How To Start A Photography Business With No Money? Detail Explanation!

If you like to take pictures and you want to be a photographer, you can choose the photography business as a career!

It is true that in the photography business, the equipment is quite expensive and hard to maintain. However, you can start a photography business with no money if you can follow some strategies. 

It is not easy to start a photography business with a low budget but you can make your dreams come true if you have high ambitions.

How much do you need to start a photography business?

Starting a photography business needs a lot of energy, time, and money. If you are serious about photography as a profession, you have to invest money in some equipment.

You don’t have to buy the most expensive camera, you just need to buy a camera that can serve you for years. As a professional photographer, you need a camera, lenses, lighting, backdrops, etc.

Here is the approximate cost to start a photography business

Camera ($500 and Onwards): Your photography career depends on your camera. You have to research which camera is best to start photography.

Lenses ($250 and onwards): Your camera may already have a lens but you can add many lenses if you want. You can start with one lens and then you can add more lenses if you need. 

Lighting and backdrops ($200 and onwards): Lighting is important for photography, however, you might not need these if you are a travel or nature photographer. You can gradually buy lighting and backdrops when you can increase your budget.

Everything else ($100 and onwards): In photography, the list of equipment can go on and on. You might add many things such as flashes, reflectors, memory cards, etc 

How to start a photography business for free?

Professional photography business needs to invest a lot of money in equipment. That does not mean you stop dreaming of being a photographer. 

You just need some basic equipment and passion for your business. 

First, you need basic equipment, a camera which is quite expensive. You don’t have to buy a camera if you are low on budget, you can rent one.

Don’t compromise with a cheap camera, try to buy or rent a high-quality camera. You might also rent other equipment to start your business.

Second, if you don’t have any basic knowledge about photography, you can learn from online videos and free courses.

Third, start practicing your photography skills with your family and friends so that you can develop your skills.

A business requires lots of effort even if you have no budget. You have to work on resources and marketing if you want to succeed in your business. 

Which type of photography is most demanded?

In professional photography, you need to research and find which type of photography is most demanding. Through this, you can upgrade your equipment according to which type of photography you want to do.

Event photography is very popular and the most demanding photography. It is not just wedding photography, there are different events such as birthdays, charities, etc. A beginner can earn $1000 in wedding photography whereas a professional can charge $5000. 

Social media photography is one of the most popular photography nowadays. You can take pictures of your clients and edit them. They will use these photos on their Instagram or Facebook. 

Product photography has huge demands and it can make a lot of money. Many companies can hire you if you offer them to take photos at a low price.

There are more types of photography such as portrait photography, and school photography that is most demanding. You can achieve success if you follow these photography businesses. 

How to start a small photography business?

Photography is a popular business, if you want to start a photography business, you have to follow some steps. 

  • You need to pick a name for your business and make sure it is not taken.
  • Then you can register your photography business online easily. 
  • To start a photography business, you will need some equipment such as cameras, lenses, flashes, reflectors, etc.
  • At first, you can start with a little equipment and then you need to add more.
  • Building a website can help you to do the marketing and your clients can find necessary information through your website. 
  • Starting a small photography business is not going to be easy but if you are ambitious, you can succeed.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I run a photography business from home?

Yes, you can run a photography business from home. You can create your own photography studio and take your family and friends as your photography subject. These photos can be your portfolio.

Can you start a photography business without a license?

Yes, you can start a photography business without a license. Most of the places, and photography businesses do not need any professional license. However, there are some places where licenses are required for a photography business.


It is not impossible to start a photography business with no money. If you have the talent to take great photos, you can be a professional photographer. You might borrow some money from your family to start your business and later you can return them.

Make a business plan so that you can stick to your goal. You also have the knowledge about marketing strategies and know how to get clients. If you want to accomplish a successful photography business, try to start your career with the right business plan.

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