How to Fight Sleepiness at Work: Root Causes And Soulution!

Sleep is the basic foundation of healthy life. If you feel lethargic at work, it will put your job or business at risk. You won’t feel good about yourself. Your health will be at stake. That’s why you need to keep yourself away from drowsiness during work.

Keep reading to know how to fight sleepiness at work.

What deficiency causes daytime sleepiness?

You might experience daytime sleepiness if your B12 levels are low or inadequate. B12 is required for healthy cell function in your body. Thus, low B12 levels reduce the creation of healthy red blood cells. Eventually, that reduces the oxygen supply.

Another research found that immunological dysregulation disorders and vitamin D deficiency may be linked, with one of these disorders’ symptoms being excessive daytime sleepiness.

Why do you get extremely sleepy at work?

If you don’t know the reason behind extreme sleepiness at work, you can’t figure out how to beat sleepiness at work. Here are a few reasons! Go through it and work on it!

  • Poor diet
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Lack of exercise
  • Dehydration
  • YouLack of newness
  • Lack of motivation
  • Excess workload
  • Same old lifestyle

How to prevent sleepiness at work?

Sleepiness at work is something we all suffer from more or less. This feeling will put you in an awkward situation. Thus you need to know what to do when sleepy at work and prevention methods.

1. Sleep properly

Make a routine and try to get at least 6 hours of sleep at night. This will help to keep yourself fresh.

2. Stay hydrated

Drink plenty of water all day long. This will keep your body away from dehydration. You won’t feel sleepy.

3. Exercise after waking up

Regular physical activity can make you feel more energetic and alert throughout the day by enhancing your blood cholesterol, circulation, and digestion. Consider scheduling some time to work out before your late shift begins. Even 20 to 30 minutes could give you the kickstart you need to remain awake throughout your shift and improve your quality of sleep once your shift is over.

4. Lose weight

It might be tiresome when your body is holding too much weight. Your heart is also under additional stress, which may make you feel exhausted. You’ll feel significantly more energized if you lose weight.

5. Bright room

Similar to how a bright room could make it difficult for you to sleep, a dark room might make it difficult for you to work. Bright lights simulate the sunlight of a sunny day, which helps your body stay alert. By turning on all the lights and getting a lamp on your desk or workstation, you can improve the lighting in your workspace.

How Do You Overcome Daytime Sleepiness?

Daytime sleepiness significantly decreases your productivity. You need to know how to combat sleepiness at work during the daytime. Otherwise, you will be in serious trouble! Check a few ways!

1. Have Caffeine

An energy boost from a shot of coffee is what you require to get your job done if you’re feeling lethargic at the office.

Because caffeine is stimulating, it makes the brain cells work harder. It can enhance your capacity for thought and mental performance. For a coffee, go to the lunch room or stroll a short distance to a nearby café.

2. Stand up and wash your face with cold water

Prolonged hours of continuous sitting might exacerbate daytime tiredness. Your blood starts flowing when you routinely get up from your desk and move around. You may be able to stay awake and focus on your work with its assistance.

Go to the restroom and spray cold water onto your face if you’re having trouble staying awake at work. Your awareness may grow as you feel the chilly air on your face.

3. Power nap

A good method to overcome daytime tiredness is to obtain a little amount of rest. If you must shut your eyes, take a short power nap during your lunch hour.

Close the door to your office and sit down at the desk if you have one. or lean back in the seat of your car. You could have enough energy to get through the day after a 15- or 30-minute snooze.

4. Upbeat music

Being forced to work in silence while drowsy at work might be annoying. Play energetic music to jolt your brain.

Obtain permission to use headphones to enjoy the music if you are unable to switch on a radio. The music should be as upbeat as possible.

5. Keep yourself busy

Too much free time might worsen daytime sleepiness. You can begin to feel much more worn out if there isn’t much to do. If it’s feasible, request some easy tasks from your manager. You can also help with the extra task.

How To Avoid Sleepiness In Office

If you’re feeling extremely sleepy in the office, you can do a few things. This will not only help you to get rid of sleepiness but also increase your efficiency. Let’s see how to avoid sleepiness at work!

1. Use Perfume

If it’s hard for you to stay awake, spray strong perfume. Lemon, tangerine, or a blend of the two are a few alternatives. Even peppermint oil can be useful. Its aroma might assist in waking you up because it is a powerful stimulant. You’ll be awakened by the fragrant aroma, which will also make you feel rejuvenated. Additionally, they highlight how fragrance affects our memories!

2. Correct your posture

Although you might not immediately consider improving your posture to prevent being drowsy at work, it is crucial to boost blood flow to all parts of your body, especially your brain! Make sure both legs are firmly planted on the ground or other surface they are resting on while sitting up straight. In order to widen the chest and enhance posture, stretch both shoulders back. You’ll probably notice straight away that this increases your level of alertness.

3. Chewing

Chewing on anything during the day may help you stay alert if you tend to doze off. Chewing increases blood flow toward the brain and oxygen levels, making you more active. Your focus and attentiveness will also improve, enabling you to stay focused for way too long and be efficient each day.


What can I drink to stay awake?

You can intake different types of coffee like espresso, Americano or regular coffee. Intaking tea can help you to stay awake too. However, you can drink cold beverages too.

Which vitamin is responsible for sleepiness?

Deficiency of vitamin B12 is strongly responsible for sleepiness. B6, C, E, and D vitamins can increase or decrease the quantity and quality of your sleep.


Having a drowsy attitude at work might have serious repercussions. It’s possible that you’ll lose focus or lag behind. Your job can be in danger if this starts to happen frequently. To help you out, our methods will help you to fight against sleepiness and make you productive!

Hopefully, this article on how to fight sleepiness at work helped you!

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