Why Is Science So Hard : The Facts Behind That You Must Know!

As science is full of facts and concepts, it is comparatively harder than other disciplines. Not only students but also parents and mass people complain that science is very hard. Hence, a question arises: Why is science so hard?

What do you think in this regard? Is science hard or not? Why is science so hard and boring? Well, you will receive all the answers to your question in this article. You will also get to know here Why do students love science but hate science class. So, read on!

Why is Science Hard to Learn: Top 5 Reasons

To the majority of students, science has emerged as a hard subject to learn. There are many reasons that make learning science hard. The top five reasons are given below.

Lack of Experimental opportunity

Science is experiment-based practical knowledge. Almost all developed countries have the opportunity to experiment but developing and underdeveloped countries haven’t the opportunity to experiment. They rely on only theories.

It is very hard to learn science by only theories without any kind of experimental opportunities. For the lacking of experimental opportunities, teachers focused on boring theories that represent science hard for the students.

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When you haven’t any opportunity to experiment, you will focus on memorizing theories that are highly boring for maximum students. As memorizing is hard, you invent science as a very hard discipline.

In this formula, students fail to feel the proper taste of science. Though it helps them to obtain a better grades, science keeps a long distance away from them for the lacking of experimental knowledge.


Generally, in maximum countries, science has taught to obtain a better grade. There is an absence of fixed goals. Fixing goals is very important in both science and our life.

When you haven’t any goal, you won’t be able to do better work and your journey will be very hard and boring. On the other hand, when you have a goal, you will divide it into several small targets. Then you will do or learn slowly but properly. For this, you should guide your students to fix a goal.

Boring Theory

The theory of science is very boring. It is also tough to learn or memorize for very young students. Though these theories are very hard to learn, they learn these to get better grades on exams.

Teachers can decrease the portion of the hardness of theories. If the teacher can show good and life-related examples, boring theories will be easy for the students.

Lack of lab

The lab is one of the best places for experiments. But there is not a sufficient lab in rural schools, colleges, and universities. For this reason, students fail to learn the proper science and sc emerges as a hard subject.

Learning new things is difficult but learning science without a lab is almost impossible. However, several institutions have completed partnerships with those institutions that have labs. By this, their students will receive lab facilities from that institutions.

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How can you make science study fun?

As science is very practical, you can make it very funny for your students. To make the study of science fun, several steps are discussed below for you! Continue reading.

Show how things work

Students think science is very hard in its theory memorizing part. But science is very fun when the students can see the process of working. This process can cheer them to learn science with great inspiration.

When they will see the mixture is making something new, they will be excited to learn science in this fun process. It will help them to be connected with science learning.

Inspire to focus on Experiment

In maximum countries- especially in underdeveloped and developing countries, science learning systems are grade-based like general education. If you can fix their focus on experiments from grade-based learning, they can learn new things with joy and fun!

It’s great fun to do experiments with your hands. When you will see the transformation scenario, undoubtedly you will receive more fun than any other study.

Instruct the students on practical

Science is basically a practical knowledge-based wing of the education system. It’s a natural concept that we find fun when we do something practical rather than virtual.

For this reason, if they can experiment with very small things, they will have a lot of fun and joy. Also, it will make a competition among them about learning science.

Real-life examples

In class time especially in theory class, try to provide examples that are strongly connected with our real life. It will lead them to understand science and will inspire them to learn science with fun.

When you will give an example that is used in our daily life, they will be able to understand easily and also can check that things after going home and they will get fun after checking.

Virtual lab

The virtual lab is closely similar to the real lab. Though it is very easy to use, it is not useful as the real lab. The rural school hasn’t the capacity to establish labs but they can use virtual labs easily.

In a virtual lab, you can receive an experience like the real lab. When the students will use the virtual lab, it will be a very exciting moment for them.

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Is science tough or easy?

Science is both challenging and easy. We all know that science has a lot of theories. Memorizing and understanding these theories are very tough for students. On the other hand, after memorizing or understanding these concepts, science will be very easy for you.

Which subject is hard in science?

It’s a very critical question and there is no perfect answer to this question. But the majority of students find Chemistry as the hardest subject in the science discipline. Though chemistry is a very hard science to learn, it has huge popularity among students, parents, and teachers.

What is difficult in science?

Generally, students share their experiences and the majority thought that Physics is a difficult science. As Physics has a lot of complex maths, they found it difficult. This difficult wing of science plays a vital role in the development of the digital world.


There is no established answer to the question: Why is science so hard? It can be both hard and easy for you to learn. If you have an interest and you find science hard, you can follow the above-discussed solutions to make learning science fun.

By following these steps, you can learn science with fun. Your reading device is an invention of science. We all owe science. You should study science so that you can invent something for the world.

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