How to Reduce Body Heat and Keep Cool in Summer Naturally

Heat stress is a very general in everyone’s life. Sometimes body heat may lead to some severe health problems like headaches, excessive sweating, dizziness, heatstroke, etc. There are several reasons which help to raise the body temperature.

The normal body temperature of an adult is between 36 degrees and 37 degrees. But when the temperature rises, the internal organs of our body cannot function properly.

Hence, it’s very important for all of us to know how to reduce body heat. So, what if I suggest you some techniques and body cooling drinks and foods which will help to reduce your body temperature in summer naturally?

Yes, read this article and get to know how to keep body cool in summer naturally with the help of some spontaneous home remedies.

Causes of heat stress

Before knowing the remedies of how to reduce body heat and to keep cool you must know the main causes of rising body temperature. Several factors are there which leads to heat stress. Among them dehydration is the most common reason for high body temperature.

Secondly, food and drinks are another cause of excess body heat. Alcohols, caffeine, high protein food, spicy food, drugs etc. helps to rise your body temperature quickly. Improper and fitting clothes are also a reason for heat stress.

Besides, people who spend much time under the hot sun and humid weather and do heavy work full time have a lot of sweating and high body temperature. In addition, people having thyroid problems tend to have excess heat in their bodies due to metabolic activities in their body.

You should know some natural home remedies and what to eat in summer to keep body cool. Otherwise excess dehydration and sweating might lead to headaches, heat stroke, fever and many other infectious diseases.

How to reduce body heat

Drink water

The most important and basic way to control your body from heat and sun rays is keeping yourself hydrated by drinking more and more water. On summer days try to keep a bottle of water always in your bag and drink it after every 20-30 minutes.

This will help to remove the excess heat from your body and will keep you cool and calm. You should also rinse off your face, hand and leg with cool water so that all the excess heat will come out from your body.

Another amazing technique is to keep your feet dipped into cold water for 10-15 minutes and your body will release the excess heat automatically. Make sure your body remains hydrated during the hot summer days.

Wear lightweight clothes

When we are going outside under scorching sun and heat then wear loose dresses made of natural fabrics like cotton, silk, etc. Fitting and heavy clothes will make you feel uncomfortable as air cannot pass through these clothes easily. Also, use sunglasses and an umbrella which will protect you directly from sunlight.

Avoid alcohol and high carbs and proteins

Alcohols, caffeine and foods containing high carbs and proteins helps to increase your body temperature gradually. Moreover, street and junk food are also very harmful for our health.

Hence, it’s better to avoid these types of heavy foods on hot summer days and eat more salads, fruits and natural drinks.

Drink liquids

There is no alternative to drinking liquid and fluids to keep yourself hydrated and fresh in summer days. Coconut water is an excellent liquid containing 95% of water.

The electrolytes present in this liquid allows you to balance the pH level and gives an instant hydration to your body. Lemon juice is another source to keep your body cool as it consists of a huge amount of vitamin C which is amazing for maintaining the body temperature.

Buttermilk consists of probiotic vitamins and minerals which helps to cool your body even in excess hot and humid weather. Sugarcane juice works amazingly to boost up our energy level and this is very important when you are doing any heavy workout.

Furthermore, smoothies, green tea, cold coffee, cold milk etc. are some outstanding body cooling drinks in summer that you can consume on a regular basis to prevent yourself from excess heat.

Eat foods & fruits containing lots of water & vitamin C

Fruits and veggies containing a lot of vitamin C and minerals are the best home remedies to keep your body heat under control. Watermelon and squash contain a lot of essential minerals and bioactive substances helping you to keep calm and cool. Pomegranate is an excellent source of antioxidant and phytonutrients and thus it immediately lowers your body stress.

Rub fresh Aloe Vera gel over your body and see the result instantly. It comes with some cooling properties and one of the best natural home remedies. Besides, green veggies, salad, fennel seed, radish, sandalwood, peppermint, and poppy seed are some excellent body cooling foods that one can try in a hot and humid climate.

Take rest & cool bath

Working for a long time under scorching sunlight can make you feel weak and tired. But do you know taking a cool bath and a small nap for an hour can help you to boost your energy?

Yes, it is also necessary to give your body some rest to deal with your tiredness and rising temperature. So, take a cool bath and relax for some time to keep the heat away from your body.


Hopefully the above natural remedies will be very effective in your daily life to prevent yourself from exhaustion and heat stress. Also, keep your home and working place well ventilated and heat protected.

However, you should seek medical advice if you are suffering from leukemia, hyperthyroidism and neurological disorder as they cause body heat. Not just that, taking drugs and certain antibiotics also leads to rise in body temperature.

Stay hydrated, keep yourselves cool and that’s how to reduce body heat.

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