Is Electrical Engineering Harder Than Computer Science: Is There Any Proof?

Well, it will not be logical to choose any subject directly and consider it to be harder. The answer to this question will surely depend upon the strength and weaknesses of a particular student.

Both fields of study require a large amount of knowledge and expertise in order to successfully complete the degree. However, there are a few fundamental differences present in both of the subjects that make one subject harder than the other for a particular group of students. 

In this article, I will explain this topic in detail to help you understand which field of study is harder.

What Is Taught In Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering teaches students how to design, develop, test, and supervise the entire procedure of producing electrical appliances, devices, and everything related to electricity. It focuses on Physics and Mathematics along with components of electricity, electromagnetism, and electronics to process data and send out energy. 

Good And Bad Sides Of Electrical Engineering

One of the best advantages of pursuing a career in electrical engineering is the high rate of salary. Besides, it will offer outstanding prestigious job opportunities.

However, in order to be a skilled electrical engineer, constant learning about up-to-date technology is required. So, endless education requirements can be considered a disadvantage. In addition, safety hazards are one of the major bad sides of electrical engineering.

What Is Taught In Computer Science

Computer science teaches students how to study and evolve computers, networks, databases, software, hardware, and many more. This subject is based on the foundation of engineering, Science, and Mathematics. 

Good And Bad Sides Of Computer Science

Computer science offers excellent job opportunities. It is possible to get a job in almost every industry if you study this subject. Also, people who study this can earn huge money. 

However, as technology changes continuously, one can not say that they have completed studying. This is because continuous education is required for new technologies. Also, candidates for this subject are most likely to suffer from eye problems.

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Electrical Engineering Or Computer Science: Which One Is Harder

For beginners, computer science might seem to be harder. This is because, at the start,  computer science needs a more thorough study of Mathematics compared to electrical engineering.

This is due to the fact that computer science is based on algorithms and programming, whereas, electrical engineering focuses more on solid concepts like electrical components, circuits, and so on. In addition, the presence of programming languages in computer science also makes this subject much more difficult. 

However, electrical engineering is considered to be more practical. It includes the study of a huge number of electrical components and circuit layouts. And learning about hundreds of electrical elements and circuit layouts along with other hard topics is definitely not an easy task.

Also, this field of study requires in-depth math classes, modern technical classes, numerous lab sessions, and a wide variety of topics. All these together make this subject much harder. 

Nevertheless, to select one subject as harder, you need to look at what you are weak at. For example, if you are weak at mathematics and do not prefer dealing with code, you will surely find computer science harder. 

On the other hand, if you do not like the physical side of engineering or do not prefer functioning with your hands, you will undoubtedly find electrical engineering harder. 

Which Is Better: Electrical Engineering Or Computer Science

Although electrical engineering and computer science have their own pros and cons, both fields of study can help you enhance your life both personally and professionally. 

Though both of them offer excellent job opportunities, computer science is slightly tops at offering greater job opportunities. 

Nevertheless, if you are a better problem solver who is good at working in a team, then computing is better for you. On the other hand, if you like to deal with conceptual problems along with being good at communication skills, then electrical engineering is better for you.

Above all, you need to decide what sort of career you want to build. 

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Which Is Easier: Electrical Engineering Or Computer Science

Computer science is broadly known to be one of the simpler STEM majors. In fact, majorities acknowledge that it is even simpler than physics in many cases. 

On the other hand, electrical engineering is considered to be one of the toughest engineering degrees as it includes many complex courses. 

What Pays More: Electrical Engineering Or Computer Science

Even though both careers provide great salaries, on average, computer science offers a somewhat higher salary than electrical engineering. 


According to most sources, electrical engineering is harder than computer science. But there are also many people who claim the opposite. This is because it depends from person to person. 

However, no one can deny the fact that both fields of study are very difficult to study. So rather than focusing on which one is harder, it is better to realize what type of career you want to pursue and what you are good at. 

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