How To Get A Programming Job With No Experience: Is There Any Chance?

Programming jobs are splendid options for those who enjoy working with computers. However, without experience, finding programming jobs can be quite difficult, as most companies prefer to hire experienced workers over non-experienced ones.

But this does not mean that, without experience, you are not eligible for any such posts. You can still find a job, and all you need to do is put in a little extra effort to start your career. 

Are you worried about it? No way. This article has got your back! Here, I will guide you on how to get a coding job with no experience.

Can You Work In Computer Science With No Experience?

Yes, you can work in computer science without any experience. Everything has a beginning, and so does your career path regarding computer science. I know that it requires quite a lot of struggle to get your first job, but it is not an impossible task.

There are many positions that do not always require work experience. For example, being a cybersecurity specialist or a database administrator does not necessarily require work experience. So I will advise all non-experienced programmers to look for all such entry-level positions.

How To Get A Job As A Programmer Without Experience?

Below I have listed some very useful tips that can help you get a job as a programmer without any working history.

Refine your coding talent

One of the most effective ways of getting such jobs without any work history is to enhance your coding talent. You can learn to do this with the help of formal education or online platforms. Your chances of getting hired by a company will definitely increase if you are capable of proving that you have profound coding skills. 

Network with more programmers

Networking with programmers can be very beneficial for getting a job. This is because such people can inform you about any vacancy, or can also recommend you for any post. Try to network with as many professionals as you can through relevant conferences, meetings, and online. 

Attain certifications

Achieving certifications can prove that you have the skills required for this field of work. Thus, it can help you satisfy a company’s desire for recruitment. There are several programming certifications available, for example,  R Programming certification. You can do research online and attain certifications according to your needs. 

Participate in coding tests and competitions

Nowadays, there are several coding tests and also competitions available for participating. It is advisable for programmers to participate in such activities, as they offer various rewards, like certificates. Those rewards can help you impress any company. Also, joining in such activities can help you enhance your network. 

Write a powerful resume

Writing a powerful resume is always an important factor you need to consider while applying for any job. Try to write an appealing resume that includes all your relevant skills, certifications, and achievements. Also, mention all the programming languages that you have learned. 

Make a portfolio

A programming profile or portfolio is a bundle of works you have designed and coded. Having such a profile ready for employers to evaluate can be a great idea to show your skills in coding. This can help you get your first job.

How To Get A Remote Programming Job With No Experience?

Getting a remote programming job is quite tough, especially as a beginner. However, if you are persistent about getting one, you will surely succeed in finding one.

There are many job boards available out there. You can look for programming positions there that do not require any experience. A few recommended job boards are, AngelList, and Jobspresso.

In addition, networking can help you in this case as well. But above all, a beginner needs to make sure he or she has mastered all the skills necessary for this task. 

How Do You Get Your First Programming Job?

After completing your educational course, it is very natural to look for your first job. But the question is how to get one. Well, connecting with a large number of people can be the most useful way of getting employed for the first time.

Moreover, there are many small businesses that hire volunteers to help them with technical problems. You can apply for such positions. Besides, there are many companies that offer paid internships. You can also look for your first job there. 

What Are The Risks Of Being A Programmer?

Although being a programmer is a great option for building your career, there are also a few risks associated with such careers. Below, I have mentioned a few most common risks.

  • It can be dangerous for your health 

Programming requires working in front of a computer for long hours. It can have negative effects on your health, as an insufficiency of physical activity can be harmful in the long run. Moreover, it can result in eye problems.

  • There is high competition 

Nowadays, thousands of people are becoming programmers, increasing competition in the job market. This can make finding jobs quite challenging. 

  • It reduces communication skills

As this task involves working with computers all day, there is high chance that it will reduce such a worker’s communication skills. Also, it can affect their interpersonal relationships. 

Which Programming Job Is The Easiest

Even though programming jobs are considered to be difficult, there are many positions that are comparatively easier than others. However, it is not possible to choose one particular position for being the easiest. Nevertheless, for your convenience, I have listed down a few of the easiest positions.

  • Data Analyst 
  • Junior Web Developer 
  • Junior Web Designer 
  • Entry-level Application Developer
  • Junior Software Developer 

What Is The Lowest Salary For A Programmer?

The salary of programmers is considered to be higher than in many other fields of work. However, the amount of a salary can be affected by several factors, like country, state, experience, and so on.

But on average, the hourly salary of an entry-level computer programmer is $23.72 in the United States, and we can say that it is the lowest salary. This is because the rate increases as the level of a worker increases.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 25 too late to become a programmer?

Answer: No, it is not too late to become a programmer at the age of 25. There is no specific age limit for being a programmer. 

Are programmers highly paid?

Answer: Yes, programmers are highly paid. As per Zippia, on average such workers with even an associate degree can earn $65,971, which is considered quite high. 

Is 30 too late to become a programmer?

Answer: No, 30 is not too late to become a programmer. There are many people who have started their career in this field even above the age of 30.

How many hours a day do programmers work?

Answer: Usually on average programmers work 40 hours every week. So, we can say that they work 8 hours a day. However, the time can vary from company to company.


It is undeniably true that getting a programming job with no experience is tough. But remember it is not impossible. In this article, you have learned all the tips on how to get such posts without any work history. I hope that all this information can help you with getting your first job.

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