Why Is Hawaii So Expensive: Is There Any Secret Reason?

When you think about Hawaii, you just imagine some amazing scenarios like mighty sea beaches, coral coves, or palm trees. Some of you might have thought of going to Hawaii, but you Living in Hawaii is very expensive.

In this writing, you will know Why is Hawaii so expensive. However, Hawaii is very expensive because of the high taxes, island areas, remoteness, expensive housing, imported products, etc.

Now, let’s dig into the detail and have a mind map of costing.

Is it really expensive to live in Hawaii?

Yes, it is really expensive to live in Hawaii. As it is mentioned a bit earlier, the reason why living in Hawaii is very expensive, its’ coastal area, remoteness, and housing are way too costly.

Due to its remote zones, everything here is imported and a bit tough to get, which is why living is costly. The people in Hawaii, get every single aspect of living through much hardship, they have to supply all of their basic things from other countries.

Why is Hawaii so Expensive?

Hawaii is a fantastic place to live, however, considering the expenses, you may feel a bit tense regarding settling all the issues. Now, in this part, you will be enlightened about why Hawaii is so expensive and get some spaces to manage such costs.

Hawaii is so Expensive, because:

Taxes are so high

If you look over the salary range of Hawaii, then your eyes may get stuck for a while, but when you look over the tax range, your eyes may become even bigger now. In Hawaii, the tax ranges are so high. Such a high tax range makes the State 48th on the list of highly taxed states.

The area is a bit Distant

Hawaii situates 2,370 miles middle of the Pacific Ocean, so you need to pay high to reach there.

Foods are Expensive also

In Hawaii, people can not supply sufficient food from their land directly, they have to import food from outside their state. That is why the food is quite expensive here.

The climate is nice

Western people mostly suffer from cold weather in winter. But, in Hawaii, the weather even in winter is not lower than the 60s, on sunny days, the temperature is not higher than 80 degrees, the outsiders who come here never complain about the climate. To enjoy such great weather, it is normal to be costly as a tourist place.

The house regulation is very restrictive

The communities in Hawaii are restrictive and possessive regarding their lands and outsiders’ legacy. It means as an outsider, how and where you build your house in Hawaii, are great matters for the citizens, that is why while building any house you have to pay a lot.

Labor expenses are very high

As living in Hawaii is very expensive, the labor is also. Men who work here are needed pay high just to survive. For example, waiters in hotels, or restaurants, construction workers, cleaners, and even helpers in-house, are also paid high just to pay for minimal basic needs.

The High Utility cost

The utility costs include the bills for water, electricity, and gas. In Hawaii, all these utilities are highly charged.

Products are imported

Due to its distant location, Hawaii does not have enough natural resources to transform them into products. They have to import most of their things from abroad. This causes extra shipping charges and makes a living highly costly.

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Is it possible to live cheaply in Hawaii? How?

Yes, it is possible to live cheaply in Hawaii. But you have to be a bit strategic to save your money at such an expensive place.

Now, learn some tips to live cheaply in Hawaii, such as:

Tip 1: Shop from the local farmers’ markets. These markets sell local and organic products.

Tip 2: Like other states, Hawaii grocery shops also offer sale programs. Often keep an eye on such sales offers.

Tip 3: Dig into the wholesale shops. These shops offer groceries and other items at minimal prices than the other shops.

Tip 4: Don’t be over-ambitious to live in a big spacious house. Living in a small space is a great way to save money and live cheaply in Hawaii.

Tip 5: Try to cut your budget in belonging. Keep your costs low at this portion.

Tip 6: Travel less and save your gas bills.

Tip 7: Use a clothesline instead of clothe dryer to dry cloth.

Tip 8: Don’t turn on your lights unnecessarily when you are not in your place.

Tip 9: Get introduced to the Kama’aina Discount. This discount offers you 15% off from every shop or local store.

Tip 10: Grow vegetables and fruits on your own, because the tropical lands of Hawaii are very suitable for cultivation. This will save extra money to buy fruits and vegetables.


Can I move to Hawaii without a job?

Yes, you can. Most people do that, but they try to find out jobs as soon as possible, right after moving to Hawaii, otherwise, it will be tough to live there, without a job.

Can you live in Hawaii as a foreigner?

Yes, for that you need a green card. This card offers you to immigrate to Hawaii and live there as a foreigner.

Can you live in Hawaii for $2000 a month?

Yes, you can live in Hawaii for $2000 a month. Nevertheless, it depends on your living style and costs. If you properly use every single penny, then $2000 is sufficient to live in Hawaii.


As you see, there is no single cause you can recommend why Hawaii is so expensive. There are so many causes. But it is not impossible to go there and live. Yes, that is right, you have to be very calculative regarding your expenses.

Overall, Hawaii is a great place to travel and live. If you go there, you won’t regret spending money on this.

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