How To Be A Dog Walker With No Experience? A Detail Explanation!

A dog walker spends his time with dogs and takes them for long walks. You can be a dog walker if you love dogs and know how to handle them. With no experience, it may be hard to find clients. But if you can read dogs’ behavior and understand them, you will get clients.

There are many options where you can gain some skills which can help you know more about your job. If dog owners see your dedication and reliability, they can be impressed with you even if you don’t have any experience. 

Do you need experience to be a dog walker?

Generally, you do not need any experience to be a dog walker. All you need is your knowledge about dogs and how you handle them. You should know their behavior and their needs.

However, if you study about pets and gain some qualifications, it will increase your knowledge and skill. The clients will employ you easily when they see your qualifications.

Joining a professional organization can be helpful for you to start your career as a dog walker. You can also join as a volunteer in your local pet shop or rescue pet team.

This way you can gain some experience about your work before you start your dog walker business. However, if you love dogs and you can easily bond with them, this job is going to be easy for you.

How to be a dog walker with no experience?

To be a dog walker with no experience, you have to love dogs and also have some basic knowledge about their behavior. It is very tough to find a dog walker job without any experience.

No owner wants to give their dogs to a stranger who has no experience as a dog walker. However, if you are easy to get along with dogs and show some skills you can be hired. 

When clients can see how reliable and dedicated you are towards your job, they can trust you with their dogs. You also take care of your health and fitness as it will help you in this job.

You should have some strength to hold the leashes of some giant dogs when they try to get out of control. 

What skills do you need to be a dog walker?

If you want to be a dog walker, you need some skills to be successful in this field. There are some basic skills you have to acquire. 6 skills for dog walker are given below-

1. Excellent Communication skills 

Your first impression is very important to dog owners. If you have excellent communication skills, you can easily be hired by owners. Establishing a healthy relationship with pet owners is the first requirement you need to be a dog walker.

2. Share Updates with Dog Owners 

You have to follow a basic routine and share updates about the dog with the owners. Taking photos and videos of the dog and regularly sharing these to the owner can build trust in owners.

3. Basic Knowledge about Dog Handling Techniques

Handling any type of dog requires some basic knowledge and genuine love for dogs. You also need proper knowledge about the dog’s needs and an understanding of its characteristics.

4. Physical Fitness 

Physical fitness is really important when you have to walk at least 3-4 miles a day. The weather also changes so you have to deal with it.

5. Handling Stressful Situation Abilities 

You can fall into some stressful situations where you need some abilities to handle those situations. At times, a dog can show some unusual behavior, you have to remain calm and carefully handle it.

6. Recognising Health Issues 

Gaining knowledge about basic health issues can help you to look after the dogs when they interact with a medical emergency. You can easily find out the problem if you have the knowledge.

What are some risks of a dog walking business?

Dog walking business is very popular nowadays. But there are some risks, make sure you know before you start your own dog-walking business. 

As a dog walker, you have to deal with changing weather. Walking with dogs in cold mornings or in scorching heat can be risky for you. 

Dogs can trip you or a passer-by while chasing a bird. This can lead to a lawsuit. You have to take dog walking liability insurance to protect you from lawsuits. 

There are some clients who are difficult to deal with, you need to manage your clients. If you can not fix the situation, you might end your service with them. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many dogs are you allowed to walk?

You are allowed to walk no more than six dogs at one time in the majority of parks and open places. If you want to walk more than six dogs, you have to apply for a multiple-dog walking license in some certain places.  


If you want to succeed as a dog walker, you should convince dog owners that you can take care of their dogs. You can start as a dog walker with no experience but you have to gain knowledge about your work.

Find out how to make the dogs obey you so that your job can be easily done. Learn some skills and gain some experience by working in some pet shelters. It will broaden your professionalism and qualifications.

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