Elliptical machine workouts for beginners

If you are trying to be fit and searching for some low-impact workout instead of treadmill exercises then an elliptical exercise can be the best and perfect choice for you. This workout not only makes you fit but also helps to lose weight, strengthen your muscles and tissues, and reduce pain, boost stamina, and many more.

This elliptical workout for weight loss is especially designed for old age people and those who do not exercise frequently.

Furthermore, the elliptical workouts can be an outstanding choice for anyone whose body is not in the perfect shape and are not interested in hard and heavy workouts. Here we will discuss some super friendly elliptical machine workouts for beginners. Try them out and you will love to see the excellent result of your workout.

Benefits of elliptical workouts

This elliptical workout has many multiple benefits along with weight loss, body fitness, strong bones and tissues. This easy and friendly workout is an excellent option if you want to avoid running on the treadmill.

Moreover, this aerobic exercise offers you a high-quality cardiovascular training. Outstanding! Right? This elliptical machine gives some excellent features for weight and elliptical workouts for beginners.

This low impact workout helps to burn calories and allows you to do an overall body workout. Besides, it is very convenient to use and you can store it easily in your home and gym as it occupies a little space.

Considering all the facts there is no reason why you shouldn’t make these elliptical workouts as a part of your daily exercise.

Elliptical workouts for beginners

Before starting an elliptical workout you need to know the using process of the machine. Basically most of the machine comes with one push-button consisting of the speed, resistance etc.

So, when you are comfortable with all the settings and instructions, start different kinds of beginner workouts on the elliptical machines.

Body workout

If you are targeting your upper body exercise then use the handlebars combining a full range of motion so that your arms are fully extended. If you want you can manage the resistance to maintain your pace with the handlebars.

Continue in both forward and reverse direction and will feel a difference in your upper and lower body which allows you to have a full body workout. If the machine consists of any incline feature, use it for changing the intensity of arms and legs. To enhance your exercise try to speed up your pace to engage your upper body.

HIIT workout

To burn calorie and belly fat this is the most effective workout compared to other exercises. Firstly warm up your body for three to five minutes and then start with an easy pace. Then slowly increase your speed for thirty to forty seconds until you can’t take anymore.

Continue for thirty seconds more and return to your easy going speed. Try this back and forth for twenty to thirty minutes by modifying the intervals and intensities.

Butt & core workout

Starting from an easy pace gradually increases your incline speed of the machine and try to exercise at different inclination levels. Some elliptical machines have extra features where you can see which muscle you are working on depending on the incline level. Leave the handles to work on your core and make your balance on the machine.

Besides, there are some weekly exercise bike and elliptical workouts for beginners with high blood pressure. This type of workout helps to boost your cardio capacity and also doesn’t give much pressure on your joints.

Continue the workouts and challenge yourself to move from the beginner level to the intermediate level.

Routine for elliptical workouts for beginners

You should make a particular routine for your workout if you are a beginner. A stable and well-maintained routine helps to give the result more quickly and efficiently.

Secondly, follow each segment and instruction in your workout session. Always monitor your intensity level. Make sure you drink enough water before and after your workout session.

In the first week choose two days and in the first-day exercise for 10-15 minutes and in the second day make it 20 minutes. In the second week add another day and each day exercise for 20-25 minutes. In the third week exercise for at least 30 minutes.

This routine is basically designed for the weight and elliptical workouts for beginners or those who don’t want to take intense physical activity initially.


Everyone should take some proper steps before starting any kind of exercise or workout session. Everyone’s health, body fitness, and situation is different. Even one can have any injury, illness, and heart problems and so on.

Therefore, one should consult with a doctor before starting any exercise. Sometimes, heavy workout all of a sudden may affect your health badly.

So, you need to start with short and easy exercise and then gradually increase your speed and intensity based on your comfort zone.

Next, maintain the following tips and tricks that will help you remain safe and injury-free.

Ø Don’t delay taking medical advice if you are not feeling right.
Ø Warm up your body for at least five minutes before starting the exercise.
Ø Never rush or over train yourself
Ø Stay hydrated before and after your workout session
Ø Always follow the instruction and do it right
Ø Fix your shoe and machines properly


Hopefully, you got a lot of beneficial information regarding elliptical workouts for beginners. The only exercise through machines will not give a fit body. You have to be very active every day, not sitting and doing nothing. Besides, healthy eating and good sleep is very necessary to get the best result.

You can also consult with a trainer to get the best workout routine for you. Try to enjoy your workout and thus it will help to reduce your tiredness and pain.

Set a goal, climb on your elliptical machine and enjoy your workout session.

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