Why Do Students Hate School: 7 Reasons That You Must Know As A Parent!

Lack of freedom, monotonous schedule, fear of exams, loneliness and bullying, liability to learn, loads of homework, etc are the most common and vital reasons why students hate school.

School is the center of academic learning, and it also teaches students how to be mannered and respectful to the teachers and cooperative with classmates. So it is an important institute for everyone. But research shows that many students tend to hate schools.

Let’s explore the most common reasons for that in detail!

Why Do Many Students Hate School: Core Causes

The core and most common reasons for which many students grow hatred for school are:

Lack of freedom:

Babies are born with immense curiosity to learn. That’s why they are more likely to be talkative and restless. But in school, they need permission for almost all types of actions. They feel confined into a particular classroom and are fastened by lots of manners and etiquette.

Fear of exams:

Not every student has a similar learning ability. Some are fast learners, and some are a bit slow. But all types of students need to sit for exams, which are a mandatory part of the assessment, on the same date. So, students who lack the speedy learning of school have a tendency to hate schools.

Monotonous schedule:

Every school runs based on a particular discipline. The timings of classes, breaks, starting, ending, etc are fixed. Also doing class for long hours and sitting on the bench can be very tiresome. It is very hard for students to get accustomed to these tiring and tight schedules. That’s the reason why many students hate school.

Loneliness and bullying:

Communication is a basic requirement for human beings in any place. But some students lack communication skills which make them introverts. These introverted students are often unable to make friendships with others in school and suffer from severe loneliness.

Also, some students tend to overpower the weak and submissive ones. This sort of bullying grows fear in many students which leads them towards hating school.

Lack of interest in subjects offered:

Every student has different choices and preferences. Everyone doesn’t like to study science. Some students hate mathematics as a subject because they are unable to crack complex situations given in the question paper. That’s why they cannot cut good figures and start hating schools for making their hated subjects mandatory.

Inability to learn:

Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, ADHD, etc disorders are often seen in students. These types of disorders make learning very difficult. In these mental situations, a student is likely to hate studying as well as school.

Loads of Homework:

Homework deadlines are often treated like threats. Students find it difficult to concentrate on their homework after spending long hours in school. After these long school periods, students want to spend time on their interesting hobbies and passions. But due to loads of Homework, which is most of the time boring and submissive, students feel suffocated. Thus, hatred towards school grows.

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Why Students Don’t Like to Study?

Many students do not like to study. Research has brought to light a few reasons behind this. The reasons why students hate studying are-

  1. No reward for studying.
  2. Learning methods are primitive and uninteresting.
  3. Bad mentoring.
  4. Compromising passions due to study pressure.
  5. Topics are not real-life-oriented and completely theoretical.
  6. Getting bad grades because they cannot memorize much.
  7. Irrelevant studies from the real world and projects seem very unrealistic.
  8. Not enough time is spent discussing a topic.
  9. More syllabus needs to be covered within less time.

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What Should You Do if Your Child Hates School?

If your child hates school, he/she should not be scolded in the first place. Proper counseling should be done in order to find the reason behind hating school. There might be more than one reason behind hating school. But all those should be heard and noted sincerely.

Then the denoted problems should be discussed with the teachers and other mentors. If the teachers and parents are careful about the reasons behind hating school, the problem is very likely to be solved.

Using harsh words just because he/she is hating school is never a solution. Forcing a child to attend school might create depression, anxiety, complexes, and many other mental issues. A proper counseling treatment must be arranged, and if required the school might be even changed in order to solve this problem.

What Is the Most Stressful Part of School?

There are many stressful parts of school. But the major and most common among them are

  1. Extreme and dangerous levels of pressure on children.
  2. Unnecessary threats about grades and homework often become scary for students.
  3. The mentality to keep students occupied with school tasks and study all the time.


What in school is a waste?

A few boundaries and knowledge provided in school are treated as complete waste by many people. Some of the knowledge provided is quite irrelevant and useless in practical life. It teaches things that are unnecessary for future professions.

Sometimes wrong assessments in school cause a moral downfall in students, which hampers their self-confidence and produces self-doubts. Many times students are judged in the wrong manner. For example, if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, then it is wrong. These kinds of misjudgments are completely wasted in school.

Is school a cause of depression?

Research shows that school might be a vital place to grow teenage depression. Many statistics show that academic pressure causes poor results. It leads to anxiety and stressful long hours in school alongside can result in severe depression. Besides, teenagers can face obesity, bullying, peer problems, etc. Sometimes being the witness or victim of violence in school like verbal or physical abuse, fights can cause depression in students.

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Can school re-traumatize a student?

Activities in school might re-traumatize a student. Because the mental state of any teenager after being cured of trauma is very sensitive. In that sensitive period, too much academic stress, facing strict mentors, too much busyness, witnessing violence, and exam and task deadlines can be harmful to a traumatized student’s mental health.

Sometimes tasks of reading, writing, or assignments related to previous trauma of a student can result in re-traumatization.


The reasons why students hate school are still under research and discussion. These problems should be amended as soon as possible. Because going to school is very important for every child in order to have academic, moral, and practical knowledge. The students who hate school must be dealt with utmost care and expert mentoring.

Some primitive schooling methods should be changed and new systems must be introduced to make schools more interesting and effective.

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