How Long Does It Take To Become A CEO: Is It Possible At A Very Young Age?

To become the highest-ranking executive like a CEO, you have to work hard for 20-24 years according to many researchers. In many companies, the CEOs have a bachelor’s degree and five years of management experience.

So, you can fasten your path towards becoming a CEO by building up some skills. You can build strong communication skills in your workplace and also can be strategic which can sharpen your management skills. 

Though many researchers say that  20-24 years of work can make you a CEO, if you are passionate enough you can be a CEO earlier. 

How long it may take to become a CEO?

A 10-year study of over 17,000 C-suite executives as a part of the CEO Genome Project demonstrates that it takes 24 years to become a CEO. They were also surprised to see that those who became CEO fastest did not have MBAs from prestigious schools.

But MBAs can help you fasten your journey to being a CEO. You have to take some risks and try some new things. You have to take on more responsibilities to be a CEO. 

What is the best age to become a CEO?

According to many researchers, the best age to become a CEO is around 45-47. These ages have a perfect balance of experience and energy to be a CEO. 

Nowadays, young people with experience and dedication can easily be selected as a CEO. With this trend, the board members’ ages are falling and they also want to appoint a CEO around their age.

A young CEO has more energy and physical and mental strength to take pressure as this role demands. These ages are not so young and also not so old.

A very young candidate has a lack of experience and skills. 45-47 people can balance those lackings.

What qualifies you as a CEO?

To be a CEO, the highest ranking executive of a company, you have to require some qualifications. A CEO has many responsibilities and makes the biggest decisions for the company. To be that CEO,

  • First, you have to obtain a bachelor’s degree, then you have to gain some experience.
  • If you can obtain a Master’s degree that can shorten your path toward CEO.
  • Other than these degrees, you must have some other skills. You must have strong management and communication skills.
  • You must also have the ability to analyze problems and solve them. These qualities can make you a CEO. 

Who is the youngest CEO in the world?

Suhas Gopinath is the youngest CEO in the world. He is an Indian entrepreneur, founder, CEO, and chairman of Globals Inc. When he was 17 years old, he took the position of CEO.

His software company Globals started in California’s Silicon Valley and then spread over 14 countries. At first, he had to struggle to make people invest in his business as he was a teenager. But he overcame those days and became the world’s youngest CEO when he was 17.

Is CEO a difficult job?

Yes, CEO is a difficult job. A CEO has to make many difficult decisions for the company which can be stressful. You have to take heavy risks and if anything goes wrong, you have to take all the blame.

As a CEO, you are given power and you also take on some responsibilities. You must have good communication skills with your employees so that whenever you make any decision, you can convince them easily.

You have to go through constant challenging and stressful situations. Being a CEO is a difficult and stressful job.

What age do CEOs retire?

On average, most CEOs retire at the age of 62. They do not have any mandatory retirement age. They normally do not want to retire but they are to do that. 

Many CEOs face the loss of responsibilities and power. In many interviews, the retired CEOs reported their satisfaction as a CEO. They feel proud of their accomplishments. After retirement, they feel more valued.

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How old is the average CEO?

According to many researchers, the average CEO is around 52-59 years old. The age of CEOs is getting older and they also stay longer according to new research. 

Who is the longest-running CEO?

Warren Buffett is the longest-running CEO. He is known as the ‘Oracle of Ohama’ who works for Berkshire Hathaway Inc. He is the longest-serving CEO for 51 years. 

Who is the oldest CEO alive?

Warren Buffett is the oldest CEO. He was born on August 30, 1930. He is the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. He is a successful investor and he has an interest in investments. 

Is it fun to be a CEO?

No, it is not always fun to be a CEO. Being a CEO is a hard-working job where you have to take big risks. You have all the responsibilities to grow the company and that can make you stressed sometimes. 


Being a CEO is a very difficult job and it places you in the highest position, so it takes some time and dedication to reach that place. You can start with your academic accomplishment and grow your management skills.

There is no one way to become a CEO. If you have some basic qualities and you can develop yourself more, then you can be a CEO no matter how long it takes.

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