Why Are Mephisto Shoes So Expensive: The Reasons behind

Have you ever seen a Mephisto shoe price tag? You might be shocked to know the price of a Mephisto shoe. These shoes are expensive for the costly materials, handcraft, unique design, latest technology, and divine comfort.

This brand ensures customer comfort and satisfaction. The shoes are handmade with the finest materials. Stitch quality, adhesive quality, and soft soles are ensured in Mephisto shoes.

About Mephisto Brand

Mephisto is owned and controlled by Martin Michaeli. The first Mephisto shop was opened in 1984 at Aix-la-Chapel, Germany. Mephisto shoes are made in 4 countries to date. These are France, Portugal, Germany, and the United States.

This company uses high-quality materials to make its shoes. They have strict quality measures to ensure top-notch shoes.

Most skilled craftsmen are appointed to make Mephisto shoes. You will find the most comfortable and stylish shoes made by fine technology here.

Why Are Mephisto Shoes So Expensive?

Wearing quality footwear is undoubtedly expensive. Many factors make Mephisto shoes so high-priced. Some mentionable reasons behind the high price of these shoes are:

Quality of Materials:

This brand uses the finest materials while making your shoes. Compared to other companies, they use costlier and better technology. Not only high-quality leather is used, but also high-quality threads and glues are used to make these shoes.

Innovative Technology:

Mephisto shoes are made with the best technologies so far available. They ensure the comfort and well-being of the customers by using expensive technology. For example, Soft-Air technology is used in Mephisto shoes.

Labor Cost:

The manufacturing factories of this company are all located in Europe. So, the labor cost is comparatively high. At the same time, the laborers appointed in this company are the finest crafters and artisans.


You will find handmade shoes here. It takes a lot of time and manpower to make handmade shoes. Thus, the price of shoes increases.

Unique style:

You will find very detailed crafting and unique artistic design in Mephisto shoes. These designs are made with ample time and intense care. So, the boots automatically become expensive.

Comfort and Customer Satisfaction:

This brand will provide you with the most comfortable shoes. The shoes are made and designed with costly technology for customer satisfaction. You will find very long-lasting and durable products here.

Marketing Cost:

Mephisto spends a lot of money on advertisements. The shoes made by this company are available worldwide. Marketing them across the globe makes these products expensive.

These are the remarkable reasons that make these shoes expensive. However, you cannot complain about the quality of the shoes.

Why Would Anyone Buy Mephisto Shoes?

You can buy any shoes you want. But there are some parameters you use to identify the better shoe. For example, you can judge according to design, color, comfort, etc. Mephisto shoes have excellent quality, creative design, a fashionable outlook, and comfort.

Shoes of this brand are expensive. However, you will get the best quality products here. This company highly focuses on customer satisfaction.

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Top 5 Mephisto Shoes

Let’s know about the top 5 Mephisto shoes.


Mephisto shark is a fashionable men’s footwear. It is available in medium and large fits. This sandal is hook and loop styled at the front and has a comfortable belt at the back. The sole is non-removable and made with integrated soft air technology. This product will ensure style and comfort for you.


Algoras is a classic moccasin. The shoe is stylish and easy to wear. It is available in a medium fit. The soft air technology used in its sole will provide you with a fine shock absorber. This will give you the utmost comfort while walking. Algoras soles are removable. High-quality leather is used in the manufacture.


Thomas, a casual tricolor men’s shoe. A shoe for everyday hangouts and classes. It is very comfortable. Thomas has a removable, soft, and comfortable sole that will protect your feet. It is extremely light in weight and flexible. Medium sizes of these shoes are available in stores.


A comfortable laced athletic shoe by Mephisto is Match. This shoe is quite popular worldwide for its unique style and sole comfort. Quality adjustment of laces prevents pinching and rubbing on your feet. This shoe is very healthy for your feet and ankles. Narrow and medium-sized Matches are available.


Kristof, gorgeous footwear for men. This is a laced shoe. The chain beside the lace makes it more fashionable and easier to wear. Quality materials are used by the best artisans to make it. It is a best seller of the company. Currently, it is available in wide fit.

These are the top 5 shoes of Mephisto. You might find the shoes costly, but the quality is extremely good.


Mephisto shoes are durable and long-lasting. You must spend a little more to get quality shoes. The price is high because the company makes it using expensive materials, advanced technology, and skilled workers.

You must try Mephisto shoes if you are not struggling with your budget. This company delivers the best quality footwear for you.

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