How can I impress my girlfriend?

According to a news article from The Star Online, men and women are looking for the same things that they used to find 30 years ago. The publishing date is 24 June 2020.

If your elder brother or brother-in-law wants to give you advice about how you can impress your girlfriend, take their information without arising doubts in mind. Cool, right?

Well, it might not be as fresh as we think for some introvert guys. Do not worry, mate. We are here for you to help.

Guys used to think buying chocolates to their girlfriends is enough to impress them and gain their trust. Hell, No! It is a sweet gesture but not the staple one. To be honest with my audience, there are no staple things in the world to impress a person. You have to keep going on to remind her that ‘I am here for you.’

Let’s see some of the ways to impress your girlfriend.

How to impress your girl by texting?

You might be surprised seeing the heading already. Trust me. This works like an old and robust magic spell that never fails. Even if your girlfriend is stuffed with work and busy, your small text with a cranky joke will make her smile.

Knock her to know what she is up to, ask her, ‘how is your day?’ and see the result. Texting her will express how much caring you are.

Spice up with some romantic jokes, as well. See, the jokes are not a big deal or what you will write will not have to be arranged or aesthetic. But this text will mean the world to her, sometimes.

How to impress my girlfriend when she is angry

Man, you have to keep patience first. Why? Girls love nagging and the more you will be focusing on her, the more she will nag.

When she is angry, keep patience as she will not let you know the reason. Now, you might wonder why. I cannot describe this as this character has nothing to do with biology, physics, or chemistry.

Then, ask her the reason several times. If this does not work, you should give her some time to relax, and then she might open up.

The next day you see her, take some flowers and tell her how much you care. She will be impressed with you.

How to impress my girl on the phone

Over the phone, you might call her and sing a song. Music spices up things and if you are a bad singer, then go for YouTube. Ask her what sort of music she likes and so on.

While talking over the phone, pay your whole attention to your girl. Many of the guys do not provide enough attention and love when they talk over the phone. A few months later, the relationship bores the couple.

It is not tough to be a lover but it might take a toll on you to maintain certain things. Girls love to gossip about their friends with their boyfriends. As a boy, you might feel tough to go through all her gossip. Here is the alarming point!

As I said, you have to pay attention and become her best friend. Learn to compromise a little. If you can chill out with her over phone calls, she will definitely be impressed with you.

However, there are some other things that you might love to try.

Give her a surprise

Who does not love surprises? Get her some flowers, chocolates, or favorite KFC, then surprise her with all these cute, beautiful things. These small attempts will drive her mind towards you more.

She will think about you more and it will be fantastic for both of you. Also, you will get to know her choices like, what sorts of dresses she likes, and her choices regarding food and restaurants. Above all, she will be more friendly to you.


It adds great value to the relationship. When a person gets little recognition from his or her partner, she tries to do better the next day. Guys, it works like you have added a spark to her life.

So, whenever she tries to do something for you, please appreciate her baby steps. Sometimes, she might be depressed for office work and not know how to get rid of it. You can play a vital role in her life if you show the positivity in her. Try to be kind and modest.

Apply appreciation everywhere in your relationship. How much her contribution is in this relationship, tell her in detail and thank you for such sweet steps.

Impress girlfriend
Ways to impress girlfriend

Respect her family

Another important thing you can do to impress her is to show respect to her family. Praise her parents and listen carefully to the norms, morals they have. Do not be a critic.

Listen to their stories and, of course, try to get involved with them. This will impress her the most. A decent attitude towards her family will lead to this relationship somewhere better.

Cook for her

Do you want to Impress girlfriend, then cook for her? Maybe it’ll be the best way for impressing your girlfriend. Cooking is women’s duty, NO man! You can cook a simple dish for her, like a sandwich. You will not have to be a chef to prepare a simple meal for her.

On top of that, try to get some knowledge from YouTube. This will create a caring image of you to her. What is the benefit?

You know, women love to get a lot of pampers. The more you spoil her, the more she will be impressed.

Prioritize her

When you are making a decision, discuss it with her. It will help you to earn her trust and she will feel more attached to you.

Show chivalry

Get her a reminder that chivalry is not dead yet. Say sorry if you are wrong somewhere, pull the chair when she is about to sit, open the door for her while going out. These tiny habits will show how much respect you are rearing in your heart for her.

These are old-fashioned activities but remember one thing. Old is Gold.

Last but not least, no relationship is perfect. But you have to keep trying and add spices to the relationship.

Most of the couples get bored with their partner. They think ‘we are in a relationship and I am done with impressing her’. Honestly, are you?

Girls have different vulnerable stages in life. Try to stick with her and show the kindness and patience you have. If you want to be the man of her life, then you must take care of her happiness, mustn’t it?

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