Advantages and Disadvantages of Reading E-Books

Want to know the disadvantages of reading eBooks? Well, everything has two sides. So, if you are a book lover, then you should be familiar with both the advantages and disadvantages of eBooks and paper books.

In this world of technology, eBooks are getting more popular among book lovers. Basically, we get one kind of person who is really fond of books and it is their favorite pastime.

Undoubtedly reading e-books has a lot of advantages and it helps to grow your memory, behavior and thinking power. But as we all know everything has its good side as well as a bad side.

So, if you are a bookworm or taking it as your hobby, then go through this article to know more about your hobby. In this article, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of eBooks so that you can understand both the positive and negative sides of reading books online.

Advantages of Reading eBook

Saves space

People who are fond of books don’t end up with three or four books. They always have a tendency to read more and more books to enjoy their time. Bookworms buy the books of their favorite writer immediately after it gets released.

Hence, it takes a lot of space to store all the books one by one. But when you are buying books online then you are getting the privilege of storing the books in multimedia format on your laptop, mobile, etc. Of course, it doesn’t get better than this.

Easy to get

In this modern world if you want to search for something then you can jump into that item within a second through your internet and web browser. In the case of eBooks, exactly the same thing happens.

When a book is released it becomes very hard for many people to get that book in shops and stores. But the prime advantage of reading an eBook is that you need not worry about the availability of the book. Only you just have to go to the eBook websites to purchase it and get your favorite book.


You can get the books in a multimedia format and can download them easily on your PC, laptop, or Mac within a minute. Besides, you can download in different kinds of formats like PDF, HTML pages, PDA, and so on.

Many online websites provide many offers and discounts to purchase various eBooks. So, most of the time it becomes very cheap and profitable if you are buying eBooks rather than purchasing them from stores.

The contents, pictures, graphics, and number of pages of this downloaded version are the same as the physical book. So, it reduces the cost and is undoubtedly one of the best advantages of digital reading.

Moreover, if any author wants to make any changes or updates to his book then he can easily change it and can inform the customer about the updated version. But in the case of a physical or printed book, the author has to wait until the minimum production to be sold and therefore it takes a lot of time and money.

Flexible & trouble-free

Another advantage of digital reading is that you can travel anywhere in the world by taking these eBooks with you. Neither have you had to carry the weight of the books nor store them.

Just save a copy of the books on your mobile, laptop, or Mac and you are ready to read the books of your favorite author anywhere and anytime you desire. Also, you can transfer files from one device to another easily.

But as it is mentioned earlier that everything has its negative side. Now we will talk about some disadvantages of reading books online.

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Disadvantages of reading eBooks


It is very irritating to sit in front of a laptop, computer, or mobile for hours to read a book from the web. Reading books is not like a small document of three to four pages. So, it is very tiring and inconvenient to read books through electronic devices.

On the other hand, physical or printed books are very handy. In this case, you can enjoy your reading easily and suitably.

Another disadvantage of reading eBooks is that you cannot have the same feelings or emotions as reading a physical book. It can make a big difference while reading eBooks and many people do not like this.

Risk of losing books anytime

If you don’t have any backup of your device then you can lose all the saved eBooks at any moment because of a virus or hardware failure. Sometimes due to viruses or other problems, the eBooks can be deleted automatically in one shot from your mobile and that can become very hard to get recovered.

Harmful for health

The main disadvantage of reading eBooks is harmful to health. Sitting in front of your mobile or screen for hours might be very harmful to your health and body. It can contribute to weight gain, muscle pain, headache, neck pain, impaired sleep, backache, anxiety, and many more. This can be the biggest disadvantage of eBooks for students.

Most importantly looking at the screen for a long period can be very dangerous for your eyesight. The rays coming from the screen make our eyes less flexible and the capacity to focus on closer objects eventually gets reduced.

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Disturbance while reading

You can be distracted by several apps, texts, games, and phone calls on your device while reading any book. Hence, it is very irritating when you cannot give your full concentration on your reading. As a result, you can’t enjoy your reading which is not the case with printed copies of the book.


Reading books can really reduce all the stress and pain in your mind and helps you to be relaxed. Many people around us still prefer to have a physical book rather than choosing eBooks.

Though there are some disadvantages of reading eBooks one cannot really ignore this modern and trendy way. However, choose that way of reading which provides you with comfort and satisfaction.

Lastly, get the right book for you and refresh your mind with it.

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