How Do I Become A Crane Operator With No Experience: Secret Disclosed!

You can become a crane operator without having no experience. However, you need to gain experience through a series of training, undergo tests and apply for an apprenticeship. All these processes will help you to be skilled to work professionally.

Your skillful work will make you an experienced person. Being a crane operator is stressful and requires patience. Physical strength is another key factor that plays a part in becoming a crane operator.

With dedication and willingness, you can pursue a career as a crane operator and work in varieties of industries for example logistics, construction, and manufacturing.

Is it possible to become a crane operator with no experience?

Yes, it is completely possible to become a crane operator without any prior experience. But you need to complete your college courses first. Apart from college courses, you need to apply directly to an employer.

You can also complete an apprenticeship. These are the general requirement or routes you can take to pursue as a crane operator.

Many vocational colleges and trade organizations provide crane training programs. These programs teach the enthusiastic learner the safety measures and get them familiar with heavy equipment.

You also get to know the importance of a license to operate heavy equipment. These programs last several weeks and include both classroom and hands-on training.

After completing the training program, aspiring crane operators may need to pass the practical exam to obtain the necessary certification and licenses.

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How can you become a crane operator with no experience?

There are several skills that will help you to become a crane operator without any prior experience. They are as follows:

  • Obtain certification

The certificate is not always needed. But it can ensure you as a qualified candidate. Several Training programs offer NCCCO (National Commission For The Certification Of Crane Operators) and CIC (Crane Institute Certification).

  • Training programs

You are highly skilled through the process of training. The skills could be familiarity with machines and safety measures.  Hence, training is important to be a crane operator.

  • Research and understand

The first step is to understand the requirement for becoming a crane operator. Researching is necessary to know the skills you are required to be one. This will vary depending on your location. Some employer wants a high diploma and some may require training and certification.

  • Hands-on training

Once you have completed your training programs and certification, gain hands-on training by working as a rigger and signaler. This will help you understand the nuances of being a crane operator.

  • Apply for an entry-level position

Apply for entry-level positions after completing your training programs. See if anyone is willing to hire you and provide additional training. This will help you to gain further experience as a crane operator.

  • Undergo test

To become a crane operator, going through a series of tests or examinations is important. These could be drug and background tests. You need to give your personal information.

What skills do you need to be a crane operator?

There are several skills to be a crane operator. They are as follows: 

  • Technical knowledge

Crane operators need to deal with machines and heavy equipment. You are required to have the basic technical knowledge to handle all this machinery. These include hydraulic rigging, load carts and crane control system.

  • Spatial awareness

Spatial awareness is one of the crucial things a crane operator needs to have. You should have a good sense of spatial awareness to ensure the correct distance is measured. Also, judging distances accurately and placing their load in position is part of being skilled in this field.

  • Patience

You need to be highly patient to be able to work as a crane operator. Since being a crane operator is stressful You need to be highly patient to be able to work and methodically.

  • problem-solving skills

A crane operators must have problem-solving skills as they face new challenges every day. If you are skilled enough, hurdles of heavy equipment and other mechanical problems can be easily solved.

  • Communication skill

Communication skill is another one which needs to be called out. A crane operator must be vocal enough to share his opinions on the job site. You need to be able to communicate freely with the other workers. 

  • Physical strength

You need to be physically strong to be a crane operator. Physical strength is needed to carry heavy loads and to manipulate crane control.

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How much does it cost to become a crane operator?

The cost may vary for some crane operators. The key factors which are responsible for expenses to become a crane operator.

  • Exam fees

Crane operator certification programs typically require a fee to be paid to take the exam.

  • Equipment fees

The equipment fees may vary. Some crane operator training programs may require students to purchase their tools such as hard hats and safety glasses.

  • Obtain certificate

Crane operators need to obtain certification from the local or state government. The fees for certificates may vary depending on which institution you belong to.

  • Training cost

The training program cost varies depending on the type of school, the length of programs, and the type of cranes operated. Generally, crane operating training programs can offer a thousand to a few ten thousand dollars.

How long does it take to become a crane operator?

The period it takes to become a crane operator also varied from one person to another depending on the factors which are listed below:

  • Training program

The training programs require several weeks or months. The length varies depending on the type of school or training programs you join.

  • Certificate

The certification program and licensing requirements may vary from location and the type of crane being operated. Some certification programs require a few hours of experience before being eligible for the exam.

  • Apprenticeship

Some crane operators may enter apprenticeship which can last several years and includes classroom instructions and job training.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do crane operators use math?

Yes, crane operator use maths. Crane operators need to have a good understanding of basic arithmetic, geometry, and algebra. These mathematical formulas are needed to calculate the weight of a load, determine the load’s capacity, and calculate the angles, and distances involved in lifting and moving loads.

Who signals a crane operator?

A crane operator is signaled by a qualified signalperson who is trained to observe and communicate having safety measures in the head. The signalperson communicates using a standardized hand signal or a two-way radio system.

Can crane operators wear glasses?

Yes, crane operators wear glasses to their vision right while operating heavy machines and cranes effectively. it is important to note that the crane operator’s vision should meet the standard even with the glasses. Because of uneven glasses, a crane may not be permitted to work. This is so that with incorrect vision accidents or any damage could happen.


Pursuing a career as a crane operator can be challenging. It requires years of hard work to be successfully operating in this field. Crane operators are a rewarding job that requires specialized skills. Knowing mathematics and having the physical ability to load weights can make you the capable one.

Other than these, obtain certification to become a qualified crane operator so that you can find a job. Training programs can help you a lot to gain immense experience.

In short, continuously developing your skills with the right amount of dedication in this field will make you a successful crane operator.

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