How to Get Motivated to Exercise When Depressed?

When you are depressed, it is very hard to motivate yourself to exercise. Exercise can help you to relieve anxiety and stress. However, depression can not be easily cured. You have to take therapy, change your lifestyle into a healthy one and need some exercise.

These exercises help to boost your mental health as well as improve your physical strength. Exercise makes you forget about your worries. Depression makes you do nothing and only stress about your life. You have to motivate yourself to exercise.

At first, it is tough but if you keep pushing yourself to reach the exercise goals, you are the one who feels better in life. This can motivate you more in life and you push yourself hard and beat the depression in your life. 

Does depression make it hard to exercise?

Yes, depression makes it hard to exercise. Depressed people find it difficult to do anything. They can not motivate themself to do any type of workout.

When you are depressed, you simply feel worse and can’t move. Depressed people also feel anxiety and try to maintain social distance. They don’t like to meet others which makes it more depressing.

Depressed people always think about their failures. This mindset makes them weak and demotivates them to work out. Depression causes many mental and physical issues that make it hard to exercise. 

Why can’t you work out when you are depressed?

You can’t work out when you are depressed because depression makes everything difficult to do. When you are depressed, you can not have proper sleep. This lack of sleep can cause some physical problems.

It can also reduce your energy so that you can not make yourself work out. In depression, your appetite changes as you can lose some weight or put on some weight.

This can affect your physical condition. You do not want to get up or get dressed when you are depressed. You feel terrible inside and lose all your energy. This is why you can’t work out when you are depressed. 

Why does depression make you physically weak?

Depression is a common mental disorder around the world. This disorder can make you physically weak. It can cause some physical symptoms like headaches, aches, and exhaustion. It can also affect the stomach and cause nausea and diarrhea.

Depression can cause high blood pressure. You can also put on some weight. When in depression, people eat lots of junk foods and foods with lots of sugar. These foods increase weight and they don’t want to exercise.

More weight can lead to more physical problems. Depression can also make your body ache and you feel hard to get up from bed. It has many impacts on mental and physical health which is why you feel physically weak. 

How to find the motivation to work out when depressed?

When you are depressed, it is very hard to motivate yourself to work out. Depressed people do not do their daily work like household work, cooking, or cleaning. They can motivate themselves by thinking positively.

  • You can pick a day and start the workout. You don’t have to feel stressed about working out.
  • If you can not wake up in the morning, you can try exercising another time. You can also join a fun class like a yoga class or dance class to motivate yourself.
  • You can ask a friend to work out with you, it can help you to minimize your stress.
  • You can also watch some videos to get encouragement about exercise.

These are the ways you can find the motivation to work out when you are depressed. 

How do you get the energy to exercise when depressed?

It is very difficult to get the energy to exercise when depressed. You know exercise can make you feel better but you can not push yourself to work out. You have to motivate yourself and get the energy to exercise.

You can use social media to get energy. On social media, there are lots of videos about workouts. These videos can be your inspiration to exercise. You can also create some goals.

When you finish those goals you can find confidence. Professionals can help you motivate yourself to stay active. You can hire a therapist for your mental health and he can help you to motivate. 

You can also hire a personal trainer to help you exercise. Through this, you can get the energy to exercise when depressed. 

What type of exercise is best for depression?

Exercise can not cure all your depression. But it can decrease your depression symptoms. There are some exercises that can help you reduce the negativity of your life.

Running can be a good way to beat depression. You can forget about your stress and anxiety. Swimming is also the best exercise to reduce stress. It helps to build flexibility and muscles.

You can also try yoga as it is an exercise combining meditation and working out. It can help both your mental and physical health. Dancing also has some forms of exercise where you can try to overcome your depression. You can also take long walks or hike in the woods, these can fight stress.

This type of exercise is best for depression as it can reduce stress and anxiety.

What is the best exercise to improve mood?

Exercise can help you to improve your mood and reduce stress. It can make some positive impacts on your life.

Walking can be the best exercise to improve your mood. You can also go group hiking. This activity not only boosts your mood but also increases your social interaction. You can mix up some activities and enjoy them.

Cycling is also one of the best exercises to improve your mood. It can raise your heartbeat and you feel alive. If you are a sports person, you can also play some sports to boost your mood.

To improve your mood, you can try any workout you like to do or find interesting.


Exercise can help you reduce your stress and depression. It helps to build confidence in you and boosts your mood. You can forget about your worries and stresses and improve your mood which can lead to a happy life. But your depressed mind finds it hard to exercise.

You have to motivate yourself to work out. It is hard but not impossible. You can set some workout goals. Finishing those goals can build your confidence and boost your mental health.

You just have to encourage yourself to accomplish those goals. Even if it is hard to exercise when you are depressed, you can motivate yourself.

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