Why Are Hoka Shoes So Expensive: Top Factors

Hoka shoes are made of premium materials and designed so innovatively with rigorous research and advanced technology. This is why these shoes become expensive and the first choice of athletes and runners.

All of the features of Hoka shoes give exceptional support, comfort, and durability. According to the quality and performance, this little bit of high price is actually worth the value. However, this shoe is really very popular with its customers.

Anyways, in this article, you would be glad to know more details about why Hoka shoes are expensive. So, let’s stay with the article.

About Hoka brand

Hoka is one of the most popular and best-known brands. It became famous because of its high performance. Hoka started making shoes in 2009. This brand gets its reputation because of providing great support and comfort to the runner.

They use luxury materials in their shoes that are different from other brands. One of their materials is Vibram soles which are known for durability, flexibility, and cushioning. The material called Buna-N Rubber sole gives traction to the wet surface.

This brand uses FlyteFoam technology and carbon fiber which help to make lightweight and durable shoes at the same time.

Why are Hoka shoes so expensive?

Well, there are so many reasons why Hoka shoes are expensive. Such as-

Expensive materials

Hoka uses expensive materials like mesh and suede. These materials are so premium and harder to find.

Hoka shoes are handmade

Hoka makes their shoes directly by hand with lots of care and perfection with premium quality. They make a small number of shoes for each batch with their skilled designer and craftsmen.

Unique style and design

All of their designs are made with unique styles. They use fabric on the upper side which reduces the friction and weight of the shoes.

Apart from that, doing research and developing unique techniques costs a lot. Then, the marketing cost and Shipping and storage costs make it more expensive than standard sneakers price.

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Top 5 Hoka shoes

Hoka Bondi

Hoka Bondi is the most cushioned shoe of Hoka. It is best for relieving any kind of discomfort due to a long time of work, age, etc. This shoe provides the best comfort to your knees and feet. Perhaps, this is probably the best shoe for beginners, for long-time working people, and for walking purposes.

Hoka Bondi 7

Hoka Bondi 7 is one of the best road running shoes. This one provides a maximum amount of cushion. So that it would be best as a walking shoe. Moreover, this shoe is durable and has a good amount of stability and support.

Hoka one one Clifton 7

This shoe is one of the most versatile shoes of the Hoka brand. The midsole of this shoe is very comfortable. The shape of this shoe perfectly holds your feet in perfect place. Those who love to join short running races, this shoe would be the best choice for them.

Hoka one one arahi 5

Hoka one one Arahi 5 is another top-rated shoe from Hoka. This shoe is very light weighted but looks like a heavy shoe. It has a modest kind of stability. The outsole of the shoe is durable and has a good amount of grip. However, it provides a unique kind of ride for the runners.

Hoka men’s Challenger ATR 5

This one is best for strong protection. It is made of dynamic cushioning and is best for runners who use it for limitless time. Hoka uses a new kind of CMEVA foam in the place of midsole which makes the shoe more light weighted.

Why is Hoka so comfortable?

Hoka has lots of cushions in its making process. So that it becomes a comfortable but not so heavily weighted shoe. That’s why people love it.

Apart from this, Hoka ensures durability and a one-stop solution for runners, and those who are suffering from pain and injuries.

Their making material, the midsole of the shoe is so nicely built. All of the technology is proven best for athletes and runners. Moreover, Hoka researched a lot about enhancing their building quality.

What shoe is better than HOKA?

New Balance

New Balance shoes are better than the shoes of Hoka. If you prefer to use more stable and comfortable shoes on a good budget, then you can choose a new balance as an option to the alternatives of Hoka. Their shoes have a motion control facility with extra stability and protection.

Cloud Swift

Cloud Swift is a well-known Swiss company that also makes good shoes for runners, athletes, etc. Generally, this brand provides a more firm running experience than Hoka. These shoes are more comfortable and stable and ideal for strolling and walking.


How long do Hoka shoes last?

Hoka shoes last about 350 miles to 500 miles. This is depending on how you use the shoe.

Is HOKA made by Nike?

No, Hoka is not made by Nike or owned by Nike. It is purchased by Decker Brands.

Are Hoka shoes actually good for your feet?

Hoka shoes are really good. It is made with good and unique technology which gives the best support for your feet.


If you are getting bored with comfortable shoes that have no style then try the Hoka shoes. These shoes are the best in quality and unique in design. But this brand’s shoes are a little bit pricey.

Because of unique and innovative technology and good material, the price is high but it is totally worth it according to the quality and its service.

Hopefully, you already get all the answers to why are Hoka shoes so expensive from this article.

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