How to remove dark spots on face

How to remove dark spots on face overnight is a myth. Let’s accept the natural remedies to get a clear and spot free face. To know more, check our content.

Who doesn’t want to look beautiful? When you have spots on your face, the face does not bloom like a smiley flower. But our surroundings are not so good for our skin as lots of free radicals destroy it.

However, the suntan has a significant effect that makes the spots stick to the skin for a long time. Another point is that different factors like hormones, age, medicines, and diet have many things to do with dark spots.

Now, if I start to talk about chemical and natural remedies to get rid of your stubborn spots, then the list will be never-ending. Honestly, it is better to use DIY masks and natural ingredients rather than chemicals. Why is that? Pretty sure, you all know the answers already. The chemical ingredients are not always safe for facial skin.

Some of us have sensitive skin that might react with the chemical. Such reactions cause breakouts and might add some more spots on the skin. What a mess! So, it is wise to avoid chemical application on skin before judging them properly.

Now, there is another point about judging a chemical product from the market. How will you test it? Do not apply the product on the whole face. Do a patch test on your skin to get the result.

Dark Spots vs Scars

Dark spots and scars are not the same things. They are different from one another as dark spots heal faster than scars of skin. What do scars do with the facial skin?

Scars of skin from acne damage the tissue and healing such scars require time and regeneration of cells. You can use the peeling treatment that costs around 150 USD.

Some precautions must be taken before you reach out to the salon for treatment. As scars are stubborn to leave the skin, these treatments might cause hyperpigmentation on the skin. Before you invest, find out the advantages and disadvantages of the treatment package.

On the other hand, dark spots do not demand a lot to fade. A person does not have to wait for eons to see the change. The use of some natural remedies will help to minimize the effect.
And DIY remedies do not have many side effects. If you are allergic to some agents, it will be a different case.

Here, some spot removal DIY tricks and hacks will be shared. Remember, some of them will help you to achieve a brighter skin but not fair skin. Choose healthy skin over a fair one.

DIY Remedies

All these kitchen ingredients at the corner of the fridge or kitchen can boost our natural beauty with different active agents lying in them. Since we are not much aware of them, we buy a lot of expensive products from the market. Today, I will be talking about such kitchen ingredients that will help your skin and save pocket money.

Let’ start –


Lemon is known as natural bleaching, and it helps to get a blemish on the skin. So, how to apply lemon on your face?

Procedure for combination and oily skin

● Take a lemon
● Slice it into two parts
● Squish out the juice
● Take a cotton pad
● Dip it into the juice
● Apply the cotton pad on the spots

Procedure for dry skin

● Add some honey with the lemon juice
● Dip the pad into the juice and apply

Procedure for sensitive skin

● Add some water with lemon juice
● The next procedures are the same

Keep it for 10 to 15 minutes and wash it off with cold water. Make sure you apply moisturizer after this step.

You can try this remedy twice or thrice in a week. As lemon cuts the oil off from the skin, do not apply it regularly.


A lot of people ask how to reduce dark spots overnight. Trust me; there is no such product or remedy. If someone advertises something like this, then it will definitely burn your skin. But potatoes will provide you with a dramatic change.

Another natural bleaching for dark spots is potatoes. It has catecholase enzymes that help to remove spots from the skin.

So how to apply potato on the skin?

Procedure for all type of skin

Since potatoes are not harmful for any type of skin, the procedure is the same for all.

● Take one potato and cut it into some of the pieces
● Pour a few drops of water
● Massage it on your skin
● Keep until the juice gets dried
● Wash it off with cold water

This will help to reduce the hyperpigmentation of the skin. Also, catecholase will reduce the effect of dark spots with a smooth texture.

Aloe Vera gel

Aloe vera has aloesin that helps to reduce dark spots. Thousands of products are in the market that uses aloe vera as one of their ingredients for skincare. You can apply aloe vera as a moisturizer.

Procedure for oily skin

● Take the aloe vera and blend it
● Use the juice with a cotton pad
● Dip it on the spots
● You can apply on the whole skin
● Keep it for 10 minutes and wash it off with cold water

Procedure for sensitive skin

● Do a patch test on your skin
● Make sure it does not burn your skin

If you are not allergic to aloe vera, then continue the process mentioned above and apply moisturizer. You can apply this twice a day according to your preference.

Now, all these DIY remedies will help you if you maintain a proper diet. When your body is getting enough nutrition, it will express through your skin, nail, and hair.

What to eat to remove dark spots on face

● Drink plenty of water
● Try to keep some fruits in your regular diet
● Vit C and Vit E are great for skin
● Have a glass of milk with half tea-spoon turmeric mixed with it

How to remove dark spots on face fast is dependent on your diet, sleep cycle, and lifestyle. You must need to wash your face at least twice or thrice a day.

Stop going out without sun protection, and it will help to reduce the effect of UV on your skin. As a result, the spots will not be as stubborn as it would be without this practice.

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