How to avoid sleep while studying at night

Let me be honest. Studying is not always the most fun thing to do. And if you are like me, then you get all the tiredness of the world just when you open up your book.

However, you cannot afford to take a nap on the night before your exam because you have a huge syllabus to complete. Well, it looks like you don’t have any other options left rather than resisting yourself from sleeping.

So, how about I tell some super-efficient techniques about how to avoid sleep while studying? Try them out, and before you even realize you are going to get full control over your sleep and crack that exam like never before.

How to avoid sleep while studying

Here are the strategies that you can apply to avoid sleep. Mix and match them according to your preference and create your version of it.

Balance your sleep cycle:

Having a proper sleep cycle is the first and foremost condition of staying focused on your studies. And so, if you are wondering how to avoid sleep at night, you have to make sure that you give yourself a good sleep beforehand. Otherwise, all you are going to do is to hamper your health.

Ensure sufficient lighting

Did you know that insufficient lighting while studying can not only cause dizziness but also harm your eyesight? Therefore, pay attention to the lights of your room and place your study table where you can get the most of the brightness.

Moreover, you can try placing the table at the opposite side of the light source so that you don’t end up blocking the light yourself.

Quick breaks

Our brain might seem pretty hard to figure out at times. And so, when you try to do a distinct thing for too long, you end up losing your concentration. Not just that, you get sleepy, and nothing seems to make sense. Therefore, do not forget to take some quick breaks in the middle of the session.

Lots and lots of water

Keeping yourself hydrated is a great way to avoid sleep while studying at night. Besides, researches show that it is even more effective than taking caffeine beverages. So, drink a lot of water while studying.

Opt for a healthy diet

The balance of your entire body depends on what you eat. A healthy diet can not only promote a stable system but also bring you focused and active brain functionality. On the other hand, if you neglect your diet, you will most probably lose your focus and fell sleepy and nauseous. So, eat healthily.

Take notes

Avoiding sleep might seem like a pretty tough job. But, it gets simpler if you make your session active. One easy way to stay in motion is writing. And so, whenever you are covering up a crucial topic, make sure to take notes on that.

This way, you will engage your body along with your mind and stay away from sleep.

Read them out

Just like taking notes, reading out loud can also make your study session more active. Therefore, try to recall all that you had been studying by reading them out loud so that you can hear it in your voice. This way, you can focus more and avoid sleep as well.

Power naps to the rescue

When you start struggling with sleep while studying, your concentration fluctuates. Therefore, even if you manage to stay awake, you cannot focus properly. So, instead of struggling, go and take a power nap. It will boost up your energy and give you the strength you need.

Get off of that mattress

Getting too much comfort while studying can distract you and make you even sleepier. Therefore, your bed is not a good idea to study, especially at night. So, get off of your bed and sit down straight in your chair for a better result.

Low key dinner

Opting for a minimalistic dinner is one of the most common tips for students to avoid sleep while studying. Therefore, go for a lighter meal with fewer carbs for dinner. This way, you can manage your metabolic rate along with sleepiness.

Study in groups

What can work better to avoid dozing than group studies? It is a great way to keep yourself active throughout the session and push towards your limits. However, this can also be quite intimidating and distracting. So, keep that in mind.

Play some music

This technique might not work for everyone but, if music boosts up your working speed, you have got to try this out. You can try ahead with some Mozart to focus better. Nevertheless, go for the genre you like no matter how crazy it sounds.

Tiny workout boosters

Long study schedules are tiring. And so, small workout breaks can bring you relief from that exhaustion. Go ahead for some planks or squats. It won’t take more than a couple of minutes, but it will keep you away from that drowsiness for sure.

Careful with caffeine

Exams can be pretty stressful to handle. You might want to know how to avoid sleep instantly while reviewing your syllabus the night before. And so, you end up having tons of coffees.

However, too much caffeine can hamper your sleep cycle and backfire your plan. Therefore, make sure that you are keeping that on a check.


We all know that keeping your focus for a long time is pretty tough. Even so, you have to keep trying newer things to come up with a proper manner and achieve equilibrium.

However, staying up all night is not going to help you if you are not concentrating properly. Therefore, try to lead a healthier lifestyle at first, and only then avoid sleep while studying. Thus, you can forget nodding off your head and pull out those study sessions without any disturbance.

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