How To Get A Software Engineering Internship With No Experience?

It is true that it is not easy to get a software engineering internship with no experience. But there is nothing to worry about, every student faces this issue at some point in their lives. This is because everything has a beginning, including your career path. Hence, you are not alone in facing the struggle.

Nevertheless, internships are formulated for students to obtain experience. Although a few companies might look at your past experiences while giving you an internship job, most will not.

So, rather than wasting your time worrying, let’s find out the techniques that can make your task easier. 

How Hard Is It To Get A Software Engineering Internship?

Well, the level of hardship to get a software engineering internship may depend on a few factors. For example, if you learned about software engineering through self-education, you might face difficulties getting one. On the other hand, if you obtain a degree from a well-reputed institution, you might find it comparatively easier to find one.

Nevertheless, as numerous students are studying in this field nowadays, there is no doubt that the competition is great in this job market. So the high level of competition can create challenges for you to get an internship. But you should not give up, apply to as many places as you can. This will make it easier for you to get an internship.

How Can You Get A Software Engineering Internship With No Experience?

Below, I have mentioned a few tips that can help you get a software engineering internship without any experience.

  • Forget that you require any experience 

Forget that you need any previous work experience to get an internship. An internship is designed to obtain experience. So you need to let go of the thought that you require any experience to get it.

Nevertheless, it is advisable to get involved in anything that is relatable. For instance, research positions, clubs, independent projects, and many more. Such involvement can make it easier for you to get an internship.

  • Cover the fundamentals

While applying for an internship, ensure that you already own a LinkedIn profile that is contemporary, filled out correctly, and contains a profile picture.

Besides, you should also create an appealing resume. Try to add all your relevant activities to your resume. For example, assignments and projects that you did back at your institution. 

  • Attend all the recruiting events

Try to attend all the recruiting events. There are many such events, for instance, career fairs like the Society of Women Engineers, the National Society of Black Engineers, and many more. The easiest option for you is to attend your institution’s career showcase. Go to such events and communicate with the companies decently. And most importantly, submit your resume to them. You never know, you might get selected right at that place! 

  • Seek out starter-level internships

There are many companies that offer internships, particularly for entry-level software engineers. This can be a great option for you if you have no experience at all. For your convenience, below I have listed the names of some companies that offer such internships.

  • Explore Microsoft
  • Google’s Step
  • Meta university
  • Twitter academy 


  • Build a portfolio or side project

Building a portfolio or a side project can be a great option to enhance your chances of getting an internship. This is because recruiters can know more about you through your portfolio or side project.

A side project can be generating a website. This can show them you can generate something and publish it online. In addition, your portfolio should display all the projects done by you.

  • Apply to as many places as you can

Do not restrict yourself from applying to more places. You should apply to all the possible places without reducing the standard of your applications. Seek out every single internship, no matter how big or small. Know that you will face less competition in small companies and, hence, can get an internship easily. 

What Do You Need To Get A Software Engineer Internship?

To get a software engineer internship, you need to complete high school. You need to have anything equivalent to initiate a degree program, like a GED or high school diploma. You should also take relevant college courses, for example, you could major in computer science, software engineering, etc. You can also attend bootcamps to acquire knowledge and skills.

How To Get A Tech Internship With No Experience?

With rising competition, it might be difficult to get a tech internship without any experience. However, below I have mentioned a few tips that can help you get one. 

  • Apply for internships early
  • Build a good network
  • Apply everywhere you can 
  • Be persistent in getting an internship

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a good software intern’s salary?

Answer: Although several factors like country, demand, etc. can affect the salary. A  good software intern’s salary on average is $47,164 a year in the United States. 

Do software interns get paid?

Answer: Yes, software interns do get paid. In fact, they earn a good amount. Software interns that are on the bottom line also earn $30,000 a year on average. 


Getting an internship is your first step in building your software engineering career pathway. And every beginning is difficult, but remember, it is not impossible.

Although sometimes it depends on luck, you should try your best to get your first internship as early as possible. And in this article, you have explored many techniques that can help you get one easily.

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