How to make someone happy when they are sad

Happiness lies within and whenever you try to make someone happy, your joy increases. Don’t you believe me? It would be fantastic if everyone were happy, but not everyone’s situations afford to have happiness in life.

When your best friend is upset, all you have to do is understand him and be his cheerleader. Lifting spirits with an ice-cream is an option that never fails.

You must have heard about this proverb – ‘As you sow, so you reap.’ When you brighten up someone’s gloomy day, your karma will return happiness in your lap, as well.

Including this, the person who shares happiness gets better sleep with a content heart as they have inner peace.

The moment you see your friend or someone is happy with your help, you see it, feel it and become more optimistic. So, it is a win-win situation for both.

Such gloomy situations make us blind to see different perspectives of life. However, it makes us sad as we keep feeling ‘why did this happen to me?’ instead of ‘this happened for a reason.’

So, what you should do is to provide your friend with some positive sides of the event. Also, you can listen to him and try to understand the condition. Then, encourage him to get some relief from these situations.

Now, there are some suggestions about how to make someone happy when they are sad.

Ask them for permission

You might think that it is unnecessary, but asking for permission to help the person will lead the conversation in a better place. If you go and ask them about the problem, he will feel like you have come here to vanish his problems and not comfortable with him.

So, show a gesture that will give him a vibe to trust you more. Then, he will share his problem with you and you need to listen to him more.


Find out the points where you can appreciate him. You might enjoy his eyes, look or dress. This will lighten the burden of his heart and make you comfortable with him.

Ultimately, he will have a feel of worthiness and a sense of self-love. It will catch his subconscious mind and help in the long run.

Tell a real-life story

After he tells his story with you, you might relate the situation with a real-life story. But the story has to be inspiring and it can be from your life. As a result, he will get some positivity inside his head and simultaneously fix his situation.

It will work a lot for his mind because the story will enhance some knowledge for him about how the person had overcome the situation. Also, it will make him more comfortable with you. By the time, he will feel familiar.

Tell a joke

Do or say something funny and it can be a joke. The joke will divert his mind and he will be happy. Then, he will sort out his problem by sharing with you or you both can conclude what to do.


Who does not love a gift? In this technological era, people have become more like a technology-zombie, and sending gifts is rare nowadays.

As you have talked with him, you know what his choices are. Take some time to find a gift for him. It does not have to be expensive but meaningful.

It will add value to the relationship you have with each other. Also, he will be delighted and his self-worth will increase by the course of time.

Moreover, giving a depressed or sad person a gift on a random day enables their positive thinking processes. Instantly, his mood will lift and make a positive impression in life.

Call the person

Call him to know about his activities last week. At present, we do not call people to know about how they are doing. We write text in social media to understand what is going on or do not care at all.
So, your call means something unique to him and it will leave a sense of gratitude for you inside him. A gratitude feeling means he will have better mental health and inner peace is growing inside.

Please take a few minutes to talk about his life and let him feel that you care about him. If he has joined a new job, ask about how it went. Remember, do not ask for a favor in return for this call.

Trust me, this will lighten up his day.

Since you know how to make someone happy when they are sad, you can make a depressed person delighted. Yes, you can do that, too!

Let’s see how to make someone happy when they have depression.


Before going to a florist and buy a bouquet, ask your friend what type of flowers they like. It will surely mean that you prioritize the person. Also, you can make an origami flower or something which will make his day.

Nothing beats a secret note. Write a secret and straightforward message that surprises a person. You can write a compliment or so that will add value to his life.

Take a walk

Nature is the best healer. When you take a walk with your friend in a park, his head’s environment will be purified. You both inhale pure air without pollution that helps to reduce sadness or depression from the brain.

Take some pictures together and make memories in the bay of nature. Ask your friend whether he is acquainted with these plants or not. If yes, ask him to teach you some of them. Such interaction will help a lot to reduce depression from life.

He is not alone

People with depression or sadness often feel that they are alone. This feeling kills them inside and some might become suicidal. So, remind him that he is not alone in this struggle. Everyone has their struggles but with the help of friends and family, people get over such situations.

Staying happy does not mean being a selfish person, it means you will lighten people’s sorrow and add the essence of happiness and peace in their lives. If your friends are not happy, consequently, you will not be satisfied.

So, take some moments to think about others and interact with your near and dear ones.

Speak positively

Encourage your friend to speak positively and let him know that sadness does not reduce if we keep thinking about those. Negativity only increases the more we give importance to that situation.

Let it flow and try to be positive, think positive, and speak positively. When you practice this Mantra, it becomes your life and this universe will help to attain peace.

However, the person who thinks and acts positively has lesser stress and better days than others. Ask your friend if he wants it or not.

All in all, you can be creative to make ways to make someone happy. Happiness will increase when you share it with others and it never hurts anyone.

Affirm that you love the person and care for him as much as you can. And you will never leave them alone whenever he needs you.

Trust me, and you will gradually see the changes in the person and be happier, cheerful.

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