How To Get A Job Without Internship Experience: Some Killer Tips

Internships have become a very popular program participated by job seekers to get more priority than others who haven’t completed this program.

Though an internship program offers experience, there are a lot of ways to get a job without internship experience.

This article will let you know how to get a job without an internship. Let’s have a look!

Can You Get a Job Without Internship Experience?

If you ask “can I get a job without an internship?” The answer is “yes”. But in this case, you need more skills than other candidates to get the job.

If you have skills and can show that skills to the employer, then your employer will be motivated to hire you as an employee. Mainly, you have to show your performance to get the job.

Is it hard to get a job without an internship?

Yes. Though you have the possibility to get a job without internship experience,  surely it is harder to get a job without internship experience.

Nowadays, an employer would like to hire those employees who have experience in the work. As internship experience is a professional experience, it helps to get a job easily.

How to land a job without any internship experience?

Landing a job without any internship experience is hard but possible. But for this, you should follow several tips. Important of them are given below. 

  • Networking 

Networking is a very important skill for the job market. A person who has better networking can easily enter a job. Sometimes they don’t face job examinations and viva like others! 

  • Maintain Communication 

Maintaining communication with others is a very effective skill. Sometimes, these people can give you job information and also can help by advocacy. If you can maintain communication with some managers, you can be directly recruited by them in their company.

  • Learn specific skills 

Skills are very necessary to get the job. If you have several specific skills, you have a lot of chances to get a job because the job is becoming skill-based. If you can learn Microsoft Office Application, you have the opportunity to work as a data entry operator or as a computer operator in an office. 

  • Be an expert in a skill

Experts don’t search for jobs because employers always search for experts. For this reason, if you can be an expert, surely you will get a high-class job without any suffering. 

If you are an expert in ms Excel, many companies will offer the job to you with a large salary and other facilities.

  • Virtual work experience 

As experience has already become necessary for the job, you should gather some experience. As virtual work is easy to manage, you can do it besides your education.

Can you get a full-time job without an internship?

Yes, it is not impossible to get a job without internship experience. But it is much harder than with an internship experience.

However, it basically depends on the basis of the type of job. Some jobs need experience and some jobs need skills. So, in skill-based jobs, you will face difficulties. 

What do you do if you don’t have internship experience?

The earth is big enough with a lot of work and jobs but the top five things are given below for you.

  • Build your own business 

To start your own business, you need no internship experience. But in this case, you need a huge amount of practical experience to start and run your own business.

If you can operate your business properly, you will be able to give jobs to a lot of unemployed people. Moreover, one day you can be the richest person in the world. 

  • Local Business 

Local business is a very good idea for you if you don’t have sufficient money and time to build a strong business for a long time. It needs a little investment but provides a lot of profit.

In local business, you can sell a product to a customer and then you can pay the price to the producer. It will give you sales experience and you can stop this work at any time.

  • Part-time job

There are a lot of part-time jobs which need no experience. Besides, you can add the experience of part-time jobs in your resume which will help you to get a better job.

Managing a part-time job without internship experience is not so hard. As it gives experience and money, you should do a part-time job for a better career. 

  • Freelancing 

As freelancing is a skill-based job, you don’t need internship experience to be a freelancer. Besides, by freelancing you can earn a huge amount of money. 

In freelancing, you have to submit the work at the right time. You can work in your leisure and other free time because outsourcers will recognize your work, not your experience or working time.

  • Affiliate business 

Affiliate business is a very popular work for both new and experienced workers. In this system, sellers receive a standard percentage of the product price. 

It can be suitable for you because this business needs no money to start and run. An amazing matter is that it automatically will generate profit for you.

  • Volunteering 

Base and basis of humanity are volunteering. By volunteering, you can serve your country and also can receive certificates and experience. 

You should make good relations with other volunteers, leaders, and social workers in volunteering time. Sometimes they can refer you to a society-related job.

  • Seasonal job 

Seasonal jobs keep available for one to three months a year. These jobs need no internship and sometimes offer more money than traditional jobs.

To get a seasonal job easily, you have to have the skill of that job. Then in every season, the employer will knock you to do the job! Like other seasonal job experts, you can train the general people to get the job.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it OK if I don’t have an internship?

Yes, if you don’t have an internship, it’s wont to hamper your chances of finding a job because an internship can’t improve your quality on a larger scale.

Do all bachelor’s degrees require an internship?

Though some bachelor’s degrees require an internship, the majority of bachelor’s degree doesn’t need an internship.

Is an internship important for a job?

Undoubtedly an internship can be significant for your career. If you have an internship, it will help you in the job serial on the basis of experience.

Do I really need an internship?

It is not mandatory to have an internship but sometimes it can help you to get a job because internships offer you work experience.

Will it be easy to get a job without an internship?

No, undoubtedly not. You can get a job without an internship but surely it will be more difficult to find compared to with an internship.


As the job market is becoming harder day by day, you should learn more skills and need to gather experience as much as you can.

In this article, you already have learned a lot of ways to get a job without internship experience. If these jobs are suitable for you, you shouldn’t complete an internship program because it will lose your time.

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