What are the Disadvantages of Eating Chicken Everyday?

For non-vegetarians, chicken is one of the most favorite proteins and they love to prepare several items using different spices and creams. Young kids always prefer chicken instead of green veggies and fruits.

Although this protein is a favorite to almost everyone, there can be some consequences or disadvantages of eating chicken on a daily basis. But that doesn’t mean chicken is not a healthy meal. It consists of many vitamins and minerals and very nutritious food that stimulates our metabolic activities.

But keeping chicken items in everyday lunch or dinner menu instead of other protein like fish cannot be the right option for a healthy balanced diet. Here we will do a deep dive over the disadvantages of eating chicken meat too much. So, let’s get started.

Eating too much chicken side effects

High cholesterol

The skin of chicken contributes to increasing the cholesterol level of our body gradually. If you are having chicken along with its skin regularly it might lead to high cholesterol in your body. Therefore, it is always advisable not to take too much chicken with its skin.

Having salmon and other fishes are healthier than chicken as they contain low-fat calories. So, it’s better to eat fish more than chicken and beef. Besides, if you are taking deep fry chicken with crispy skin, you might enjoy it as it is super delicious but it is harmful for your health as well.

Besides, the cooking process is another cause of high cholesterol and fat in our body. Deep frying or pan fried with animal fat or oil helps to increase extra fat in our body which may lead to obesity consequently.

Risk of cancer

From several studies, it is found that eating high protein food more than vegetables and fruits increases the risk of cancer. Thus, it’s essential to avoid chicken and make room for salad and vegetables in your diet.

The disadvantage of eating broiler chicken is that cooking them at high temperatures, the level of carcinogens is increased which results in producing cancel cells in our body. And most importantly it mainly has a bad impact on some certain parts of our body like the colon, rectum, and breast. Hence, eating too much chicken fry and grill can be the worst thing you could do to you and your family.

Tendency of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacterial Infection

In recent times the mass spread of antibiotics in the broiler chicken assists in several bacterial infections which might be very harmful for the human body. Excessive eating of broiler chicken can have a negative impact on human gut flora.

Furthermore, broiler, kosher and organic chickens are mostly contaminated with another bacteria named coil. Having too much chicken every day might lead to various urinary and respiratory illnesses. So, be aware of how much chicken you are eating on a regular basis.

Risk of arsenic exposure

To increase the growth of chicken, arsenic is added to the food of chicken in almost all poultry farms. From various experiments it is found that more than 50% of raw chicken is contaminated with arsenic and other harmful bacteria. However, it is claimed that the percentage of arsenic is very low. Also, the organic chicken comes with a lower tendency of arsenic contamination.

As a result, there is no need to worry much about the fact. But it’s always recommendable to lower the eating of chicken in our day to day life.

Risk of heart disease

Eating excessive amounts of protein food like meat, egg, milk etc. increases the risk of heart diseases to our body. As we all know, the increment of cholesterol leads to several coronary diseases. Thus, it is wiser to keep our cholesterol level under control by preparing a healthy diet.

To prepare a perfect balanced and nutritious diet keep more green veggies and low-calorie food in the list. Fruits and vegetables like carrot, avocado, cucumber, spinach etc.

should be in your daily diet chart. Besides, keep dairy products, potato, pulse, fish, beans, rice, bread and other essential protein and carbohydrate food on your diet list.

Drink plenty of water and fresh juices more and more to keep yourself hydrated. Balance your diet chart by adding more veggies and less red meat.

Food poisoning

Another disadvantage of eating broiler chicken at a high rate is that it might lead to severe food poisoning and diarrhea. In poultry farms chicken food and water consists of different kinds of bacteria and germs. As a result, they go to the chicken’s gut and the meat becomes contaminated with these bacteria and germs.

If we take this meat on a regular basis it might lead to food poisoning and stomach disorder. In addition, chicken meat carries a risk of food borne illness. Both undercooked and overcooked meat can make you ill.

Even you must wash the raw chicken properly and carefully to remove chemicals and germs.

How to cook chicken

From the above discussion, you have already learned some side effects of eating chicken every day. But that doesn’t mean eating chicken can be too harmful for your health. By the correct cooking, you can lower the side effects of this protein. Yes, you got it right.

Cooking the chicken to at least 165° F kills all the bacteria and germs present in it. Also, avoid grilled and pan-fried chicken as it is extremely unhealthy for your health.

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Chicken is the best comfort and delicious food that contains essential selenium and disease-fighting compounds. But it is not mandatory to keep chicken in our daily meal.

Take several precautions before taking a chicken and other meat. Don’t mix raw meat with fruits and vegetables. Always keep an extra chopping board for fish and meat.

Balance your protein food menu with more fish and less meat and that’s the right way to keep yourself and well and disease-free.

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