Why Do Students Hate Homework: The Potential Reasons You Should Know

Students hate homework because they do not like to do more study when they have already spent 6-8 hours of study at school. They spend most of their time studying which makes them frustrated and stressed. They can not spend time with their family and also with their friends to play. 

Homework also affects their academic grade, so the students have to take homework more seriously which leads to a lot of stress. These reasons make them hate homework.

10 Reasons Why Students Hate Homework

There are many reasons why students hate homework. 10 reasons why students hate homework are given below-

  1. Hard to finish

Students hate homework because it requires a lot of research and hard work. They have a hard time finding where to start. It also takes a lot of time and they get stressed out. 

  1. No life other than study

Students spend their 6-8 hours in school studying and when they get back home, they spend most of their time doing homework. They have no life other than studying which affects their growth and social life. 

  1. No time for family 

As parents are busy with their work throughout the day, children are busy with their school. They can spend their time with their parents at night or dinner time but homework interrupts them. Because of homework, family bonding can be damaged.

  1. Too much homework 

Students have to do homework for every subject which can be stressful for them. Too much homework takes too much time which is difficult for students. It can also take a toll on their mental health. 

  1. No time for other activities 

Students have to take a huge burden on their heads that they have no time for other activities. There are many activities that can develop their growth but because of homework, they have no time for them. That can affect their physical growth as they do homework all day long inside the house.

  1. Homework is dull and boring

For students, homework is boring. It is difficult to do and takes too much time which makes them bored. They have to do homework even when they are home which is boring and stressful. 

  1. Afraid of failing 

Students are afraid of homework as they are afraid of failing. If they do not do homework, then it can affect their academic record which can lead to low-grade. This makes students more stressed about homework. As they want to get a good result, they have to do homework. Otherwise, they can get a low grade which they are afraid of. 

  1. Afraid of missing the deadline 

Students have to deal with many deadlines as they have many subjects. If they miss those deadlines, they get punished. They have to take detention classes or it can give a low grade. It keeps the students under mental pressure which is stressful. 

  1. Distracted by other things

Because of boring homework, students get easily distracted by other things like computer games, and social media. These can affect their life and take them away from studying. 

  1. No attention to details 

Students have to do so much homework that they always miss the details. They pay less attention to the details of the homework that all the study becomes useless. They think about how to finish the homework rather than understanding the details of the homework.

Why is homework stressful?

Homework is always stressful for students because they spend most of their time doing homework. They do not have enough time to fulfill their other needs like social or physical. They are also pressured to get good academic grades which gain more stress. 

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Is homework helpful or hurtful?

Homework is helpful as it helps students to practice their studies and prepare them for exams. It develops their performance and learning abilities. But too much homework can be stressful for students and damage their development. 

Does homework do more harm than good?

Too much homework can harm students more than good. They can be stressful and boring as there is no time for family or other activities. The homework takes time to finish and interrupts their sleeping time.

Are schools with no homework better?

Yes, schools with no homework are better. In many researches, it is shown that homework has very little academic value. With no homework, children can spend their time with their family and do what they want which develops their inner growth.  


Students have to spend a lot of time studying because of homework which makes them hate homework. Homework gives them a lot of stress, it affects their physical and mental health as they always have to worry about homework. 

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