Cycling vs walking which is better for weight loss

Hello to my fitness freak friends! As you always maintain the quote’ Health is wealth,’ we try our best to give you tips and tricks to develop physical health. So, which method you should stick to while exercising is a dilemma.

Cycling vs walking is a common question for the beginner. Here we come to save you and give a proper direction without the arrival of a second question.

To be honest with my readers, I am not strictly suggesting something, but trust me, and you are conforming to having the best information for your upcoming weight loss journey.

Let’s buckle up and start without further delay.

Walking vs cycling for weight loss

In your weight loss process, cycling is going to be more helpful and efficient. Cycling is an exercise that improves the blood circulation within a few minutes and makes you sweat like you are ice that is melting at room temperature.

And walking is unable to burn body calories as much as cycling. Why? Think rationally. Our blood does not rush at once while walking. Walking might cut off 300 calories if you walk an hour, whereas cycling burns 600 calories. Such a huge gap! Isn’t it?

Cycling vs walking
Walking vs cycling for weight loss

In the walking vs cycling calorie loss game, cycling always wins the race with its paddles.

But it is different when you run. Of course, running will take a toll from your body to burn the fats and keep you in good shape.

Let’s see how active walking or cycling is for different people.

Walking vs cycling for Diabetes Patients

In this case, cycling helps diabetes patients more than walking. How? Let me tell you in detail.

Cycling is pressurizing the paddles and making your blood circulation throughout the body. And the patients with diabetes have less efficient blood circulation than a healthy person. To mitigate the effects of diabetes in your body, cycling is highly instrumental.

Walking vs cycling for Diabetes Patients
Walking vs cycling for Diabetes Patients

But there is a condition. As a diabetic patient, you cannot ride the cycle at the fastest phase. It might cause a breathing problem. So, at a medium pace, the patients have to keep going.

Since we are here to compare the effect of walking vs. cycling, let’s see the impact of walking now. So, walking produces less heat in the body and does not make your body warm as soon as possible.

Also, people have different types of walking paces. You might get slower once in a while, walking. As a result, the result of weight loss or the effect of diabetes will not change dramatically.


Okay! I might have burned the heart of walkers into ashes, and you might think I am biased towards cycling. NOT AT ALL!

Waling is mediating and better for mental health in many aspects. If you want to exercise regularly and keep the consistency, walking is better than any other options. How?

While cycling, people fall from the cycle, and different accidents occur. Though 95% of the accidents are not fatal, it hinders the consistency. Do you agree or not?

You might have to stay at home or take a break from exercise for one month or so. But walking does not have such issues.

Yes, I know you will talk about muscle cramps. Well, it does not happen much with the walkers. Muscle cramps are often related to the players and runners.

All in all, you do not have to stop walking until you are not feeling so.

Building muscles

Do not jump to any conclusion yet. Hold on for a second! Building muscles is a tough job, and walking might not help you much to develop the muscles.

May we take a second to think about human physiology? No, I won’t dig deep.

To build muscles, our fibers have to break down in the first place. And then, you have to give the tissues some time to make the muscles.

During the walking sessions, the muscles do not break down in an enormous ratio. On the contrary, cycling is efficient as it tears the muscle when you are paddling and pushing downwards. The waist, hands, and legs are working to break down the muscles as much as you speed up. So, it helps to build the muscles in a broader aspect.


It is unnecessary to mention that walking requires nothing but a good pair of shoes and comfy clothes. People mostly have these things at their place. And if you are a fashionista, then you might need some jogging clothes. They might cost you 50USD, and a pair of shoes will be set at 100USD.

But guys! If you are up to cycling, then the first requirement is the cycle. To look fresh and smarty, you need to have different clothes from stores, wristwatches, and shoes. For the cycle, you have to take care of the tires and keep them healthy.

How much do these cost? I am leaving it here, you decide.

So if you are out of pocket, then you can go for a walk. But if it is about losing weight, then walking might not be efficient.

Reduction of belly fat

Pro tip: Never expect that the belly or stomach fat will disappear within a week. You have to be consistent. Among thousands of options, you might choose two or three types of exercise, but you are not regular. As a result, you will not lose weight.

You can choose either cycling or running. Both of them are the most effective ways to keep your muscles active and burn hardened fats. After losing the body’s extra weight, shift your exercise style to tone legs, belly, or other parts.

Accept that you have a human body that needs time to change naturally. So do not rush or hurt yourself throughout the exercise period.

Which is better cycling or walking

Cycling is better than walking for weight loss, but everything has a better version. Here, walking is better than cycling.

Cycling might give you a break, or you can stop whenever you want to. And cycling is more gentle in breaking muscles than running.

To make it clear to you, I am explaining the ins and outs of cycling and running. When you run, the whole body muscles are active and ready to burn the entire body’s fats. If you are running five days a week, you will see a fantastic change in your shape and weight.

On the other hand, cycling does not burn as much as calorie running can burn. So it will be wise to choose running over cycling.


Walking or cycling, which is better for weight loss- of course, cycling. Both are enjoyable. You have the choices and explore the city with cycling or walking. Either way, you are keeping yourself fit, and this is important.

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