How to be a good student – A detailed guideline

What comes in your mind first when you hear the word ‘good student’? A student holding a book studying hard and soul with no idea what’s going on around? Yes, that’s because we believe in a wrong concept that, a good student study nonstop.

Study proves Habits of successful students include a lot more than just studying. Sounds interesting? So, here we are revealing the secret Quality of a good student.

If you are looking for some real-life advice on How to be a good student, congratulations! You are in the right place. Just go on reading and start your journey as a good student from right today.

Let’s dive right in.

10 qualities of a good student

01. Punctuality

The world could have some more legends if they could just get rid of the habit of being late. Practice punctuality from your student life. Only a punctual student can end up with the utmost achievements.

Arriving in your school, college or university earlier could be a very good point to be noticed by your teachers. Also, you will never have to miss an important part of any class if you are punctual.

Growing the habit of punctuality will not just make you a good student but also help you reach your decided goal in the future.

02. Be Pro-active

Good students are usually advanced in everything than the average ones. If you want to be a good student you must prepare the lesson for tomorrow’s class today. No last-minute work, get everting done on time.

Along with the academic study, pay attention to the nonacademic study as well. Go to the library or seminar when you get the time and gather knowledge out of the syllabus. There are no limits to knowledge. So, go on learning without pushing.

03. Group Study

Studying in a group can help you learn faster than alone. When you join a group study you could know other’s problems and solve it out together. Also, helping someone in their study is a good practice to memorize your lesson faster.

Sometimes it seems easier to understand the same topic from friends that your teacher could not clarify to you well. Everyone has a different understanding of the skill. It’s a wonderful idea to join or create a study group with good students to learn about their study procedures.

04. Passionate

The main motto of a student should be learning. If you really want to know How to be a good student in college, university, or school the shortest answer is ‘be passionate’. Don’t study just because you have to, study because you want to.

If you are not passionate about your study, you can never do better. If your parents have to push you to study every time, remember you are wasting your time. You are not learning, you will definitely forget the next day what you have learned today.

05. Participation Activity

Good students participate more. No matter you win or lose, if you participate in any segments like debating, science fair, sport, cultural club, etc you will end up learning some real things that books can never tell you.

Not to mention, practical study always performs better than theoretical practices. So, participate more to know more.

06. Ask Question

You didn’t understand a topic but couldn’t raise your hand just because you are scared. Faced this situation ever? A good student always asks questions whenever he doesn’t understand.

Trust me your teacher is eager to answer you back. But going home with a mind full of confusion is never a good idea. Sit in the front seat and ask whatever you don’t understand.

07. Practice

You must know the quote ‘practice makes a man perfect’. Yes, a good student practice more and more. An average student usually avoids those topics that he is not good at. But a good student practices the less mastered topics until he becomes a pro at it.

08. Time Management

Time management is the most important and tough task of a good student. You have to set the time for everything you do in a day. Make a proper time for study. It could be 2 times a day. But never delay maintaining your study time.

Mostly, average students make his daily routine but never follow it. Especially, they delay the study time. A good student never makes excuses. Time management is a do or dies kind of responsibility to a great student.

09. Self-motivation

Even after studying hard and giving your best, the situation might come when you can’t reach your goal. That is the time you have to motivate yourself. No one can break your confidence to succeed if you have self-motivation.

Besides, the journey if being a good student from a bad student is never easy. People will demotivate you and make you feel you can’t do better. But if you are absolutely determined and can motivate yourself, remember no obstacle can stop your way to get your desired success.

10. Hard Working

After all, a good student must be hard working. If you don’t complete your study in time you can never end up as a good student. Whatever happens Study every day. Complete your homework, assignments before the date.

Attend every class you have and complete your lesson every day. You might sleep a little more, watch tv for some extra time, go out with friends in your study time but in the end, the sufferer will be you.

So, work hard and prove yourself a successful student.

Our Verdict

So these are the 10 points about the Qualities of a good student in college, university, or school. Practice them all and be the kind of student you have always tried to be. This article also defines How to be a good mentor to a student.

Thanks for reading.

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