is computer science hard for someone with no experience?

Answer: Yes, computer science is hard for someone with no experience. This is because it has many diverse topics along with complicated ones.

What makes a computer science major so hard?

Answer: The grounded concepts regarding computer hardware, software, and theory to learn to make it so hard. Also, the presence of math makes it much more difficult.


It is crystal clear that computer science is very hard to learn. It is hard as it includes difficult subjects to learn, consumes a lot of time, and so on.

But if a student is determined, motivated, and spends enough time studying, then they can successfully complete learning computer science. Although computer science is quite difficult, the efforts will undeniably bring fruitful outcomes.

Since computer science is very tough, I will suggest if a student is passionate about studying computer science and really enjoys programming, only then it will be the right decision to study computer science.

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