Why Homework Should Not Be Banned: Is There Any Good Reasons?

Homework is a positive experience that inspires students to learn. Being a procedure of self-learning, it helps students to build a habit of studying in a homely environment. In fact, homework helps students reflect on things they have been studying in class.

Go through this article to learn more about the reasons students should have homework. This article will definitely help you!

Is Homework Necessary? Why?

Homework is meant to help students review and learn. It allows students better preservation of authentic knowledge, brainstorm, conceptualize, and increases understanding. Researchers have found that through homework students grow closer to their parents, as they help their children do it.

Here are some justifications for homework being essential:

  1. It helps students learn better
  2. It creates intellectual discipline
  3. Nourishes problem-solving skills
  4. Helps to build delegation 
  5. Ameliorates memory and thinking process

10 Good Reasons Not To Ban Homework

Homework causes one to develop various life skills from a very young age. As homework is a responsibility given to students at a very early age, this way, teachers try to get kids used to facing responsibilities. Also, it prepares students for future courses of action. Have a read! 

  • Helps students to build independence: 

Homework helps in building independence. When a student tries to do their homework on their own for the first time, that’s their first step towards independence.

Being independent means one can take responsibility for their own. Homework builds that sense of responsibility in students that allows them to become independent in the long run. 

  • Collates Interests:

It helps in collating one’s interests. Doing homework allows one to learn what is their favorite subject, which further helps them to choose a career based on it too.

If one finds their interest at an early age it becomes easier for them to work towards their goal. The one who constantly works for it achieves success in life. 

  • Develops the ability to solve problems:

Homework helps students develop skills that help them to solve problems. These problems may not only be problems that one faces while doing homework or while studying but also in real life.

There may be situations where they face a challenge, homework prepares us to face challenges that we least expect. 

  • Intensify output: 

Students while in class may feel they are stuck in a box. They may feel they are bound to think in a certain way but at home, they can let their imagination take the wheel. They can be as creative as they can be. So homework does intensify a student’s output as they can put their best when they are in a space they are comfortable in.

Home is a cozy and congenial place where one feels comfortable enough to think at peace. As a result, homework does intend to show the creative thinking process of students. 

  • Enhances one’s self-worth:

Self-esteem is a very important characteristic that if one acquires can conquer a lot of difficulties. Homework is a form of fostering self-confidence. When one is assigned homework, they feel a sense of responsibility and when they are finally able to do it alone, they feel confident in themselves. 

It may seem like a small task but it is actually a small step toward something big. 

  • A bridge for communication: 

Homework can be a bridge for child-parent, student-teacher, classmate-classmate, and friend-friend communication. From various research, it has been proven that homework brings children and parents closer, helps students to communicate, and get comfortable around their teacher while asking for their help.

Classmates ask each other for help and which may further develop into a friendship. Homework helps to develop relationships and also helps to learn the importance of relationships. 

  • Stimulates the brain:

When you pay attention while doing your homework, you learn the subject and gain knowledge. This way your brain is developing. The motive of homework is to help with memorization and automaticity. When the mind is in this state the brain learns a lot which helps in its development. 

  •  Practice Self-control: 

Self-control is a virtue. Doing homework develops the habit of self-control.   When one does homework, they feel the sense of responsibility of starting it and then finishing it.

They control themselves from any desire for other things and finish their homework on the given time, this way the habit of self-control is built. Prioritizing homework over entertainment shows one’s determination toward the work which allows us to practice self-control.

  • Enhances grades of students:

Homework do help in enhancing students’ grades. As students start their semester or new class, it is seen those who do their homework get better scores compared to those who don’t. Homework helps in revising study material and keeps one in continuity which as a result leads to one doing great in their exam. 

  • Reputation and gain:

Homework helps students get excellent grades which also means they achieve great heights in academic results. Academic achievements allow students to build a reputation and gain recognition. This academic achievement is a step towards one’s development of personality and character.

It highly impacts one’s life. When one starts building a reputation at an early age they develop a great personality over time too. So when they are older they are able to turn out to be exemplary figures.

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Why is Homework Important For Students?

Homework is important for students for various reasons. Homework is the extension of study material from class that one must do and finish at home.

5 clause mentioning the importance of homework for students is stated below: 

  1. Students learn resilience through their homework.
  2. It exhorts parents to pique their kids’ interests.
  3. It encourages one to go deeper into subjects than is possible during the given time in class. 
  4. It helps in reviewing and practicing topics that are taught in class. 
  5. Feels enthusiastic seeing the good result that they gained through homework and continuous hard work. 

Why is Homework Good for Your Brain?

Homework is good for the brain as it provides the brain with essential information that helps it to gain knowledge. A few examples are 

  1. Create productive study habits
  2. Understand One’s Individual Responsibility
  3. Develops memorizing skills as well as critical analysis
  4. Learns how to manage time
  5. Improve One’s Study and Resource Utilisation

Does homework promote learning?

Homework does promote learning. Through homework students learn the study materials given in class, clarify information and get to identify any problems. Students invest their time in it and it helps them to practice.

Few examples of homework promoting learning: 

  1. Vital study skills are developed 
  2. Enhances classroom learning
  3. Evidence of academic understanding
  4. Develop the habit of practicing 

Does Homework Help Students in the Future?

As homework helps in developing various sets of skills it ultimately helps students in the future.

Here are a few instances:

  1. Helps develop problem-solving skills
  2. Develops critical thinking
  3. Effective communication skills can be achieved
  4. Furnish decision-making skills
  5. Helps to cope with stress and work under pressure 


These reasons mentioned above are simply proof of why students should have homework. Homework is not only an extension of study materials, it comes with so much more. Through this article you should be able to know how homework is not just a piece of paper, it is one’s gradual step toward success.

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