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21 Unique Time Management Tools For Students

A student always struggles to manage his time. A student is to run from here to there every time. They have to manage so many things every day. Attending class regularly, then going for tuition, study, extracurricular activities & so on make a student’s life tough.

However, if you are unable to manage your time properly & get distracted while studying, then don’t worry there are a lot of time management software available for students.

Doesn’t matter if you are a school/college/university student, we have a list of time management tools for all levels of students.

5 Time Management Tools for School Students

As a school student, you must be looking for convenient & easy to use tools. For that reason, 5 time management tools are mentioned below for you which are easy to use & also these won’t require much money.

1. Listastic: Listastic is a tool to create a to-do list & it also keeps track of your task. It has simple procedures & is easy to use. That’s why it is convenient for school students. This is a paid app & available also on iOs.

2. TickTick: School students have to do a lot of homework every day. To get a reminder for your every task & homework, TickTick is the best option for you. Also, it is free! TickTick is available on Android, and iOs.

3. Epicwin: Epicwin app has a gamey terminal that attracts school students more. Every time a student finishes his task, he will earn a reward which keeps the student motivated & productive. Epicwin is available on iOs & android. It costs $2.99 per month.

4. myHomework: This tool has a calendar where you can write about your exams, assignments, weekly homework & so on. It gives a reminder for the final date so that you don’t miss any tasks.

This app is available on Android, Google Chrome, iOS, macOS, Microsoft Windows, and the Web. The basics of this app are free. For the premium features it costs $4.99 per year.

5. Pomodoro: If you are someone who can’t study for a long time & need to take a break in between your study, then Pomodoro is the right tool for you! It gives you a 25-minute break & reminds you after the break. For that reason, you won’t waste more time. Pomodoro is available on Android, iOs, Mac, and Windows Chrome. This app is free.

10 Time Management Tools for College Students

As a college student, if you want to be more productive & keep track of all your assignments as well as your homework, then these 10 time management tools are perfect for you!

1. Focus Booster: Focus Booster app is one of the best time management apps for college students. This software is easy to use & inspires you to manage your time for all the work. Focus Booster app is available on Android, iOS, macOS, Microsoft Windows, and the Web. The starter plan of this app is free. You can buy the monthly subscription at $4.99.

2. app helps college students to keep track of their progress. Also, it keeps the students motivated by celebrating their milestones. The best part of this software is that students can take help from community members.

Coach. me is available on Android, Web & ios. This app is fully free but if you want to hire a personal coach, then it costs $25 every week.

3. Microsoft to-do: Microsoft to-do helps students to manage their time & finish all their tasks on time. With this app, students can make a list of their tasks, write down notes, set reminders for their tasks & also you can plan an event in Microsoft To-do.

This app is available on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows 10, and the web. The best part is Microsoft to-do is completely free of cost.

4. Trello: Trello is a great software for productivity. If you are working on a project, Trello allows you to assemble your project properly. It has a feature where you can write your to-do list, your current tasks & also the tasks you have already completed.

The Trello tool is available on ios. The basic plan is free & the standard plan costs $5 every month.

5. Remember the Milk: If your exam is knocking at the door & you have to submit your assignments/ projects on a specific date, then Remember the Milk is the perfect software for you. Because this software organizes your tasks according to your submission date. This app is available on Android, Blackberry 10, iOS, Kindle Fire, Linux, macOS, Microsoft Windows, and the Web. For the basic plan it costs free & for the pro plan, it costs $39.99 every year.

6. Evernote: Evernote helps students to assemble their notes, research & also to-do list in one place. In Evernote students can add PDFs, audio files, pictures & also other media. Moreover, this app is available for all devices. Evernote is available on Android, iOS, macOS, and Microsoft Windows. It is free for the basic plan, for the personal plan it costs $7.99 per month.

7. Stay Focused: Nowadays, the biggest problem for all students is social media distraction. To avoid this distraction & concentrate on your study properly, you can use the StayFocused app. This app helps you limit your time on social media. This app is available on Android & also it is free.

8. Focus Keeper: This app helps a student to maintain his focus at a single time. You can set a timer that will be visible on your screen & it will help you to track your progress. Also, this app has a feature with which you can set the music of falling rain & clock’s ticking. This app is available on iOS, macOS. It costs $0.99 for every month & for every year it costs $5.99.

9. helps to supervise your projects. This app also helps to keep track of your daily plans. Moreover, this app can be used as a daily planner. If you want to do top of your college, it will be a useful app for you. is available on Android, Google Chrome, Huawei, iOS, macOS, Microsoft Windows, and the Web. It costs free for basic features. For premium users, it costs $5.99 for each month, $26.94 per six months & $35.88 for each year.

10. myHomework: Have you ever used myHomework software? If the answer is no, then go & download the software right away! This is the perfect software for college students. myHomework has extra features which keep track of your homework.

This app is available on Android, Google Chrome, iOS, macOS, Microsoft Windows, and the Web. The basics of this app are free. For the premium features it costs $4.99 per year.

6 Time Management Tools for Students Free:

Maximum students look for free time management tools. Because they can’t afford to pay for time management tools. If you are one of them, then you don’t need to worry about it because there are many time management tools available for free. Such as:

Google Calendar:

Google Calendar app is free for personal use. It helps to categorize your weekly schedule for your classes, exams & many other things. You just have to put your scheduled date & this app will give you a reminder so that you don’t miss any task. This app is available on Android, iOs.


Clockify is a time management app that is free forever. Moreover, it is free for unlimited users. You can use this app with your team members also. It arranges your time record by your project schedule & tracks your as well as your team member’s progress. This app is available on Android, ios & windows 10.


Todoist is absolutely a free web app for students. It helps you to manage your task easily with all the features. Also, it gives automatic reminders for your task. This app is available on Android, iOs, Mac & windows.


Though Pomofocus is not completely free, this tool has many more features than other paid tools. It helps to stay focused on your study & keep you away from your distractions. This app is available on Android, iOs, Mac & windows.


If you are one of those who take a lot of notes & want to keep them safe in one place so that you can find all the notes whenever you want, then Notion is perfect for you! You can store all of the notes here for free. This app is available on Android, ios, Mac & windows.

What are the time management tools for online students?

It is a bit difficult for online students to stay focused in their classes or study. When you do your classes online, you easily get distracted with so many things but especially social media notifications. Once you get distracted, you waste a lot of time. As an online student, you can use: Evernote, MyLifeOrganized, Remember the Milk, Time Camp, I Studiez, and Rescue time tools to manage your time.


Time management tools are very popular among the students. From the school level to the University level, students use time management tools. Because time management tools keep a student updated about his task & also keep them productive

But which one is a suitable tool for you is difficult to choose. For that reason, a bunch of tools are mentioned above along with free tools, which will help them in their regular life.

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