How To Get A Programming Job Without A Degree: Is It Realistic?

These days programming jobs are in high demand. Thousands of people desire to pursue careers in this field. However, there are also many people who do not prefer to obtain a degree, as it consumes quite a lot of time and energy. But the question is, can such people become programmers? It is a question that arises quite often.

In this article, I will explain in detail about this query and will guide you on how to become a computer programmer without a degree. 

Can You Get A Programming Job Without A Degree?

Yes, it is possible to get a programming job without a degree. Even though many companies prefer to recruit workers with fine educational qualifications, like a degree, there are also many companies who do not consider it to be a necessity for the post.

They focus more on skills and experiences. I know that it is not an easy task to get such posts without graduating, but if you are persistent in getting such positions and have attained enough skills in this field, I believe nobody can stop you from getting one. 

How To Get A Programming Job Without A Degree?

Below I have mentioned a few ways that can help you to become a programmer even without completing a bachelor’s program.

  • Acquire knowledge of programming languages

To become a programmer, it is very important to acquire knowledge about a programming language. There are many such languages, for example, JavaScript, Python, and so on. You can learn any language of your choice through online videos, websites, podcasts, books, etc. 

  • Devote in coding classes

It is possible to learn coding even without going through a bachelor’s program. You can do so through various online courses. These courses are thorough programs that eventually can educate you about coding. 

Adept in a programming paradigm 

Through the programming paradigm, we can categorize programming languages depending on their properties. And it is important to have knowledge about it. You can also educate yourself about it through online articles, videos, and so on.

Study about programming tools

There are various tools that are used on a regular basis by programmers while working. So it is very crucial to learn and understand how to work with these tools in order to get a job. Some of the commonly used tools are the command line, regular expressions, version control daily, and many more. 

Learn to study technical documentation 

Programming tools generally involve technical documentation that provides guidance on how to make use of them. So, if you are knowledgeable about how to study this document, it will be easier for you to use the distinct programming tools.

Try out freelance programming 

To be programmer, freelance programming can be counted as an alternative to a bachelor’s degree. If you have sufficient knowledge about programming, reading documents, and using the tools, you can search for freelance jobs. This is because it can help you show your skills to employers. 

Start with entry-level jobs

Start with entry-level positions; also consider starting with non-programming positions that do not require a degree. This is because it can help you gain experience and skills, and thus, can help you get a programming job. Some of the non-programming positions are tech support, software testing, and so on.

Master the applicable skills 

You need to master all the applicable skills to get such a job. This is because employers always desire to hire skilled workers. Through practice, you improve your relevant skills.

Attain certifications

There are numerous programming certifications out there. You can choose to attain anyone of your choice. It can help increase your value in the eyes of an employer.

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How To Apply For a Programming Job Without a Degree?

Before applying to a programming job, you need to select your specialization. This is because the job descriptions of all the programmers are not the same. So you need to figure out in which field you want to work.

Well, to apply for such a position without a degree:

  • you need to create a very strong resume. You need to cover up the absence of a bachelor’s program in your resume. You can do this by adding all the certifications and rewards that you have earned, along with all the relevant skills that you have acquired. You should also include all your past experiences.
  • Try to design a resume that is appealing to employers. You can also create a programmer portfolio to attract employers.
  • Secondly, it is very important to prepare yourself for an interview. To apply for such a job, you need to go through an interview. So, try to rehearse all the frequently asked questions in such interviews. You can take help from any of your known programmers and prepare yourself accordingly.
  • Relax during the interview and try to highlight all your skills, certifications, and experiences in front of them. 

What Programming Job Can You Get Without A Degree?

There are many entry-level programming posts that you can get without a degree. For instance, there are

  • junior web developers,
  • junior software engineers,
  • junior game developers,
  • cybersecurity analysts, and many more.

However, the most important thing about having a job is to be responsible and dedicated. With dedication, anything is possible.

Salary Of A Programmer Without A Degree

Well, the salary of a programmer can depend on many factors, like the type of work, country, experience, and so on. So it is not possible to say the exact salary of a programmer without a degree. For your convenience, below I have mentioned the average salary of a few types of programmers without a degree. 

  • Developers can earn $40,750
  • Computer software engineers can earn $72,518
  • Junior data analysts can earn $52,028

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Is it realistic to get a programming job without a degree

Answer: Yes, it is realistic to get a programming job without a degree. It is possible to acquire skills and knowledge in this field of work even through self-study.


It is not mandatory to have a degree to get a programming job. It is also possible to learn about such jobs through self-study, as there are many alternatives to formal learning.

And in this article, you have learned about all the tips that can help you get such a job even without pursuing a bachelor’s program.

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