Is Trade School Considered College: What Are The Differences Between These Two institutions?

Trade schools are not considered a college. There are specific reasons behind it. The core of teaching, the purpose of learning, cost and time, job opportunities, etc. are indigenous in mentioned institutes. 

The differences, comparisons, similarities, structures, etc. of college and vocational centers are discussed below.

Are College And Trade School The Same?

College and trade school have some key differences. Trade school is a center of training and knowledge in a particular field. Like there are different types of vocational courses.

For example, health care, manufacturing, construction, etc. Any student endorsed in particular courses will be provided with the study materials. Also, they can learn all the practical lessons by attending their workplace. 

College and university educational cultures are wholly based on academic lectures and research. College educational curriculum is more focused on abstract skills like problem-solving and analytical thinking. The students need around 3-4 years to complete their majors. But vocational school courses are shorter than this. 

Both of these institutes teach academic and practical knowledge. But the purpose of the study, the focus of the study, and the method are completely different. 

Why Is Trade School Not Considered A College?

Trade schools are not treated as colleges because the purposes of learning in both are completely different. Though both academies make students able to shine in their fields. And both drive them towards a settled career, but the core and structure of the study are not the same.

The most vital reason trade school is not considered a college is their courses. In a trade school, you choose any particular segment like electrical, mechanical, medical, manufacturing, construction, etc, and master it. 

The main academic courses and most important practical field knowledge is provided. A chance for an internship is also often offered.

But in college, the academic curriculum includes courses of Hons or Degree. Diplomas are not provided by colleges. More emphasis on theoretical and research-based knowledge is given in colleges. The purpose of college is not to produce skilled workers only, it has special care to produce researchers and inventors.

This is why trade schools are not considered colleges.

Is Trade School Better Than College?

The answer is, it completely depends on the person’s view toward embracing education.

Trade school is undoubtedly a better choice when it comes to profession-based education. The core value of trade school is to produce skilled people to master any particular field. The course span of these institutes is shorter compared to college.

That means a person will graduate earlier than the college curriculum. Education is more focused on teaching a specific side, not a general study of college. Moreover immense practical and intern experience is earned from these institutes. The problem of expertise in resumes is not found in vocational education.

Colleges are fitter for students who want to research and get a vast knowledge of theory about a particular major. But the educational structure is set to produce a higher-posted employee for a specific field. The chances of acquiring a Master’s, Ph.D., etc. are directly set by the college structure of education.

Again the course span is longer and costs us more in colleges. But for anyone who wants to research or gain the highest amount of knowledge about a particular major, college is the best option for him/her.

College VS Trade School Statistics

College and trade school statistics and be judged over various factors. Like cost, time, success rate, amount of students, gaining experience, etc.

Cost: Statistic reports depict that the annual expense of a vocational school is around 5000$-15000$. On the other hand, a college education costs about $3621 per annum on average.

Time of education: College students take longer to graduate. Generally, college courses are around 4-5 years, whereas vocational academies only take 18 months.

Success rate: The success rate of both methods is high. But in the college system, a lot of students drop out. Many suffer from unemployment. Comparatively vocational institutes have a slightly higher success rate in these regards.

Amount of students: Amount of students is still higher in college. As trade schools are quite new in practice. But a remarkable number of students are recently attracted to trade schooling. 

Gaining experience: Vocational centers are more about practical studies and internship experience. So trade school students are more experienced than college students.

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Is Trade School Harder Than College?

The answer is simply “No”. Trade school is way much easier than college. The academic structure of a trade school only teaches the knowledge necessary to work in the desired field.

The education system of colleges will make you go through a general surface-level knowledge of everything related to your subject. And then, the major will be taught in detail. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Trade Schools Free?

No. Trade schools are not free. But the education of these bodies is very minimal compared to the cost required in a general 4-year Hons.

Are Trade Schools Bad?

No. Trade schools are very new compared to university education systems. But the results of trade schooling are satisfactory. It is a better choice than college in case an early establishment is a target.


Trade schools and colleges have some similarities. But the core of teaching methods and selection of study materials are very different. The concept of a vocational institute and a college are very distinct from the above writing.

Trade schools are not considered colleges for mentioned reasons. Both have sets of advantages and drawbacks.  

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