Why Is It Hard To Get A Job In Human Resources: What’s The Truth?

A human resources department executes human resource administration activities. However, human resources jobs include lots of responsibilities & skills.

Though the HR department is very stressful to work in, this department provides progress, growth & learning to the people who work in this department. A person gets to learn a lot of things while working in the human resources sector. Besides, working in the HR department is very hectic at the same time it is rewarding.

However, this article will let you know not only why it is hard to get a job in HR but also which personality is suitable for the HR department & how will you know if you are eligible for HR or not. 

Is it difficult to find a job in human resources?

Yes, it is difficult to find a job in Human Resources. Basically, it is quite hard to find entry-level HR jobs. Because HR jobs look for someone who is experienced enough to take responsibility & work under pressure. 

Why is it so difficult to get a job in HR?

Human resources jobs require management & leadership capability & now HR departments are almost full of young & enthusiastic people. But, it is very sad that young people are not experienced enough & for human resources, most companies need skills as well as experienced people.

As the newcomers are not experienced enough, so now companies are afraid to take young & inexperienced people. Also, everyone can’t take the responsibilities of HR. Moreover, a company becomes very particular while hiring employees in HR. That’s why it is difficult to get an HR job.

Now, you must be wondering why the human resources departments need experienced or enthusiastic people, right? Let’s see.

Why do human resources departments need experienced or enthusiastic people?

Human resources jobs are very challenging. Because HR has to maintain a lot of responsibilities & duties.

The human resources department is involved in hiring, training, supervising indemnity & also relationships between the employees. Moreover, the HR department has to make strategic decisions for the company & an HR job is very stressful sometimes.

Being an HR is not an easy task for this reason a company always looks for a skilled & experienced person who can easily meet the criteria of the Human resources department. 

Which personality type is best for HR?

The HR department plays a very important role in the company. So, the person who will be a part of the HR department has to be honest & discretion. Rather than honesty & discretion attributes, there are other personality features that are best for HR. 

Some personality features which are suitable for HR are mentioned below: 

  • HR has to maintain communication between the head of the office & employees. So, good communication skills are a must for HR.
  •  The HR department takes the major decision for the company & the decisions have to be strategic. Therefore, HR has to be capable of making strategic decisions. 
  • The HR department is involved in various kinds of tasks & responsibilities. If a person who is willing to work in the HR department is disorganized then it is a minus point for the candidate. 
  •  A person who works in the HR department has to manage a good relationship with employees & take care of employees. If the employees are not happy & energetic while working it can be harmful to the company. So, HR has to be understanding.
  • Being energetic is important for HR. Because the work pressure of HR is immense. 
  • To work in the HR department a person needs to be enthusiastic.
  • Another major thing is the person who is willing to work in HR, he has to be a workaholic.   

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How do you know if HR is right for you?

If you want to be a part of the HR department & you are very confused about whether you are eligible or not for being an HR, then don’t worry, here you will get a clear vision that you are capable or not for HR. 

  • First things first you have to be a very good listener without judging.
  •  You have to be friendly in nature so that people don’t hesitate to talk to you. 
  • You have to be helpful to others. Because HR has to solve the problems of the company along with the employees.  
  • You should be active because HR has to work a lot. 
  • You have to be tactful because it is a major quality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is HR good for introverts?

Why not? HR is good for introverts. Because introverts are very good listeners, they are very thoughtful. Before making any decisions or speaking about anything they think properly. Introverts are sharp-eyed. All these qualities are suitable for HR.

Is HR a stressful career?

Undoubtedly HR is a stressful career. Because it needed vast responsibility & enthusiasm towards the company. Heavy workloads, deadlines & extended hours of work make the HR profession stressful. HR has to make important decisions for the company & has to maintain a good relationship between everyone in the company so it is very that this is a stressful career. 


Though it is hard to get a job in human resources, it is not impossible. If you are young or new to HR try to develop skills & learn new things. Try to be open-minded & discretion.

The fortunate fact is some companies hire freshers in the HR department. See, if you are someone who can make wise decisions & are very open to talking with everyone and also listens to everyone very carefully, moreover you are not an inactive person, then it is not hard to get a job in human resources.

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